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Introduction to project FOEcast


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A quick sketch of FOEcast's progress as of April 2018.
Created for an Arizona State University unconference.

Published in: Education
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Introduction to project FOEcast

  1. 1. an open, collaborative, multimodal, independent, inclusive, and transnational process
  2. 2. Our goal: to generate one or more plans based on these principles for a new future of education and technology project.
  3. 3. What have we determined so far?
  4. 4. Consensus ideas • Community • Diversity and complexity • Openness and transparency • Technology and its situated context • Public questions • Evaluation • A workshop kit
  5. 5. Continua of alternatives • Single to multiple products • Visualizations • Different funnels • Micro to macro • Data troves • Scenarios
  6. 6. What’s next? • Face to face events: discussion, design thinking • Online events: ideation • Continuous discussion • Producing plans and proposals
  7. 7.