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  1. 1. Strategic Questions A CEO Needs To Answer When Hiring A Marketing Communications Partner holland advertising: interactive 10
  2. 2. Fresh ideas. Experienced execution. Greater ROI. Deciding to hire a strategic marketing communications partner is an important step for a family or privately held company. A CEO needs to look for a company with fresh ideas, an experienced team and proven client success stories. What is the primary motivation? What is the pain I am experiencing that is causing me to identify a new marketing partner?1. What are my immediate and long-term marketing goals? What are the expectations I have of my marketing partner to help me achieve these goals?2. What is my marketing budget? Can my new partner help me determine if my budget is realistic?3. Can they complement my knowledge and do they have case studies demonstrating their ability to solve a variety of marketing problems and achieve results?6. Do they have proven success in a variety of industries showing they can apply their knowledge and expertise for my business?7. Do they have expertise in a variety of marketing tactics including digital and traditional media?8. Do our vision, mission and values align? 9. How will the marketing partner charge for their services? 10. How’s the chemistry? Can I work well with this new person/agency? 4. Is this an established company who has consistent client success stories? 5.