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As a UX Practitioner, this is my portfolio and personal presentation deck.
Examples of my deliverables, wireframes, process flows, personas, usability analysis, and overall value proposition of what I can bring to the table.
I bring the value add of 30 years in business, actual Business Analyst and Project Management experience for major brands and companies like AT&T Mobility, Verizon, Verizon FiOS TV, GameStop, Hewlett-Packard, Wal-Mart, United Health Group, Microsoft, Copart, DAI, Eli Lilly, Verizon, First Choice Power, Nissan, Jackson Hewitt, Pep Boys, Miami Dolphins, Friendly’s Ice Cream, PepsiCo, Denny’s, BMW, Terminix, Sauza, Frito-Lay, Proctor & Gamble, Sabre, Worldspan, De Beers, Nestle, IBM and FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.

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  • Is your reputation as one who helps those within your sphere of influenceWhen you’re gone will people remember you as a “giver” or “taker”?
  • Is your reputation as one who helps those within your sphere of influenceWhen you’re gone will people remember you as a “giver” or “taker”?
  • Is your reputation as one who helps those within your sphere of influenceWhen you’re gone will people remember you as a “giver” or “taker”?
  • Bryan Daniel UX Portfolio

    1. 1. Bryan Daniel
    2. 2. For a successful customer experience (emerging device, enterprise application, web marketing or web app project), you need someone who can • Collaborate closely in an Agile Definition team and with a Delivery team to ensure that the desired user experience is delivered! • Effectively translate “the ask” and requirements of the Business to IT & Creative… • Elicit and elaborate the user stories: needs, tasks and goals of the user … • Guide and collaborate with the Agile team stakeholders with the Business owners utilizing best practices and thought leadership… • Define the user experience with user stories, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, style guides & supporting documentation… I’m that someone Bridging the Gap • Systematically research the user’s needs and become their advocate… 2
    3. 3. Contents  Overview of Experience  Case Studies & Work Product GameStop – Customer Experience Architect – Mobile & Web Nissan Landing Pages – UX Architect & Program Mgr Eli Lilly Sharepoint Application – UX Design Lead User Research – UX Lead & Researcher First Choice Power eCommerce site – Information Architect CDE Site Discovery & Recommendations – UX Lead, Business Analyst United Heath Group Usability Audit & Recommendations – Usability Lead, Business Analyst  Capabilities  Typical Deliverables 3
    4. 4. Why Bryan?  25+ years Sales, Marketing & Advertising  20+ years business development • Leading & supported new business opportunities  15+ years Digital/Online experience • developing advanced and highly interactive web/technology interfaces  13 years End User-focused design • leveraging User- centered design, Usability, Information architecture, Interactive design, Content strategy, Mobile delivery, Usability testing and Web best practices 4
    5. 5. Why Bryan?  Major contributor to a culture of innovation and collaboration across large teams  Proven experience in discovering, establishing and championing the client vision in developing user- centered design, business analysis, technical writing, creative and content strategy  Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from Florida State University  Collaborating with technical and cross- functional teams: IT/IS, Creative, Marketing, Sales and Business 5
    6. 6. Experience B2C EXPERIENCE Nissan AT&T Mobility GameStop Wal-Mart Xtra Online Corp B2B EXPERIENCE Verizon United Health Group Eli Lilly Wal-Mart Hewlett-Packard Proctor & Gamble Pharma Worldspan Sabre 6
    7. 7. Case Studies and Work Product
    8. 8. GameStop Case Study and Work Product 8
    9. 9. GameStop Challenge As Customer Experience Architect, in a retail corporate culture, not fully aligned around customer experience, researched best practices to redesign/improve the customer experience for • Help/Customer Service • Mobile Checkout • Web Checkout • Gift Cards • Introducing new products through personalization and Loyalty program • Increased renewals for paid loyalty program • Omni Channel integration • PayPal integration • Profile consolidation • Store Locator 9
    10. 10. Goal Produce improved customer experience recommendations driven by • Competitive research & best practices • Statistical and Metrics Analysis GameStop 10
