Havells fixture presentation final bryan


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Havells fixture presentation final bryan

  1. 1. HAVELLS USA Bryan Herity
  2. 2. Mission 2
  3. 3. Brand Portfolio Strong dominant brand in the India home market One of Europe’s most respected commercial and architectural lighting brands Renowned for its strong design ethos, high technical performance and aesthetic form Wide range of contemporary designed fixtures Intended for lighting medium to large projects (shops, offices, hotels and restaurants)
  4. 4. A full-spectrum provider of professional electrical solutions worldwideAn Expanding Global HQ:Global Leader Noida, India U$1.4 Billion + One of the world’s largest lighting and electrical product companies
  5. 5. HAVELLS World Wide InnovativeHighest quality standardsStrong distribution strategyStrong brands ISO certified & EU-Eco Audit Enduser 3% OEM 8% Retail 27% Wholesale 62% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
  6. 6. LampsFull Line Lamp Manufacturer
  7. 7. BallastsHavells BrandFull Line• T8 Electronic Fluorescent• T5 Electronic Fluorescent • Quick connect • LeadsLimited Line• T12 Electronic Fluorescent• Electronic CFLFull line magnetic• Metal Halide• HPS
  8. 8. FixturesFull Line Fixture Manufacturer
  9. 9. Fixtures
  10. 10. Professional Lighting SolutionsOne-stopshoppingInnovative range of lampsBroad selection of fixturesEfficient ballast 10
  11. 11. Major Target SegmentsRetail & Display Commercial Hotels & LeisureResidential Industrial Outdoor 11
  13. 13. Vaportite (VP Series) - Fluorescent T5 & T8FEATURES BENEFITSDurable fiberglass housing Adaptable to any adverse conditionsPoured in place gasketing Allows enclosure to be sealed from harsh environmentsInjection molded diffuser Shatter resistant lens reducing breakageCorrosive resistant latches Standard on all unitsStainless steel mounting clips For easy installationEnergy Efficient Available with T5 or T8 lamp optionsLightweight Easy to mountEasy ballast removal Removable gear tray for accessRubber end plug For utilization of standard die cast liquid or water tight fittingsIP67 Rated Dust tight rated and temporary immersion in waterNSF Splash Zone Certification Approved for washdown environments
  14. 14. Fixture Plant in Costa Rica ISO 9001-2000 & ISO 14001
  15. 15. Specification Sheets
  16. 16. Exploded View Stainless Steel Rubber End Plug mounting clips Removable GearPolycarbonate tray for ballastLatch to secure accesslens Injection molded diffuser
  17. 17. AccessoriesLatching Options: Clear Polycarbonate or Stainless Steel. Both options caneasily be made tamper resistant. Simple Mounting System Stainless Steel Reduces installation labor Latches are costs securely held in No holes drilled through the place to prevent housing loss during Variable mounting centers maintenance. Stainless Steel Mounting Clips rated UL Bails Optional bail provides convenient means of suspending the fixture
  18. 18. Installation Insert one side of the Vaportite housing into the mounting brackets. Securely attach mounting brackets (2) mounting surface. The Vaportite enclosure will engage the mounting brackets at any point along it’s length, except for where there are latches. It is recommended that the dimension between brackets equal about 70-80% of the enclosure’s length.
  19. 19. Vaportite T5 & T8 FixtureT5 High Output Fluorescent LampT8 & T8HO Fluorescent Lamp3 Lengths (2’, 4’ and 8’)2, 3, 4, 6 lamp x 32 T8 watt or 54 T5 wattPendant or surface mountedSupplied with SLI ballastUniversal voltage (120 volt to 277 volt) standard
  20. 20. IP Rating System (IP67) Protection Against Solid Objects Protection Against LiquidsFirst No. Definition Second No. Definition0 No protection 0 No protection1 Protected against solids objects over 50mm 1 Protected against vertically falling drops of (e.g. accidental touch by hands.) water2 Protected against solids objects over 12mm 2 Protected against direct sprays up to 15from (e.g. fingers) the vertical3 Protected against solids over 2.5mm (e.g. tools 3 Protected against direct sprays up to 60from and wires) the vertical4 Protected against solids objects over 1mm (e.g. 4 Protected against sprays form all directions – tools, wires and small wires limited ingress permitted5 Protected against dust – limited ingress (no 5 Protected against low pressure jets if water harmful deposit) from all directions – limited ingress permitted6 Totally protected against dust (dust tight) 6 Protected against strong jets of water (e.g. for use on shipdecks – limited ingress permitted 7 Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1 m. Duration of test 30 minutes 8 Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure.
