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  2. 2. fundação fernando pessoa Founded in February 1988, the Fernando Pessoa Education and Culture Foundation sees higher education as a catalyst for positive change, a way of transforming the lives of individuals and families and advance the economic and civic health of societies. The Foundation is dedicated to the promotion and development of education, culture, research and health care through its University and Hospital School.
  3. 3. “My soul is a hidden orchestra.” “Be whole in everything.” “All I hear is the symphony.” “Life is what we make of it.” “Travel is the traveler.” “Be plural, like the universe!” Fernand� Pesso�
  4. 4. In 2013, the legal framework strengthened the competences of local municipalities. These have acquired more competences and fields of intervention through the establishment of an Inter - Administrative Contracts and Implementing Agreement established with the municipalities. Hence, the Union of Parishes has acquired a major role in the implementation of a set of assignments in various domains (urban equipments, education, primary health care, and, with particular relevance to the present project in social inclusion). As a public entity, the Institution has many other competences established by the government and developed a lot of projects related with entrepreneurship, employment, training, education for children, adults and seniors, social inclusion, active ageing, disadvantage people, several projects related with local and national volunteering projects, culture, sport, environment, among others. Gondomar is also known as the “Capital of Gold” and it’s artisans are well known by their activity. The Municipality of Gondomar is bordered by nine (9) other municipalities: Valongo, Paredes, Penafiel, Castelo de Paiva, Arouca, Santa Maria da Feira, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto and Maia, which highlights different territorial realities and a significant potential in terms intermunicipal articulation.
  5. 5. 1.Building 1.1. Built in a property of over an acre and a half, assigned to surface rights for fifty years and with a renewable contract by the city of Gondomar (CMG), the building consists of two basement floors and six floors above the ground with a gross suface area of more than forty thousand square meters. 1.2. With an outside lining of bricks and great lighting conditions inside, the building was designed by the Laboratory of Studies and Projects (LEP) at the University Fernando Pessoa (UFP), a challenge made by the Rectory to the Architecture and Urbanism department, coordinated by Professor Luís Pinto de Faria. He directed the two students and winners of the challenge, Miguel Correia and Frederico Ferreira, whose award was thei integrtion as architects in the design and technical staff. Supervision was also carried out internally, by the Civil Engineering course. 1.3. The medical information and administrative systems, designed by Siemens Healthcare, have had essential contributions, both on the level of planning and of organization, by the Center for Computer Science and the Department of Innovation and Development, which consist of students and graduates from UFP. 1.4. The Hospital School project (HE) is also the objective statement of the quality of education and training provided by various courses at the University Fernando Pessoa, which, thus, added the construction, equipment and operationalization of health facilities to its portfolio of services.
  6. 6. 1.5. The building has its main facing the new Fernando Pessoa avenue, built by the city of Gondomar (CMG) as a major route of access to the city center and direct connection to IC 29 and the motorway network to the north, northeast and south of the country. 1.6. Beyond the access roads, the building of HE will also benefit from access to the heliport that CMG is finishing to build. In the future, when the subway Campanhã line is arrives in Gondomar, HE will be served by the Fernando Pessoa station, already programmed in the line plan.
  7. 7. 2.5. The third floor is entirely dedicated to the Continuous Care Unit (palliative, medium-term and long-term stays), with its own units of physiotherapy and occupational therapy. 2.6. The fourth floor is reserved for the medical and surgical inpatient wards. 2.7. The three operating rooms are located in the fifth floor. The first is an intelligent one, with direct connection to the Auditorium and technology available for videoconference, telemedicine contacts and live stream (this room, according to the KARL STORZ, which equipped it, is currently the most modern and advanced in Europe). Also on this floor, there are three recovery units, the intensive care unit, the Laboratory of Pathology, the Women and Childen Unit, the delivery rooms, three delivery houses, the Neonatology Unit, the Pediatric intermediate Care Unit, Inpatient Pediatric ward. 2.8. In all of the upper floors there are rooms for clinical pre- and postgraduate education. 2.9. In the back of the main building, there is the Expeimental Anatomy and Surgery Center, which is meant for the training and retraining in surgical techniques, emphasizing the educative pendor of this innovative University Health Care Unit (in the primary, secondary and tertiary fields of care). 2.Functional program 2.1. Besides parking and technical areas related to electrical networks, AVAC, water, sanitation, cleaning and hygiene, the basement floors also house the general supplies, the pharmacy warehouse, the sterilization service, the laundry and mortuary service. 2.2. The ground floor is consists of a large lobby, topped by a skylight that diffuses abundant light to the external circulation galleries in each of the upper floors. At the ground floor, we find the reception and admission of patients counters, the call center, administrative services, the religious space, the imaging service, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department, the Pharmacy, the Library and Reading Room, the Auditorium with 240 seats, a cafeteria and convenience stores. Also on this floor, as an autonomous space in terms of access and internal circulation, there is Pessoainhas, a kindergarten to the children of people working in HE. 2.3. On the 1st floor, the Permanent Service (SAP) for children and adults, Dental Medicine emergency department, the General Practice Outpatient Clinic (which will be turned into a type C Family Health Unit), the Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory and the Canteen/Restaurant can be found. 2.4. The second floor, beyond the Administration offices, houses the management of patients with healthcare plans or private healthcare systems, the outpatient clinic for specialties, the Imaging and Diagnostic center and the clinical research offices.
