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2015 Global data valuation infographic


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Brunswick Group releases findings from its second global data valuation survey
Key highlights include:
• Rise in investment decisions based on the data premium
• Cybersecurity’s importance to M&A
• Data protection increasingly crucial
• Financial services at greatest cyber risk
• Data premium lags in Europe

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2015 Global data valuation infographic

  1. 1. The Data Premium Brunswick Group’s second global data valuation survey shows that data monetization increasingly drives investor decisions. In addition, as the value of data continues to rise, senior management must understand the impact of cybersecurity on their business. 32% 200 60 804080 40 20 060 Investors believe data will become the core factor in driving investment decisions and recommendations 66% Core Factor 32% Flavor of the month 71% Core Factor (up 5% since 2014) 27% Flavor of the month 2014 2015 1. 2. 4. In a record year of M&A, one fifth of investors and analysts see cybersecurity as a top issue when evaluating a deal Personnel and labor relations Globally, investors recognize the need for the C-Suite and Board of Directors to understand the impact of cybersecurity on their business 3. How companies manage, monetize, and protect data is increasingly viewed as helping valuation more than it hurts 60 100 20 40 80 0 2015 2014 82% 18% 78% 17% 77% 22% 65% 31% UKAsia EUU.S. UKAsia EUU.S. 76% 24% 68% 28% 78% 21% 72% 28% Helps Hurts 27%71%71% 66% Here are four key trends that senior business leaders should be aware of: Brunswick Insight surveyed more than 200 global buy-side investors and sell-side analysts between August 25, 2015 and September 14, 2015. C-Suite 76% Board of Directors 74% Regional Breakdown 24% Asia 20% U.S. 20% Europe 18% UK