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CiviCRM Entity -- Superior Drupal Integration -- Complete Drupal based Event Management and Registration @ CiviCon 2017 in St. Louis


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Slides from Mark Hanna's CiviCRM Entity presentation at CiviCon 2017 in St. Louis.

CiviCRM Entity is a contributed module for Drupal which provides full integration of CiviCRM data into Drupal by exposing CiviCRM API entities as Drupal entity types. This allows the leveraging of all the best Drupal features and modules you know and love. You'll be witnessing the cutting edge of Drupal integration of CiviCRM. Over the past year I've focused on expanding entity exposure, and adding a wide range of features for CiviCRM Events in Drupal. New features include editing event location, price sets, profiles, from the Drupal based edit form. In addition, the most exciting feature, Event registrations right on the Drupal event view page. You'll see it in action on live client sites. Come see what is new and get a taste of what is possible with the powerful tool set that is CiviCRM Entity. You won't be disappointed. Come see what magic we can do with the Drupal Field UI pattern! At the end we'll talk about our development plans for the year, including the Drupal 8 version, and our proposal for its inclusion in CiviCRM Core. The presentation will be geared toward the site administrators and implementors, but new users and developers can gain valuable insight, techniques and knowledge as well.

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CiviCRM Entity -- Superior Drupal Integration -- Complete Drupal based Event Management and Registration @ CiviCon 2017 in St. Louis

  1. 1. @Skvare CiviCRM Entity Superior Drupal Integration for CiviCRM with a focus on Events
  2. 2. Nothing in this presentation requires coding CiviCRM Entity is a Tool for site builders / DIYs. Build fantastic displays in hours.
  3. 3. Advantages of Entities Seamless Integration with Drupal Core and Contrib Works with 100s of Drupal modules such as Rules, Entity Reference, Search API, Entity Views Attachments, Panels Drupal Fields Configurable Drupal View Page, Edit and Add forms Drupal “thinks” CiviCRM data is Drupal data
  4. 4. 40+ Entities Contacts, Memberships, Groups, Tags, Relationships, Activities Events and Contribution Pages Address, Phone, Email, Website, IM Contributions, Recur, LineItem, FinancialTxrn, MembershipPayment, etc.. UFField, UFJoin, UFGroup, UFMatch Price sets, Price field, Price field value
  5. 5. Drupal Rules Easy to configure custom workflows Respond to events Under certain conditions Execute actions Many of each out of the box, many add-on modules Not difficult to add custom events, conditions, or actions Export / Import between sites
  6. 6. Drupal Rules
  7. 7. Use Drupal for Presentation Drupal built to manage multimedia Configurable Displays Use 100s of Responsive Themes Standard interface to rest of website Slideshows, Videos, Maps, Comments, etc...
  8. 8. Configurable Display
  9. 9. Configurable Display
  10. 10. Integrate other features
  11. 11. Integrate other features
  12. 12. Inline Entity Reference Forms
  13. 13. Inline Entity Reference Forms
  14. 14. Inline Entity Reference Forms Modules Used: ● Entity Reference ● Inline Entity Form Great way for non- admin user to create contacts for a specific purpose
  15. 15. Drupal Edit forms Add/edit form for each entity /[civicrm-entity-type]/[id]/edit, e.g /civicrm-event/3/edit Give limited access without giving access to CiviCRM backend Combine CiviCRM and Drupal fields Configurable forms, for more features use the Display Suite Forms module Hide unnecessary fields Layouts and Field groups
  16. 16. Event Edit Form
  17. 17. Editing the CiviCRM Location Block and Address entities directly Event Edit From - Location
  18. 18. Event edit Form
  19. 19. Event Edit Form Configuration
  20. 20. Drupal Fields are a Design Model Powerful, Field API 100s of field types available from existing contrib modules We create custom interfaces for our customers CiviCRM Entities sub modules Create your own
  21. 21. CiviCRM Entity Reference Field Remote Reference Field Standard Drupal field widgets Accesses and stores data from CiviCRM tables Works like a regular Entity Reference field
  22. 22. CiviCRM Group Assign Good example of custom interfaces that can be created for CiviCRM data in Drupal with fields Configurable Widget Learn to develop one, easy to build 50
  23. 23. Group Assign Field Config
  24. 24. Edit Widget, Checkboxes Group Assign Field Config
  25. 25. CiviCRM Price Set Field Provide Registration Form for Drupal Event pages Renders all price fields for the event’s price set Profiles, logged in user default values Multiple participants Credit Card or Pay later Ajax Confirmation and Thank you panes, no page reload Respects event configuration
  26. 26. Price Set Field -- Price Fields
  27. 27. Price Set Field -- CC or pay later Tested in Production with iATS and Will work with any Payment Processor that can be used with ‘transact’ Contribution API Developers -- hooks to alter or integrate other / custom payment processors
  28. 28. CiviCRM Entity Profile Use the event’s configured profiles on the registration form
  29. 29. CiviCRM Entity Profile
  30. 30. Confirmation and Thank You panes
  31. 31. Same financials as the stock form Line item for each price set value for each price field, for each participant ParticipantPayment record
  32. 32. Respects Event Configuration
  33. 33. CiviCRM Entity Discount Add per price field, per role discounts
  34. 34. Download
  35. 35. About me Mark Hanna, Senior Developer, CiviCRM Entity Module maintainer @jackrabbithanna on CiviCRM Mattermost chat and SE Find me in the CiviCRM Entity channel markusa on
  36. 36. Discussion Topics All entities can be used in a similar fashion Drupal 8 Developers Price set field for Contribution Pages