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Education tech trends


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Education tech trends

  1. 1. Gartner Inc. July 2013 Technology Trends In Education
  2. 2. What’s New? 1
  3. 3. Influences on Education System Education Delivery Strategies Policy Changes Competitive Advantage Institution Performance Marketing and Branding Market Demands Personalized Learning Disruptive Technologies eLearning Spaces Shifts in Revenue Technology on the Edge Speed of Innovation New Value Chains Competition for Students Blended Learning with Partners Attracting Faculty
  4. 4. What is happening in Higher Education Lower Cost – economic downturn approaches (self-limiting) 1. product design – less expensive to produce, 2. lowering the quality of the product 3. Leverage Substitutes: teaching/adjunct faculty, teaching assistants, partnerships, course transfers, online courses Increase Revenue 1. Increase price per unit (credit hour) 2. Sell more product (more classes) 3. Change Product mix (certificate programs, continuous learning) 4. New Products (degrees, programs, integrated learning environments: online, study abroad) 5. Increase Productivity (class size, MOOCs) 6. New Partnerships (building and trading value) 3 Maintain Reputation, Brand and Market Position Economies of Scale, Maintain Quality, Develop New
  5. 5. What Others are doing in Higher Education Creating competitive advantages Attracting and retaining students; enhancing learning experiences Attracting new faculty, programs, research; building new services Focusing on core competencies and building sustainable investments Fostering innovation and partnerships; marketing, positioning, promoting, advocating
  6. 6. Learning Management Systems Future • Learning Stacks • Open Education Resources (OER) • Mobile • Social • Context-Aware • eTextbooks • Multi-media content • Integrated Testing and Assessments • Personalized Learning
  7. 7. Different Forces Continue to Push and Pull IT Organization Competition Realities Education Ecosystem Creating and Connecting Business and Pedagogy ShiftsIncreasing Pressure on the University to Improve: 1. Student Experience 2. Student Success 3. Student Recruiting and Retention 4. Academic Performance 5. Financial Resources 6. Sustainable Operations 7. Research and Grants 8. Reputation and Reach
  8. 8. Improving Student Experiences Recruiting, Retention, Engagement, Success, College Life
  9. 9. 8 Gartner 2012 Education Hypecycle
  10. 10. What Is the Future of Education? On Campus Learner'sObjectives For Credit For Credential On Line Totally on Campus Something MOOC-ish? MOOC For Knowledge For Degree Course Location Hybrid Courses
  11. 11. What do students say about our University?
  12. 12. New User Interfaces • New input and display • Create simplicity • Boost productivity • User New Experience • Pedagogy Expands • Engaging interaction Media Tablets • Optimized for media consumption • Encourages simplicity and content sharing • Improve application interfaces • Actively manage channels, environment Virtual Assistants • Computers understand language, infer context and provide answers • Information analysis can be a game changer for Education • New Definition of Virtual Professor • Virtual Assistants • Improve productivity Technology Trends — New Interfaces
  13. 13. New Frontiers for Technology and Pedagogy
  14. 14. Education Objectives Shift with focus on Outputs w 3D Printing
  15. 15. Live Mocha Case Study Language Training for Organizations