    11. 11. Deliverables GameStop UX Business Analysis • User Stories • Functional requirements development • Competitive Research  Mobile application  Web browser • Written recommendations with screen captures Customer experience design • Wireframes  Web browser  Mobile web  Mobile application • Mockups • Prototypes • Written recommendations 11
    12. 12. New Mobile Checkout process Redesign user experience for accessing “HELP” on home page and actual “help page” • Based on best practices • Competitive research • Statistical analysis GameStop 12
    13. 13. GameStop Gift cards Redesign user experience for accessing and validating "Gift Cards” from home page and actual “Gift Cards” • Based on best practices • Competitive research 13
    14. 14. GameStop PUR PRO Renewal Redesign user experience for paid loyalty program to increase renewals • Based on best practices • Competitive research 14
    15. 15. GameStop Store Locator Redesign user experience for “Find a Store” • Extensive Competitive research • Based on best online retail practices • Collaborated with Creative Director • High fidelity prototypes 15
    16. 16. GameStop Profile Consolidation 16 Prototypes for customer experience redesign for Enterprise Profile Consolidation across all GameStop properties • Exceptionally Complex Prototypes – Multi-state changes on screen • Write user stories – developed from process flows
    17. 17. GameStop 17 Help/Customer Service Redesign user experience for accessing “HELP” on home page and actual “help page”: • Based on best practices • Competitive research • Statistical analysis
    18. 18. GameStop Help/Customer Service Redesign “HELP” driven by actual “help page” and call center metrics • Conducted in-depth statistical analysis 18
    19. 19. Nissan Case Study and Work Product 19
    20. 20. Nissan Landing Pages Challenge • As User Experience Architect and Program Manager  Overcome subterfuge of incumbent „agency of record‟ that had originally produced corporate site and woefully inadequate initial version of landing pages  Lead the geo-dispersed, multi-discipline team to redesign the user experience from the ground up  Leverage a User-centered design approach in a retail environment  Bring a production partner to the table before budget was approved  Conduct best practices and competitive research  Optimize landing pages for search engines • The Nissan landing pages had to be brought up to be competitive with other major automotive OEMs who had previously deployed sophisticated online shopping environments 20
    21. 21. Nissan Landing Pages Goal • Produce a vastly improved user experience that is best practices-driven • Integrating a wide range of stakeholder input • Drive consumers further down the buying funnel • Increase online leads • Increase online lead conversion 21
    22. 22. Nissan Landing Pages Results • Significant increases in performance of the landing pages for Fiscal Year 2009 over FY08 • Lead requests up 307% in FY08 22
    23. 23. Nissan Landing Pages Results Lead Requests +307.59% Actions +110.60% CPA + 5.56% Impressions +110.24% Clicks +214.99% Click-through rate +49.83% 23
    24. 24. Nissan Landing Pages Challenge • Existing user experience was exceptionally poor • Retail shopping suspects and prospects were not being moved further down the buying funnel • Users‟ needs, tasks and goals were highly neglected 24
    25. 25. Nissan Landing Pages “On behalf of our Zimmerman Nissan Division, I want to THANK YOU for your dedication and relentless hard work to see this project come to life. From initial responses, it is our understanding that Nissan is very pleased. I think that in coming days and weeks we will hear more and I am confident we will get nothing but positive feedback. I have been building websites and technical applications for 15 years and this is, hands down, the smoothest, under pressure project I have been part of.” Brandon Rowe - Interactive Account Director Nissan Division, Zimmerman Advertising Impressions +110.24% Clicks +214.99% Click-through rate +49.83% Lead Requests +307.59% Client’s post-launch comment: 25
