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The future of corporate communications infographic


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Cutting through the noise
Views of senior European communicators on the changing landscape and roles for corporate communicators.

In order to capture what is top of mind in the shifting European communications arena, Brunswick and the European Association of Communications Directors (EACD) have partnered on a unique piece of research that included EACD members and other senior communicators across Europe.

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The future of corporate communications infographic

  1. 1. The Future of Corporate Communications: Cutting Through the Noise Views of Senior European Communicators on the Changing Landscape and Roles for Corporate Communicators More Complexity Greater Influence Increasing Consolidation Top Concerns for Communicators Feel Influence of Corp Comms at Their Organization is Increasing Say responsibility for comms is consolidated now 60% Reasons for Consolidation Consistent messaging across channels audiences & geographies Better coordination across internal departments More benefits and synergies 28% 21% 39% Communicators face a constant battle to separate the signal from the noise. Being more strategic Identifying & addressing reputation risks before harm Understanding social media Concern about having consistent messaging Changing stakeholder landscape How to make sense of big data Consolidated Comms Separate Comms 61% 75% 68% 76% 87% 96% 27% 17% 36% 17% 32% 14% Those with consolidated comms are less likely to identify concerns… … And more likely to feel comfortable about dealing with key emerging challenges 28% 75% The Head is Currently On The Board The Head Should Sit on the Board Complexity will grow as the importance of diverse audiences and channels increases. Consumers Online Communities of Interest Blogs Social Networks Video AppsConsumer Advocacy Groups 17% Stakeholders Channels 69% 55% 30% 49% 32% 71% 44% 69% 75%75% 47% 34% 22% Important now Important in 5 years Corporate comms is increasingly central to the business… …But only a quarter of corp comms heads sit on the board. Integration of comms functions is expected to rise. More comms consolidation = less anxiety and more confidence dealing with new issues. Expect comms responsibility to be consolidated in 5 years Areas of Concern Areas of Comfort 44% For the full report, visit General Information Overload Distinguishing What Matters From Social Media 60% 48% NGOs 37% 47% 66%