Marketing and Sales strategies for Startups


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For B2C and B2B companies. This pairs up the Marketing and Sales strategy. It covers both eCommerce and sales teams sales strategies, and the marketing needed for that sales strategy.

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Marketing and Sales strategies for Startups

  1. 1. Marketing & Sales for 
 B2B & B2C Startups" " for Early Stage Start-ups! by Bryan Starbuck CEO of .CEO at , before acquisition1
  2. 2. Sales & Marketing With Sales Teams (B2B)2
  3. 3. Is Phone Sales Strategy for Me? NO If each sale is less than $8k to $15k Yes If $15k+ in each sale 3
  4. 4. High Growth from Phone Sales2008 Revenues from Phone Sales Strategy companies… $168 million $215 million $163 million $295 million $152 million $87 million $1 billion $178 million 4
  5. 5. Sales Strategies Sales eCommerce Phone ChannelStrategy Sales Sales •  No Sales People •  Lower Risk •  No Sales People (no capital) Marketing (no capital) •  Higher Prices •  Sales is •  Faster to scale Outsourced Pros Sales •  Most benefits from •  Able to Create Phone Sales Demand •  Higher Risk •  Capital needed for •  Often not an Marketing Sales Team option Cons •  Lower Prices •  Time needed for •  Risk that Channel •  Can’t Scale as Sales Efficiency won’t perform Easily 5
  6. 6. B2C vs Small vs Mid-Market vs EnterpriseConsumers B2B B2B B2B B2C Small Mid-Market Enterprise Companies 0 to 1,000 1,000 to 20,000 20,000+ Employees Employees Employees eCommerce Phone Sales 6
  7. 7. Phone Sales -- Lead Marketing Number of Leads Lead Cost-Per-Marketing Lead Lead Quality 7
  8. 8. Marketing for Phone Sales Dave McClure’s eCommerce If you are Marketing Model closing sales at the “Prove it” Alpha stage: Get Leads from Linked-In It is perfect for your early scrappy stage 8
  9. 9. Must Read Books The Perfect Spin Selling SalesForce by Derek Gatehouse by Neil Rackham 9
  10. 10. Buy-Offs needed to Close Understand Participants Financial User Buyer •  Map out Demographics Buyer •  Tactics to unblock each •  Showing ROI often required •  Don’t interview “friends” to find blocking issues Technical Final Decision Buyer Maker 10
  11. 11. Closing the Sale •  CLOSE when they RECOGNIZE value •  Know when progress isn’t happening •  Handle Budgets & Finalizing details 11
  12. 12. NO Sales Teams B2C & B2B12
  13. 13. Dave McClure marketing Model 13
  14. 14. Your Positioning and Uniqueness Old School New School HIGH COSTManual Solution High Cost Market Leader Is Your Startup here or here LOW COST Market Leader Low Cost 14
  15. 15. GROWTH HACKIN G TO: From: Sent by hotmail.com15
  16. 16. AirBnB GROWTH HACKINCustomer G Post to AirBnB Post to CraigsList16
  17. 17. Digg GROWTH HACKIN G Many Websites Digg.com17
  18. 18. “INBOUND” OR SEOMOZ STY LE “X Problem” can be solved better our unique uniquely by “Y Solution” which we rock atBlogging Facebook Articles18
  19. 19. The END19