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Communications Therapy ASTDps 20120320


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presentation given to the American Society for Training and Development, March 20, 2012

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Communications Therapy ASTDps 20120320

  1. 1. Being a Communications Therapist Bryan Rutberg ASTDps meeting March 20, 2012© 2012 AG Consulting Partners
  2. 2. A common dilemma They know it. They know they know it. You know they know it. But you need to help them tell it to others. So you need to go deeper. You need to become a Communications Therapist© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 1
  3. 3. Create. Communicate. Connect. • Help executives and organizations connect with their most important audiences • Sales and Alliance Management, Executive Communications, Communications Coaching and Executive Coaching • Started a new adventure summer 2011© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 2
  4. 4. The term, coined© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 3
  5. 5. This morning’s goals • Enjoy. It’s breakfast, not brain surgery. • Appreciate your role in helping others communicate. • Learn how to get the info you need from clients, bosses, subject-matter experts – anyone – and help them get it across to others. • Play along.© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 4
  6. 6. Build trust • With your professional standing • With your personal interest • In some cases, over time© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 5
  7. 7. “How does this affect others?” Audience • Who are they? • What’s the Point B you want? • What’s the emotion you want? • What’s the action you want? • What’s the most effective way to get there?© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 6
  8. 8. “What do you mean by that?” Precision • 3 Why’s • “Tell me more about that” • “What do you mean by that?” • “Can you give me an example?”© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 7
  9. 9. Precision Practice • Find a partner • Pick a simple topic like favorite summertime activity or favorite city to visit • Tell your partner the noun in a simple sentence • Partners asks questions to get more information • Don’t spill all the beans at once • You may be surprised what you learn!© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 8
  10. 10. “Tell me about your feelings” Emotion • Share the emotion • Stories get the point across • Listeners have to see the story© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 9
  11. 11. Emotion Practice • Pick a partner • Using no voice, display emotion. Happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised, disgust ed, pained, in love, wonder. Partner guesses the emotion. • Spiral staircases, CFL bulbs, old-fashioned “safety razor” – what else can you show?© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 10
  12. 12. “Tell me about your mother” Motivation • Go there! • It’s not really about mothers – in business it’s about compensation and the results you’re measured on© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 11
  13. 13. How I prepared for today Kind of comms Presentation Event or Comms Being a Communications Therapist Name Audience ASTDps members – training & development professionals Audience Open, here to learn. Early – need stimulus! mood/tone “Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m trying to help someone because they can’t say what Point A I know they know” “As a Communications Therapist I have tools and knowledge to help get the story out and Point B delivered.” Communications Therapist gets deep information from his/her subject, and uses the Main message(s) depth to build better communications (training, 1:1, exec-to-team, etc.) Supporting Build trust, ask more questions, get to the emotion, understand motivation. Use a messages framework. Goals Understand actions and framework for getting to roots, key points Exercises Deep Questioning, Stories & Emotion, Completing framework document Call(s) to action Connect with me, follow up© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 12
  14. 14. Communications Therapist Bryan Rutberg, Communications Practice Lead ASTDps meeting March 20, 2012 Kind of comms Event or Comms Name Audience Audience mood/tone Point A Point B Main message(s) Supporting messages Goals Exercises Call(s) to action |(206) 251-6911 |© 2012 AG Consulting Partners| @AGConsComms
  15. 15. Please stay in touch • "Like" the AG Consulting Facebook page – • Follow my comms-focused Twitter feed – • Connect with me on LinkedIn –© 2012 AG Consulting Partners 14
  16. 16. © 2012 AG Consulting Partners 15