    26. 26. Deliverables User experience design • Initial user experience and interaction design • Landing page user experience best practices research • Collaboration with Zimmerman Creative Director and Copywriter • Direction and coaching with Zimmerman Creative Director and Copywriter • Interaction Design • Recommendations for Nissan landing pages design of user experience • Default page • Segment level • Product level • Hispanic • Initial Information architecture and site map • Mockups • Working wireframes development • Preparation of wireframes and recommendations for client review • Collaboration for formalization of wireframes and IA • User scenarios and user flows • Evaluation of final wireframes Nissan Landing Pages Business Analyst • Business requirements development • Functional requirements development • Writing & PowerPoint development for initial presentation to VP of Strategy at Zimmerman (Francisco) • Presentation to VP of Strategy at Zimmerman • Writing & PowerPoint development for initial presentation to Nissan client: Sr. Manager, Regional Marketing • Competitive research and documentation • Presentation and interview content writing & PowerPoint development to Nissan stakeholders • Presentation and interview content writing & PowerPoint development to Omnicom and vendor partner stakeholders • Conduct interviews with Nissan corporate stakeholders • Conduct interviews with Nissan Regional and field marketing stakeholders • Conduct interviews with Nissan vendor partner and agency stakeholders • Collate and analyze interview responses • Final interview responses report 26
    27. 27. Nissan Landing Pages Deliverables Program Manager • Charged with management-level decisions for entire project • Embedded (as a contractor) on Account Management team as Producer for the project • Championed new focus on user experience for redesign • Conceptualization for information architecture for redesign pages • Direct client-facing responsibilities: in-person, on the phone and email • Direction and management of vendor partners‟ project managers • Project planning and management of Master project plan across four vendors and Zimmerman team members • Executive-level communication and correspondence • Coordination and communication with team members across a wide geography and 4 time zones: Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, New York City, Nashville, Raleigh, NC, Washington, DC, Ft. Lauderdale • Discovery and coordination of issues driving Online Media planning • Discovery and coordination of issues/decisions driving Zip code processing application • Recommendation of Production partner for engagement • Information architecture (finalized) • Redesigned pages production: Flash & DHTML • Zip code processor application development • Content Management System (CMS) • Evaluation and recommendation of SEO partner • Development of presentation to Nissan client • Training and certification in client‟s CMS • Travel to Nashville, TN for client presentation • Research, recommendation and engagement of User Experience/Usability testing partner • Evaluation of working wireframes • Usability testing • Research and acquisition of databases for Zip code processing application • Presentation to Nissan client • Negotiation, conflict and resolution management with vendor partners on scheduling and resource-related issues 27
    28. 28. Deliverables Project Manager • Direction, management and coordination of vendor partners • Landing page production and Zip code processor application development • CMS re-architecture • SEO coordination • User experience & Usability testing • Client-interface with Nissan client for coordination and discovery • Technical coordination, and discovery with Nissan interactive agency vendor • Presentation to Nissan interactive agency vendor • Interface with Nissan interactive agency vendor for landing pages hosting migration • QA of Zip processor application in staging and live environments • QA of landing pages in staging and live environments • Coordination, scheduling documentation and reporting of client and vendor web meetings • Direction, collaboration and coordination with Zimmerman team members • QA of application and web pages Nissan Landing Pages 28
    29. 29. Eli Lilly Case Study and Work Product 29
    30. 30. Challenge As User Experience lead for Microsoft‟s engagement with Eli Lilly, using a user-centered design approach, completely redesign the user experience for Eli Lilly‟s internal VOICE application Working within Agile approach to re-deploy a customized Sharepoint 2010 solution for an application that is designed to handle complex success probability projection and lengthy tracking and management. Tracking used to either “kill” molecule asset development or bring asset to first round clinical trials. Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting 30
