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Kinetix Pro Fitness - Best Place to Buy Dumbbells Set Online


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Kinetix Pro Fitness is one of the Leading Fitness Equipment Dealers present in Western Australia, known for new and pre-owned Dumbbells set retailing online. We offer the best brand Dumbbells at Competitive prices for their clients and customers. In our site, we provide the image along with the description of the product with price and availability for the customer’s connivance. They offer flat sales and discounts on their products frequently to help our customers to keep fit with our fitness equipment. To know more or to buy Dumbbells Set Online, visit

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Kinetix Pro Fitness - Best Place to Buy Dumbbells Set Online

  1. 1.  Introduction  Buy Dumbbells Set Online  Other Fitness Equipment  Why Us  Contact Us
  2. 2.  Kinetix Pro Fitness is one of the Leading Online Fitness Equipment Dealers in Western Australia.  We are specialized in New and Pre-owned Fitness Equipment of both Domestic and Commercial.  We have a tie-up with high brands of Fitness equipment companies in and around the Australia, which makes us source the best and affordable fitness equipment for our clients and customers.
  3. 3.  All kinds of Commercial, as well as Domestic dumbbell sets, are available at our stores.  We Provide an image of the product and also all the necessary details about the Dumbbells along with the price. One can surf our website to get know about latest Dumbbells offers at stores.  We have Heavy Hex Dumbbells, Rubber Dumbbells, steel mix dumbbells with racks of various huge brands like Australia Barbell, Life Fitness, etc.
  4. 4.  In Our Stores we have all kinds of Fitness equipment, some of them are,  Treadmills  Exercise/Spin Bikes  Rowers  Elliptical Cross Trainers  Home Gyms  Benches  Weights  Techno Gym, Life Fitness, Matrix, Cal Gym, Avanti, Stex, etc are some of the brands we stock at our stores.
  5. 5.  Our Products are directly sourced from the Brands warehouse, which provides the best product at best price to our clients.  We conduct several examinations to the Pre-owed Equipment to get the best products for our clients.  All are services and products are affordable prices and have competitive delivery and express delivery charges.  We also deliver the products not within the Australia but also to the Overseas clients.  We have a Showroom at Osborne Park of our branded equipment, where clients can visit and look the product.
  6. 6.  Visit us to Buy Dumbbells Set Online,  Address:  24 Colray Ave, Osborne Park, WA 6017  Phone No: +61 422 264 364  Mail: