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Become our SuperStat ESD dealer in 2013


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About our unique ESD-Dealer concept.

We have a network of ca. 15 reseller points spread over Europe and wider, all related in the electronica, semiconductor, automotive, aviation and medical sector...
We are promoting our ESD-materials and ESD knowledge through all our resellers (dealers) in their region.
All will be coordinated from the head office in The Netherlands.
We will use our Parent-Child-shop tool for this.
SuperStat organizes all, selection of supliers, control of goods, logistics, administration, ordering, payments and training.
Every dealer will receive their own ESD SuperStat ESD shop in their own look and field (please see the file attached).
All changes, all updates are directly synchronized with all child-shop-dealer websites. Focus off all our dealers is promoting, presenting, advising and selling.
Every dealer himself, as well as their customers, can order directly from the webshop.

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Become our SuperStat ESD dealer in 2013

  1. 1. Become one of our SuperStat® ESD–dealers in 2013 Bruno Depré – Eu-Sales Director +32 489 312 680
  2. 2. History• Grown out of Totech Super Dry®• We are operating globally• We make use of our “own dealer network”• We make use of the “Weller dealer network”• We make use of “external dealer network”
  3. 3. “SuperStat® ESD franchise concept” ESD-parent Shop Administrator = The NetherlandsESD-Child Shop ESD-Child Shop ESD-Shop“Totech.EU dealers” “Weller dealers Europe” “Other dealers”
  4. 4. Concept “Parentshop-Childshop” Parentshop: Childshop: dealers   (Main)   (Switserland)   (Germany)   (Hungary)     (Czech Republic)   (Denmark)   (Sweden)     (Poland)    (Belgium)
  5. 5. Concept “Parentshop-Childshop” Parentshop: Childshop: SuperStat-Weller dealers Europe  (Simpex, Switserland)    (Germany)    (Labem, Poland)  ... 5 dealers till now
  6. 6. Concept “Parentshop-Childshop” Parentshop: Childshop: Other dealers Etc...
  7. 7. “Your Advantage with Childshop”• Modern shop with your look and field• Automatic update / synchronisation shop• Time saving: you can focus on the promotion and sales of your ESD business• Qualified supliers & products• SuperStat® webshop with all payment options.• Monthly product promotion• Strong SEO concept / keywords• Small annual fee
  8. 8. You get Extra support: Clear child shop contract All suppliers and products are carefully selected, price negotiated Complete professional ESD web shop with direct payments options; ESD training / education Every 2 Month EDM’s / (SuperStat® brand) ESD Technical Support Customers visits High dealer margin Cost effective delivery Protection, customer orders, ....
  9. 9. “What we expect from you:” ACTIONS: Translation of the website SEO keywords Company visits Weekly head office contact Good presentation / promotion of our ESD products Limited start-up stock Build (y)our Brand Name SuperStat® Opportunities for cross selling Min. start-up turnover of 50.000 Euro.