    31. 31. Deliverables • UX LOE estimation • UX Work Breakdown Structure • Global browser usage research • Task Analysis • User Stories • Mind Mapping • User research  User Questionnaire Development  Polling/Sharepoint questionnaires  Individual User Interviews  User workshops  Survey results analysis  User needs matrix  User experience • UX report–Analysis & Recommendations Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting • Personas development • Mental Model • Site Map • Wireframes  Axure  Visio • Prototype  Axure 31
    32. 32. Situation The existing VOICE application was anything but a user- centered design, with very little understanding of or thought towards the tasks and goals of the user or user groups. User experience was given very little thought at all. There was not an existing information architecture or design available or clear definition of the user task flow and no navigation standards had ever been implemented in 10 releases of the Java application. Uniformity of navigation did not exist and navigational elements were haphazardly placed. Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting 32
    33. 33. Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting Situation • Existing user experience was poor at best • Users‟ needs, tasks and goals, as well as best practices, were highly neglected • No clear navigation or architectural schema was defined in the system or in the system‟s documentation 33
    34. 34. Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting Situation Existing user experience was a result of multiple releases (10) with no clearly defined standards for layout and navigation. Application‟s pages were not designed to be re-sized and old system‟s JAVA platform would not support resizable windows. 34
    35. 35. Goal Working within limitation of Sharepoint 2010: • Using existing application‟s user experience as a foundation, produce a significantly improved user experience that is best practices-driven • Integrating a wide range of degreed internal stakeholder input, most from a Masters and PhD clinical and extensive pharma, medical and nursing backgrounds Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting 35
    36. 36. Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting Results Wireframes and medium fidelity prototypes were produced in Axure and later converted to Visio, to accommodate rapid and numerous changes from the Microsoft team 36
    37. 37. Eli Lilly/Microsoft Consulting Results • UX design work informed and directed UI design • Directed and coached UI designer, dashboards concepts were fleshed out 37
    38. 38. Underwriters Case Study and Work Product 38
    39. 39. Challenge As User Experience Strategist and Lead, directed UX team for user research and user experience improvement project for Underwriters Laboratories‟ branded site for UL Environment: User Research 39
    40. 40. Project goal • Assess current user experience and navigation • Ethnographic interviews • Heuristic evaluation of existing site • Usability analysis from defined use cases • Feature prioritization & card sorting exercise • Make recommendations for improvements to • User experience • Site information architecture for User Research 40
    41. 41. User Research Challenge Existing user experience was nominal but was not designed with optimal heuristics and user experience in mind. Site‟s navigation and IA was not mapped to B2B users‟ needs and Tasks Only two days on project to prepare for Greenbuild 2010 41
    42. 42. User Research • Directed & supervised UX team preparations for attending Greenbuild 2010 user interview • User interviews script • User task analysis script • Created User feature prioritization Card-sorting tool in XLS • Facilitated and conducted • User interviews • User task analysis • User Card-sorting • Heuristic analysis of • Analysis for Card-sorting and user interviews • Recommendations for usability & navigational improvements Deliverables 42
    43. 43. User Research Deliverables Directed & conducted onsite user interviews • User interviews • User task analysis • Card-sorting tool – User- driven feature prioritization 43
    44. 44. User Research Deliverables Heuristic analysis of • Discoverability • Recoverability • Feedback • Context 44
    45. 45. User Research Deliverables • Analysis of Card-sorting • Feature Prioritization 45
    46. 46. First Choice Power Case Study and Work Product 46
