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  1. 1. To whom it may concern, It is my honor to highly recommended Bryan Axtell for employment with your company. Bryan was employed at the now defunct Upcountry Fitness gym in Haiku Hawaii from Oct 2011 to July 2013. During this he was an invaluable member of our membership services team. Bryan was always cheerful and knew how to put a smile on any customer or staff members face, always attentive to our members needs and got done what was asked of him quickly and without complaint. Bryan's duties in membership services included interacting with customers when they first arrive, checking them into our system, notifying them of any issues with their account standing, collect payments, sell various products that we had available (supplements, waters, etc) and be a generally happy presence for people to interact with when they came in to work out. In addition to this he also sold new memberships to people interested, this entailed doing a guided tour of our facility, giving a general orientation/description of our equipment and a break down of membership rates, classes, and personal training offerings. Bryan needed little guidance when it came to his duties, usually only needing to be told once for what he was expected to do. Bryan is also a fantastic organizer. He personally organized our back stock room in addition to keeping the front reception in a presentable fashion during his shift. By the end of his time at UCF, he was made Assistant Manager. His duties as Assistant Manager Ranged from; Over seeing staff, Equipment Upkeep, Material and Merchandise restock and reordering, Filing and Data entry as well as all his duties as a Membership Service Associate. Bryans departure from Upcountry Fitness was a sad day as he was one of our top membership services representatives. Wherever he ends up I wish him the best. If you would like any additional information about Bryan's employment or Upcountry Fitness please feel free to contact me. You can reach me at (808)298-2422 or by email at Sincerely Ben Bowden, Former Manager at Upcountry Fitness ______________________________________