  21. 21. NFS Certification (Splash Zone Rated)NSF Certification Description of Location/ Use and Commentary Typical Lighting ApplicationsNon-Food Zone Areas where direct contact with food products during normal Kitchens; food storage dry process areas; damp operations would not be expected. Equipment is located process areas – no drip possibility outside the normal washdown area. There is a concern that the fixture will add contamination to the protected space or food product (i.e. Cleanability - will the finish withstand cleaning, chipping paint, deteriorating paints or finishes, lens impact resistance, lamp glass breakage, etc.Splash Zone Areas where direct contact with food products during normal Wet or damp process areas; high pressure operations would not be expected; however , the fixture may purging or decontamination used in the be situated such that liquids used in the process or cleaning process; area hose washdown procedures, may splash, spill or otherwise soil – either intentionally or inadvertently – the surface on the fixture. There then is the potential for dripping or draining onto other surfaces or even the process. Since these fixtures are often used in washdown areas, a Wet Location listing is not sufficient. Fixtures must be tested to withstand high-pressure hose washdown. The concerns of Non-Food Zone also apply.Food Zone Areas where direct contact with food products is normally Category not typically used for lighting expected and surfaces from which the food may drip, drain, or splash back onto surfaces normally in contact with food. Equipment other than lighting fixtures typically require this certification (i.e. work tables, cutting boards, other direct contact equipment.
  22. 22. CENIT FIXTURE LAUNCHFluorescent T5 &T8 High Bay Lighting
  23. 23. CENIT Fluorescent T5 & T8 High Bay Lighting• Very low profile • Only 2.4’ deep/ Lightweight for easy installation.• Mounting Options • Can be surface or pendant mounted.• Pre-wired for multi level switching • Provides for 2 levels of lighting• Anticorrosive treated steel housing finished with • No sharp edges with anti rust capabilities electrostatic powder coating after fabrication• Anodized aluminum reflector designed specifically for • Highly reflective surface yielding very high fixture each available lamp configuration efficiencies• Side mounted ballasts • Allows ballast to maintain a lower ambient temperature• Havells manufacturing facility builds every fixture • Complete control and adaptability over all aspects of manufacturing• Quality Control • Each fixture is lamped and energized in factory• Energy efficient • Reduces operation costs with a superior quality of light• Availability • Most common configurations are in stock• Several Options • Available with cable mounting kits, wireguards, 6 ft. cords, emergency ballast, door frames with clear lens, and occupancy sensors
  24. 24. Specification Sheet
  25. 25. Ballast AccessAccess to ballast removing side reflector sections
  26. 26. Thermal Impact of Ballast Location • Overheat test • Ballast temperature remained below 90°C limit • Heat emitted by lamps doesn’t rise towards ballasts Component Temp on Cenit 6x54w 120/ 248 100/Component Temp 212 C/F° 80/ 176 60/ 140 4x54w Ballast 2x54w Ballast Lamp (center) 40/ 104 20/ 40/ 60/ 80/ 100/ 120/ 0 20 68 40 104 60 140 80 176 100 212 120 248 Ambient Temp C/F° Not recommended for applications with ambient temperature above 35°C (95°F) due to lamp output reduction
  27. 27. Installation• Can be surface or pendant mounted• Hanging kit must be attached to at least two points on the ceiling
  28. 28. Labels on Fixture Body & Cable Kit• UL required labels and hanging cable kit installation Stop sleeve on all four hanging kit cables. Must pass through this hole and slide inward. Surface mount holes.
  29. 29. Installation Instructions
  30. 30. Wideguard (Currently being developed)• 3D model view from below - guard attached
  31. 31. CENIT Fluorescent T5 & T8 High BayT5 High Output Fluorescent LampT8 Fluorescent Lamp3 Fixture sizes 14” wide 25” wide 33” wide2, 3, 4, 6, 8 x 32W or 54WPendant or surfaceSupplied with Havells USA ballast 4 lamps 1 ballast 6 lamps 2 ballasts 8 lamps 2 ballastsUniversal voltage (standard)
  32. 32. Reflector Performance• Example of incorrect application of high bay fixture for low bay site 2% 15% 34% 49%
  33. 33. CENIT T5 High Bay RetrofitAdvantagesHigh efficiency (energy savings and photometricaly efficient).High CRI, instant restart, and double circuit for energy saving.Less weight on structures, less heat emission.Return on Investment (ROI) advantage. 6 Cenit 4x54w T5HO 1,182 watts/21 FC avg. 5 MH 400w 2,485 watts/19FC avg. 5 Cenit 6x54w T5HO 1,550 watts/30FC avg. Top view of warehouse. Illumination simulation by Marketing’s Projects Dept.
  34. 34. CENIT T5 High Bay Retrofit Comparison of luminous maintenance & energy savings for a 6 Lamp Fixture Replacement Costs (Replace 1–400W MH HID with 1-6 lamp T5HO High BayThousands of emitted lumens 30 fixture) Cenit 6x54W T5HO 310W $185 installed & lamped 165 watts/fixture of energy 20 savings Metal Halide 400W 475W Over 50% increase in lighting levels 10 Return on Investment 0 5 10 15 20 (ROI) = 20 months Life in thousands of hours