  8. 8. 3.Medical and Surgical departments 3.1. HE has the following medical and surgical departments: Pathology, Anesthesiology, Angiology, Cardiology, General Surgery, Digestive Tract Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Endocrinology, General and Specialized Nursing, Stomatology and Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Gastroenterology, medical Genetics, Gynecology, Geriatrics, Hematology; Immunoallergology; Immunohemotherapy; Infectious Diseases, Sports Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Family Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Nutrition, Obstetrics; Ophtalmology, Medical Oncology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Pediatrics; Pulmonology, Podiatry; Clinical Psychology; Psychomotricity, Psychiatry, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Rheumatology, Speech Therapy; Urology. 3.2. HE also has an area of Integrative Orthomolecular Biomedicine using alternative and nonpharmacological therapies, such as acupuncture, homeopathy and osteopathy.
  9. 9. 4.Impatient Medical and Surgical wards 4.1. The total capacity of inpatient beds is 200, including up to 60 beds for the Continuous Care Unit in its three typologies: palliative, medium term and long term stays.
  10. 10. 5.Property and investment 5.1. The HE is owned by the Fernando Pessoa Foundation, which also holds the University Fernando Pessoa, recognized as a public interest entity by the Decree-Law nr. 107/96 of 31 July. 5.2. The overall investment in HE has been around 50 million euros, of which 2.8% comes from a co-financing of the NSRF to support the Continuous Care Unit. 6.Job creation 6.1. In the beginning, HE will create 200 direct jobs, reaching 400 when in complete functions. 6.2. The jobs in the area of health care will be mainly occupied by young professionals, mostly trained at the University Fernando Pessoa, supported by senior professionals of recognized clinical and teaching competence. 6.3. The HE medical staff is highly specialized and differentiated in their clinical areas. 6.4. Personnel and other elements of supporting staff were recruited in collaboration with the Gondomar Job Center.
  11. 11. 7.Philosophy of action 7.1. From the point of view that health is an investment and disease an expenditure, we want to contribute to create a culture of prevention and preservation of mental and physical well-being, timelt controlling and counterbalancing the disturbances and external factors leading to a disruption or a change in the balance of body and mind. 7.2. Our logic of service and care is, therefore, primarily educative, investing in a humanized consultation and therapy, which is compassionate and understands the suffering and frailty of patients. 7.3. We want to be the quality hospital that the 200 thousand people who live in Gondomar and in the geographical area covered by HE have long deserved and in behalf of whom we believe the National Health Service (NHS) will allow this equipment of social proximity to be used, forming partnership with us in order to save public money, at a time when honest and careful management is required. 7.4. HE is available for a true public-private partnership with the NHS, standing opposite to those which have endangered the sustainable present and future of the country.
  12. 12. 8.Gold Health Card 8.1. Because we are a genuine Foundation, a private entity, there is no place for the distribution of profits. Hence, and before reinvesting, aiming to improve work conditions and care, we came up with a way to ease health care costs for the residents of Gondomar, with the Gold Health Card, in case the NHS does not allow them to use HE on its behalf. 8.2. The annual fee of the card gives the holder the right to have an annual check up, consisting of a medical appointment with the report and a complete blood count. In addition, it enables the holder to discounts in several other diagnostic tests and medical and surgical care performed in HE. 8.3. Adherence to the Gold Health Card by households the spouse and children of the initial holder to have cheaper fees. 8.4. Companies and other collective institutions are awaded one Gold Health Card for every five workers or associates who adhere.
  13. 13. projects in the field of Education and Training with our partners (gondomar) :: The Senior University of Gondomar with 340 senior students, 51 volunteer teachers and 52 disciplines; :: Local Support Office for Employment and Entrepreneurship; :: Centre for the dissemination of information technologies where volunteer teachers from the Senior University do training for the community; :: With the Job Center of Gondomar we promote educational and training activities for unemployed adult/young people and we also developed training courses supported by the European Social Fund; :: Organization of several workshops and events with the Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Service in partnership with the Europe Direct Center in Porto; :: Project JOBTOWN “A European Network of Local Partnerships for the Advancement of Youth Employment and Opportunity”.
  14. 14. Hospital-Escola da Universidade Fernando Pessoa Por Si e pela sua Saúde!