    47. 47. First Choice Power eCommerce Challenge As Information Architect, utilizing a user-centered design approach, worked directly with the Chief Technical Officer to redesign the user experience from the ground up and optimize pages for new user experience for Roll out a next generation consumer web presence in a heavily regulated industry The site was strategically deploying a sophisticated online account creation and management environment for the retail power market 47
    48. 48. First Choice Power eCommerce Site Map and work flow 48
    49. 49. First Choice Power eCommerce Wireframes 49
    50. 50. Center for Development Excellence Case Study and Work Product 50
    51. 51. CDE UX Discovery & Recommendations As User Experience Strategist, employing a user-centered design approach, a discovery process of interviews and site analysis to document current stakeholder, company and user needs, to establish user profiles and strategic direction as drivers for final recommendations. • UX best practices • System Architecture • Engagement Strategy • Content Management System • Card Sorting • Email Service Provider • Content Strategy • Mobile user experience Challenge 51
    52. 52. CDE UX Discovery & Recommendations Goal: Client requirements gathering, assess current user experience and navigation, then make recommendations for improvements to user experience and site„s information architecture. Recommendations for integration of third-party eCommerce, marketing and online training applications with traditional online and mobile considerations for primarily non-domestic delivery. • User experience analysis of • Facilitated and conducted • Content analysis and card-sorting • User interviews and workshops • User task analysis • Analysis of user interviews • Recommendations for user engagement and content strategy • Final recommendations documentation and presentation • Requirements gathering and documentation • Initially acting in BA role & transitioned to UX Designer role • CDE Critical Success Factors • General Requirements • Marketing and Email Requirements • E-Commerce Requirements • Content Management System Requirements • Course Management Requirements • Mobile Requirements • High-level architecture 52 Deliverables
    53. 53. CDE Site Research Deliverables 53
    54. 54. Discovery & Card Sorting # Primary Function Description 1 Site Registration Encourages the user to engage with CDE to opt-in for access to current and future unique information. Streamlines the registration and purchase process. 2 Training & Courses CDE Seminars registration for: • Master's Certificate Program • USAID Seminars • CDE e-Learning modules • Events 3 About CDE Description of: • CDE • It’s history • It’s mission 4 Resources • Local Compensation Plans • White papers • Internet References • Software • Subscription Newsletter 5 Testimonials Testimonials from former training participants about: • How the CDE training courses helped them enhance the capacity of their organization’s local development practitioners. • How they are now better positioned to bid on, win, and implement donor assistance projects. 6 Shopping Cart Functionality that allows the user to select one or multiple courses and/or items (Books, content subscriptions, etc.) and offers options to purchase the selected items. Displays discounts and total charges. 7 Careers (Future) Offering job opening postings and career development resource content, either through a strategic partnership with an organization such as Devex or with originally developed content. 8 Blog The CDE blog, usually maintained by an individual, provides regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events and will provide news on a particular subject. It will need to be determined if the CDE blog will enable the readers to leave comments in an interactive format as part of the blog. 54 Deliverables
    55. 55. CDE Site Recommendations Deliverables 55
    56. 56. CDE Site Recommendations Deliverables 56
    57. 57. Proposed Home Page Wireframe Deliverables # Primary Function 1 Site Registration 2 Training and Courses 3 About CDE 4 Resources 5 Testimonials 6 Shopping Cart 7 Careers (Future) 8 Blog (Exists on Current Site) 9 MyCDE 10 NavLinks 11 Development News (Future) 12 Promotional Area (Future) 13 Logo – Links to Home 14 Header Graphic 16 2 3 5 8 4 10 7 2 4 11 12 9 1413 57
    58. 58. CDE Web Site Architecture Deliverables Initial Recommended State 58 Defined architecture and UX to completely redesign to create a position of de facto leadership and deploy a sophisticated eCommerce environment to build a strong revenue generator.
