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Collaboration Tools and Digital Presence by Bryan Delgadillo


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Presentation about Collaboration Tools, Digital Presence, it's importance and benefits.

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Collaboration Tools and Digital Presence by Bryan Delgadillo

  1. 1. Bryan Delgadillo Collaboration Tools and Digital Presence
  2. 2. Collaboration Tools
  3. 3. What are Collaboration Tools? • Collaboration Tools are technological tools that support the collaboration of people to achieve a common goal. • It helps incorporate a group of two or more individuals into a project.
  4. 4. Google Drive File Storage and Synchronization Service/Collaboration Tool
  5. 5. What is Google Drive • Google Drive is a free file storage, sharing and synchronization service by Google, allowing users to store, backup and organize their digital information. Google Drive also offers users more storage space for a certain fee.
  6. 6. Google Drive Benefits in Work and Home Work • It helps users organize, store and share their notes effectively. • It’s integration with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, a free web-based office suite allows users to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Home • Google Drive allows storage of any type of file format. • Allows users to store their work from their home device, which can then easily access on their work computer.
  7. 7. Google Drive Features 15 GB of free storage space, through any device.
  8. 8. Google Drive Features Store any file format, all kept secure and private unless the user decides to share them.
  9. 9. Google Drive Features Super search. Image and file recognition allows Drive to search images and files that contain specific words.
  10. 10. Google Drive Features Doc, Sheets, Slides and many more Drive apps allow users to create and collaborate with others.
  11. 11. Why Google Drive? • Work anywhere with Google Drive, including on your phone or tablet. • Easy file conversion, you can access and create files wherever you are. • Multiple OS support, so no matter if your office has a windows PC and at home you have a Mac, your files are always accessible through Google Drive.
  12. 12. Digital Presence
  13. 13. What is Digital Presence Digital Presence means occupying space online to advertise your company, brand or yourself. It also refers to every activity done on the web.
  14. 14. Why is it Important to Have a Digital Presence? • In today’s world it’s of great importance to have a digital presence to promote a product, service or one’s skills, and this is possible thanks to social media that allows us to reach almost every corner of the world. • Having a Digital Presence can also help boost the chances of obtaining a job or being recommended by a former employer.
  15. 15. LinkedIn business and employment-oriented social network
  16. 16. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network oriented for business and employment seeking. Like any other social media, users are required to create a profile.
  17. 17. Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account Ease of creating a Professional Digital Presence
  18. 18. Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account Easier way to seek employment
  19. 19. Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account Connections and Networks that relate to your field or interests
  20. 20. Other Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account • Promote your brand, company or yourself. • Share works and projects. • Your resume in the digital world • Easy recommendations of former employers • Look for employees and talents.
  21. 21. Conclusion Collaboration Tools • These are technological tools that help people work more efficiently together. • Helps boost productivity. • Many can be accessed through different devices and operating systems. Digital Presence • Digital Presence refers to all online activities done by users. • Creating a Professional Digital Presence can help boost the chances of acquiring a new job or new employees. • Helps promote brands and companies.