Behavioral sales and marketing intro


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  • For the first time in our 7 years, we are no longer limited by geography
  • Behavioral sales and marketing intro

    1. 1. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    2. 2. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    3. 3. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    4. 4. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    5. 5. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    6. 6. Things aren’t changing 65% 61% 46% 43% 38% 29% 27% 16% 8% 13% 9% 2% 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Ever Yesterday ...they’ve changed
    7. 7. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    8. 8. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    9. 9. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    10. 10. Things aren’t changing It is all… page one ...they’ve changed
    11. 11. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    12. 12. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    13. 13. Things aren’t changing 109% 76% 68% 70% 67% 61% 45% 44% 41% 37% 16% ...they’ve changed
    14. 14. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    15. 15. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    16. 16. Things aren’t changing TechCrunch USA TODAY or ...they’ve changed
    17. 17. ...they’ve changed orThings aren’t changing
    18. 18. ...they’ve changed orThings aren’t changing
    19. 19. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    20. 20. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    21. 21. Choices are: act wait. So what if I hold off?
    22. 22. Choices are: act wait. So what if I hold off?
    23. 23. Choices are: act The first Digital Watch 18 carat gold sold for $2,100 Texas Instruments offers $20 digital watch it was $9.95 wait. So what if I hold off?
    24. 24. Choices are: act wait. So what if I hold off?
    25. 25. Choices are: act wait. So what if I hold off?
    26. 26. Choices are: act wait. So what if I hold off?
    27. 27. Choices are: act wait. So what if I hold off?
    28. 28. B r u s h F l a m e .comB E H A V I O R A L Sales & Marketing1. Who you really are as a business owner and a company.2. Your unique value proposition.3. An effective call to action and sales process that puts the client at ease.Also need to understand your customer’s behavior:1. Their lifestyles.2. Where they go for information.3. Their buying patterns and habits.
    29. 29. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    30. 30. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    31. 31. Things aren’t changing From Tupperware Parties to Multi Level Marketing… …people give their money to Referrals ...they’ve changed
    32. 32. Things aren’t changing Ask, Listen & Respond Modern Sales “Sales” today... Track follow up on everyone Have scripts and use them always Tell “your story”, but focus on learning Funnel and knowing “Sales” yesterday… their story Automate Everything ...they’ve changed
    33. 33. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    34. 34. Things aren’t changing ocial Media Riddle: What took Radio 38 years, TV 13 years and the iPod 3 years ...they’ve changed
    35. 35. ...they’ve changedThings aren’t changing
    36. 36. 1 21. Click on “Reporting & Tools” 1. Enter the domain of a competitor next to2. Click the “Keyword Tool” option “website” under “Find Keywords” 2. Click the “Search” box 3. Select the words/phrases that have little competition, but much traffic
    37. 37. 1 21. Make sure your contact information is on every page and readily availably for 1. Give you images names that reflect the anyone looking to speak with you keywords you are aiming at. “IMG00254” doesn’t say anything beneficial. 2. Make sure to complete the - Title - Alt-text - Caption - Description - Fire URL name You have to tell the search engines what text relates to the picture you’ve included.
    38. 38. 3 41. Make sure your META title & description are well written & consise • The Title is the blue link on the Search Engine Results Page • The Description is the paragraph below (max 150 characters!) 1. Make sure your titles reflect what the content holds 2. Also include Heading One & Heading Two for each post
    39. 39. 5 61. Organize your URL structure • p=123 doesn’t say anything2. Make sure the “Permalinks”give the 1. Have links to your page as well as other keywords that describe your page & biz. “Authoritative” sites 2. Make keywords bold & italic7 3. Be certain the links are full of keywords that tell the search engines what visitors they should send you1. Register on Directories, other blogs and get links from any organization that you are a part of.2. Have some that link to you – of which you don’t link to them. • Links they use, become your keyword
    40. 40. 1 1. Make it well written. Grammar & Spelling describe your excellence. • Ignore them at your peril2 1. Have the content be consistent. Don’t try to pretend you have a different focus for SEO.3 1. Insert one photo or Graph on the site for each blog post. • Format all multimedia with propert: • Name of file • Permalink Create multiple product specific landing pages – and record give a specific call to action. Have visitors do something.
