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Introducing ADK Packworks


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ADK Packworks created a new category of packs and bags that combine a patented, collapsable internal frame with modern fabrics.

The Market Basket combines traditional handbag fashion with our collapsible frame to carry bulky and heavy loads in style. The Packbasket is the ultimate reusable grocery bag. It’s the size of a traditional paper grocery bag, but far more versatile. Packbasket accessories include backpack straps, bicycle pannier bracket, insulated liner and a water bottle holder.

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Introducing ADK Packworks

  1. 1. Introducing ADK PackWorks LLC
  2. 2. Evolution… Inspired by a 150 year old iconic product from the Adirondack mountains of New York, ADK Packworks developed innovative packs using new materials and designs that stand up like the original!
  3. 3. A Better Grocery Bag “This is the best grocery bag EVER. You can carry it or sling it over your shoulder. It has changed the way I do grocery shopping..” Linda on 4.8 out of 5 “Grommets” “The greatest thing about this bag is that it doesn't tip over. When you're loading it at the store, when you put it down to take out your keys, and when it's in the back of the station wagon and you're driving on a winding road, the goods stay put.” Jim on 4.5 / 5 Stars on Stands up straight THE BEST BAG EVER
  4. 4. Every Day Versatility “Freakin awesome! Best thing for my bike for grocery shopping. Loaded both of them up and didn't even notice it in my ride. … Rebecca on Amazon.Com AWESOME! “I can't say enough good things about this packbasket. It's one of the most useful things I have ever bought on Amazon. It's beautifully designed and well made and is INCREDIBLY useful.... I bought the optional backpack straps for it and they turn the packbasket into the best "city shopping" backpack ever.” Sunburstlady on One of my best purchases EVER
  5. 5. More Than Just a Grocery Bag “I looked all over for a pack for my wheelchair and found nothing that looked durable or affordable. … I use this wonderful bag on my wheelchair when I got shopping, and for carrying things around the house. … Very happy with this purchase.” EmilyJ on “I love this bag/tote! Went away for the holidays and packed my yarn and crochet things in it! It was perfect!!” Terri on “This is the greatest backpack known to a sail boat person I have ever found. My husband and I live on a sailboat this pack allows us to go grocery shopping and carry all of our supplies for the week … Trust me I am always looking for the ultimate pack and this is it...” Vicki on Best bag out there, once you get one be prepared to want another. Sturdy - tons of uses, being able to hang over shoulder or hand carry with same strap makes handling a breeze. If I could buy the company I would, tremendous product.… C. Dillmanon I JUST LOVE THE PACK LOVE THIS BAG Great use – Wheelchair If I could buy the company I would, terrific product.
  6. 6. Structure is Everything Stand-up Internal Frame Folds Flat
  7. 7. Packbasket Accessories Zippered Liner “I’ve been a long time user and fan of Packbaskets. Mine has a backpack type attachment or can be carried by hand. Now they have come out with baskets for the bike. My bike does have a rack on the back, which I rarely used before, but now use to hang my Packbasket rack. I love being able to bike to the drug store or grocery store, take my Packbaskets inside and then hang them back on my bike. It means I can eat more chocolate when I get home because I’ve been exercising --- what’s not to like about that? My purchases arrive in great shape, and I’ve done something healthy for my heart. This is a great product that was very easy to use. A great purchase. Lynn Ober on Easy to Use Attachment Makes Shopping Better “Excellent tool for going to the open Market! Keeps produce cool and fits nicely into the pack!” Margaret on GOOD CHOICE
  8. 8. The Market Basket combines traditional handbag fashion with ADK Packworks’ patented, collapsible internal frame. The Market Basket “This is a really great basket! It holds so much and is very attractive too. It's versatile; I can not only use it at the supermarket, I tote it to the library, the mall, cookie swaps, the beach, to a friends' get together where I bring dishes to pass, etc. So glad I purchased the Market Basket.” Margaret on “It packs flat for easy storage and holds a lot of groceries. The handles are padded and the base is extra sturdy which is excellent for carrying heavy items.” Cathy Best market bag EVER!! LOVE THE VERSATILITY
  9. 9. Intellectual property US: Utility Patent US 9,409,679 B2 US: Design Patent US D692,241S Canada: Industrial Design #150468 Europe: Registered Community Design – #002259085-0001 Registered TM- (ADK Packworks®) & (ADK Packbasket®)
  10. 10. The Current Collection
  11. 11. Promotional Bags
  12. 12. Limited Editions
  13. 13. The Future is Reusable 100 Billion 10 Billion1 Billion 1.2 billion U.S. grocery bag market Plastic Bags Paper Bags Reusable Bags California and Hawaii have effectively banned plastic bag usage as have major cities like Austin TX, Chicago, Cambridge MA and Seattle. New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island have plastic bag ban legislation pending. Pennsylvania and Delaware have pending legislation to require per bag fees at POS.
  14. 14. Retail Display
  15. 15. OEM Opportunities
  16. 16. Licensing Possibilities Sell frames and/or completed product via other premium brands
  17. 17. New Product Concepts
  18. 18. ADK PackWorks, LLC PO Box 842 Middlebury, VT 05753 888-235-7011