Is The Death Of Traditional PT Near ?


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10 Leading Industry Experts Share Their Views On The Changing Role Of Personal Trainers.

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Is The Death Of Traditional PT Near ?

  1. 1. Is The Death Of Traditional PT Near ? Several trends are impacting the traditional one to one training model and opening the door to a variety of alternatives. Will the traditional PT model lose its relevance ? Some of the brightest minds in the business share their view. Health Club Industry Trends 2013 1 10 Industry Leaders Share Their Views Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke @bryankorourke What Do YOU Think ?
  2. 2. Is The Death Of Traditional PT Near ? Of course not, but a range of trends ARE changing the traditional one to one model. Are you prepared for the future ? 10 Industry Leaders Share Their Views 2 Many thanks to my friends and associates Robert Dyer, Kevin Laferriere, Dan McDonough, David Wright, Sal Pellegrino, Ingrid Ownen, Thomas Plummer, Shannon Fable, Jared Meacham and Rachel White . These are wonderful people and professionals who kindly shared their candid views. I appreciate you all as do so many. Keep on inspiring us.- Bryan Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  3. 3. Is The Death Of Traditional PT Near ? Greetings, Thanks for checking out this overview of Personal Training trends and the answer to an important question: “Is the death of traditional PT near ?” Some of the leading voices on PT share their views. When we explore this question its done in the context of “traditional” being one on one training. Of course one on one training will likely never disappear. However there can be no question that training is under going massive changes when one examines the surge in training studios, Micro Gyms, CrossFIt, Les Mills GRIT, TRX and other group formats as well as new technologies. The good news is that demand for trainers in the US is expected to grow 24% from 2010 - 2020. However, several industry surveys show annual trainer turnover rates of 79% or more for bricks and mortar competitors. What is going on here ? We queried some of the leading fitness and health clubs thinkers of our time and asked for their views. Hopefully you’ll find what they say of value. Please feel free to share this trend deck with your organization, colleagues and via social media. I am very interested to learn your thoughts and really appreciate your taking the time to review the information. If I can be of any help just let me know. Thanks again to my friends and associates who contributed their candid views. You ladies and gentlemen are the best. All the best, @bryankorourke BRYAN K. O’ROURKE 3Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  4. 4. Is Personal Training On The Decline ? “Its not on the decline, its changing. New program formats and business models are impacting our industry in a big way. We are seeing major competitors embrace small group formats that provide better results for clients, expand the market and create better opportunities for trainers and group fitness professionals. We are also seeing the dawn of virtual formats that are revolutionary. Its an exciting time with great opportunities for forward thinking operators.” Robert Dyer CEO Fitmarc A US Distributor of Les Mills Former Multi-Unit Health Club Owner 4Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  5. 5. “As it stands now, training has to evolve. For some, the connotation of “personal training” is terrifying which is limiting our reach. We need to change the terminology and reframe what people think they 'get' when they utilize our services. Calling one on one training ‘personal’ has the potential to make other training modalities appear to be a consellation prize. People want ‘personalized attention' but not everyone is ready to receive it in the traditional one-on- one way. Small groups, large groups, virtual and beyond are the wave of the future if we hope to affect a bigger piece of the pie. " Shannon Fable Director of Exercise Programming for Anytime Fitness Corporate Does One On One Training Need To Change ? 5Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  6. 6. How Is Personal Training Changing ? “The purpose and delivery of personal training has advanced tremendously causing a perceived deterioration of the traditional stereotypes. The offerings and services are no longer just one on one rep counters; they’re available remotely, in groups, and in fee based formats. In other words the old paradigm of traditional personal training is going extinct, opening up an entirely new space for the evolved professional trainer.” Kevin Laferriere CEO Fitpro Services Former CEO Lifestyle Family Fitness 6Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  7. 7. What Will The Future For Trainers Be ? “The landscape is changing for personal trainers.  Although there will always be a market for one on one training, I believe it will become more challenging for trainers to build a legitimate and sustaining business the traditional way.  The future belongs to trainers who can capitalize on group training to build their client base. The personal trainer of the future must be a dynamic group coach as well as a results oriented trainer. " Ingrid Owen CEO, IngridOwen Consulting Respected Industry Consultant & Leader 7Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  8. 8. Given a Changing Industry What Should Trainers Keep In Mind ? “I believe the ideal fitness trainer these days should look to combine the skills of Personal Training and Group Exercise. This is important, not only to appeal to a broader range of people and help them achieve goals but to create great experiences and avoid burn out. Variety is important for our health as well.” Dan McDonogh Senior Manager Group Training & Development TRX | 2012 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year 8Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  9. 9. “For the past two decades the standard model took clients through a series of “body part” specific workouts. While we’ve seen a shift from using selectorized equipment to more free weight and functional training, the mindset of preaching to a client rather than listening to what they need & want must change. Active listening and communication is fundamental for today’s client. Trainers who engage clients by listening, using a functional methodology and practicing wellness education and coaching to meet the needs of clients will certainly grow and be successful as we move forward." Rachel White Director of GX at BodyWorks Should Trainers Change How They Engage Their Clients ? 9Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  10. 10. “Many clubs owners are still struggling to generate between $7,000 - $12,000 a month in revenue from one to one PT. I’ve heard those numbers for a decade. A key is changing the culture and letting go of old approaches. I’ve seen a number of clients adopt small group training models with great success. Recently a respected multi-unit operator shared that is margin on Small Group was 51% compared to 32% for one to one PT. That’s a wake up call." Sal Pellegrino National Account Manager Star Trac Fitness What Is Happening With PT Financial Results ? 10Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  11. 11. “High value properly priced group programs are replacing the exercise-only personal trainer. Clubs will need to evolve their models to adjust to this new reality. Whether it's just exercise or complete and comprehensive fitness programming coupled with nutrition coaching and other services, successful programs are going to be those that can provide a well-rounded experience to their clients while allowing those who want an a la carte experience to have their cake and eat it too." Jared T. Meacham, MS.Ed., CSCS Director of Fitness Services Sky Fitness & Wellbeing How Are Group Formats Impacting PT ? 11Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  12. 12. “New generation training gyms, embracing a wider range of clients than old one-on-one models, are changing the nature of the industry itself. With revenus over $1.2 million a year in 6,000 square feet and only 350 clients they replace old one to one models based on 75 clients in 1,500 square feet and erode the income streams of the mainstream gyms, taking out their high revenue generators and leaving them with nothing but people renting equipment at the lowest possible price." Thomas Plummer CEO NFBA Respected Industry Consultant & Speaker What’s The Impact On Business Models ? 12Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  13. 13. How Is Technology Impacting PT ? “Time is precious and the industry must adapt to consumers that expect instant information. Trainers must deliver coaching and data to their clients both physically and digitally.Today emerging technologies can monitor, track and engage users and have the capability to motivate members with or without a trainer. In the new age of PT, this reality must be leveraged in new ways to help members get better results in a shorter period of time." Dave Wright CEO of CFM Creator of MYZONE® 13Is the Death Of Traditional PT Near ? | August 2013 | @Bryankorourke
  14. 14. Is The Death Of Traditional PT Near ? Thanks for taking time to review the thoughts from 10 leading experts in the fitness and health club industries. Hopefully you liked it. Please feel free to share this deck and let us know about what you think. All the best: @Bryankorourke Health Club Industry Trends 2013 Bryan K. O’Rourke | | @Bryankorourke 14 10 Industry Leaders Share Their Views What do YOU Think ? Please Let Is Know Thanks