    41. 41. 1 Test each piece of the Conversion • Call to Action Button 2 Combine the pieces of each step that work when creating a new Call to • Landing Page (s) Action • Offer being Extended • Consistently and regularaly create new Calls To Action • Why have a storefront without a sign?
    42. 42. 1 List Building • Ask, “Would your recipient be 2 What should be Sent? • Confirm genuine interest by lead upset if they didn’t receive you • Why did they originally contact message?” • Follow up on that interest • If yes, you should send it. • Answer “What’s in it for Me?” • Always give the option to opt-in • Be Personal • Give them a reason to opt-in • Don’t send a boring template • Make it a personal note that personally goes out a few hundred recipients • Most images don’t make it through • Most email inboxes block them • They carry viruses! • Whatever you do – be consistent • Choose your routine & hit it
    43. 43. 3 Have a Purpose • Offer new content that resembles 4 Measure Each Success • Click Through Rate (CTR) what connected them orginially • How many people that received • Share something on Facebook your link clicked to open it • DON’T JUST BRAG! • Unsubscribe Rate • Direct them to a Landing Page • If you have an email or topic • New landing page for that has a lot of unsubscribes – every correspondance. don’t send it again • Conversion Rate • How many clicks filled out the landing page information • This is the point of the email. • Track sales of conversions • The point is to make money • How many turned into sales
    44. 44. 1 Steps to Schedule 2 Track & Report 1. Implement an analytics program 1. Marketing Grade (3rd party site) 2. Identify opportunities 2. Traffic (Google Analytics) 3. Set a metric for success 3. Leads (Track In-house) 4. Refine your search 4. Customers (IBID) 5. Evaluate Performance 5. Traffic, Leads & Sales by Keywords
    45. 45. A Shameless Commercial
    46. 46. For the first time in historysmall to medium business is no longer limited by geography.Who do you know that could benefit from this service?
    47. 47. Web marketing Our Behavioral Sales & Marketing system: Web marketing Tracks which of the 1.14 billion“web marketing” results really work, and which ones work well.
    48. 48. Our Behavioral Sales & Marketing system: Selects the right tools by mixingyour business personality and strengthswith the end goal of your organization organization.
    49. 49. Our Behavioral Sales & Marketing review: Consists of an initial conversationto gather info about your current presence and how you want to be known.
    50. 50. out there… about youYou may be surprised what is currently Our Behavioral Sales & Marketing audit: Run completely off site, we collect the real data on your current web presence and aligns the options available and align the options available with your desired results.
    51. 51. Lays out a step by step track to followthat will take you where you want to bewithout the hours it would have taken to find, select and implement what you found. Marketing results: Our Behavioral Sales &
    52. 52. Tracks our recommended tools, as well as new networks, directories or updates that may help or hinder implementation Tracks we have previously put together Use This -> Marketing follow up: <- Not This Our Behavioral Sales &
    53. 53. Any new tools or updates are added immediately to the web portal thatallow every client unlimited 24/7 access Password: _____ Log In:_________ Marketing follow up: Our Behavioral Sales &
    54. 54. We welcome the opportunity tohandle the set up of your system, or even running it for you. Marketing options: Our Behavioral Sales &
    55. 55. Sources: – These guys are great. Give them business. Thank you HubSpot – you’re loved.;//Img:Glengarry,GlenRoss(1992) – Forrester Research Study, Kevin. "Chapter 7." The Social Media Sales Revolution. By Landy Chase. 143+. Print.
    56. 56. Fill out a contact form & see if this makes sense for you…