    59. 59. CDE Web Site Architecture Deliverables Recommended Future System State Future architecture state recommended to deploy a sophisticated eCommerce environment, to include: • CRM • eCommerce • eLearning Mgmt System • Automated Email System • CMS • Registration System • Consolidated Db 59
    60. 60. United HealthCare Group Case Study and Work Product 60
    61. 61. UHG Usability Audit Challenge As User Experience consultant, conducted a discovery process of interviews and page-by-page app analysis to document current state of custom implementation, as well as user needs, to establish tactical and strategic direction as basis for recommendations. • UX Design Approach presentation • Page-by-Page Application Analysis • Global Recommendations • Wireframes to support recommendations • Glossary of Terms • Usability & Navigation recommendations • Page & Navigation Mockups • Quick hits & Long-term recommendations 61
    62. 62. Usability Recommedations Global recommendations for UHG • Global Tutor • Page titles • Labeling • Above the Fold • Header issue • Primary Navigation • Global navigation • Chatter widget 62
    63. 63. UHG Recommendations Page-by-Page analysis and Recommendations • Annotated and numbered comments • Quick win: Enhancements or improvements that can be implemented quickly • Long-term win: Enhancements or improvements that will require significant lead time to implement Header issue • Substandard usability notated: User experience needs immediate attention • Less than optimal usability notated: User experience needs attention • Great usability notated: Strong user experience. • Good usability notated: Positive user experience. 63
    64. 64. UHG Recommendations Supporting Wireframes • Recommended wireframes development • To illustrate recommendations, rapidly produced wireframes with page state change • Detailed Notated wireframes 64
    65. 65. UHG Recommendations Glossary of Terms & Legend 65
    66. 66. UHG - UX Design Approach UX Design Approach presentation • Scope did not include user research • Recommended developing presentation for client education • Rapidly produced presentation with sources and samples that I provided 66
    67. 67. Bryan Daniel 67
    68. 68. What is User Experience design, REALLY ? As a User Experience Architect, I discover and define what you want to eat for breakfast (user research and definition), how enjoyable breakfast was (usability) and if you would recommend that same breakfast to someone else (net promoter score). The web/UI designer develops/creates the spoon. I don’t do spoons. Using the breakfast analogy: 68
    69. 69. UX Capabilities  Product Development Using User-Centered Design methodology incorporating online user behavior, user research, usability, information architecture, editorial consulting, accessibility, visual design, interaction design, and animation  Understands Business Drivers Quickly understands project business drivers and objectives to synthesize effective solutions within scope  Visual Design Creative direction, creative development, copywriting, collaborating and managing User Interface visual design teams  Expert resource management Project management timeline development, time management, writing and presentation skills 69
    70. 70. Capabilities  Fast-Paced Demonstrated success in a fast-paced, interactive-agency-style environment including JWT and Tribal DDB  Best practices Hands-on experience applying digital marketing best practices, including Web 2.0, SEO to produce effective online campaigns  Create Natural and proven ability to articulate and develop and/or elaborate on creative concepts and visualizations  Innovate New concept and idea innovation for clients and senior management (agency leadership and client senior management)  Measure Define and measure success metrics to demonstrate UX ROI on client engagements  Translate Ability to translate technical concepts to a non-technical audience 70
    71. 71. Capabilities  Communicate Stakeholder communication with internal and client contacts at all levels of an organization  Articulate Clear, compelling concept, sales & status presentations  Estimate Assess scope and level of effort for new projects  Passionate A passion for user engagement strategies  Relate Ability to build both internal and external cross-functional relationships and collaborate closely with team members, managers, and executives across the enterprise  Medicate(okay, it‟s the only word that fit with my theme) Pharma & Healthcare experience with Eli Lily, P&G Pharma, Campbell-Wilson Consulting 71
    72. 72. Bryan Daniel Typical Deliverables 72
    73. 73. UX Deliverables Typical UX deliverables:  Requirements Gathering – BRD & FRD  User interviews, workshops and analysis  User-centered design consulting  Stakeholder interviews & workshops  Persona creation & documentation  Usability & User Experience Audits  User Story development & grooming  Initial UX concepts  Wireframe development  High fidelity mockups and/or prototypes 73
    74. 74. UX Deliverables Typical UX deliverables continued:  Content strategy  Content matrix for CMS  Task analysis  Card sorting exercises  Application flow and navigation  UI specification documentation  User flow development and documentation  Mind mapping  SEO consulting  Consultation for Creative, UI & IS Development 74
    75. 75. For a User Experience that gets results Contact 75