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How to engage Website, iOS and Android users with push notifications


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Discover the best 10 tips of famous brands to supercharge your website and your mobile applications thanks to the WonderPush SaaS platform.
Push messages give your apps a voice. They're a permission-based mobile messaging channel to deliver useful information to your customers when and where they want it. Cost-effective, they're a THE most powerful mobile CRM tool for developping your audience: Reduce churn, re-engage lapsed users, improve usage, increase conversion and ARPU.

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How to engage Website, iOS and Android users with push notifications

  1. 1. Push notifications for your apps and your websites Faster notifications Immediate reengagement
  2. 2. Push notifications make the best out of user experience Retain user between 2 visits thanks to a direct and targeted dialogue, according to their habits or preferences Choose the best time to re-engage your user towards a new visit They allow you to : Ensure a personalized follow-up with the user, from their first visit until they return on the website or application @WonderPush
  4. 4. WonderPush Dashboard - Message production - Segmentation - Sending configuration - Results analysis Mobile push notifications Rich messages Desktop push notifications A clear and synthetic interface @WonderPush External data Behavioral data Declarative data
  5. 5. ● Open-source and very simple ● SDK Editable by your engineers ● Customizable with your own services @WonderPush Android & iOS apps A cross web/mobiles integration Website ● 3 lines of javascript to copy/paste into your website’s pages ● Available for HTTP and HTTPS More information More information
  6. 6. @WonderPush The power to send notifications directly from your backend WonderPush’s API allows you to pilot and automatize the sending of messages from your servers by directly using your CMS or CRM tools REST API WonderPush Your servers Your users
  7. 7. @WonderPush HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE?
  8. 8. Push Notifications @WonderPush Push Notification for Mobile Application Display text or rich content (picture+text) on the locked screen of your user. Push Notification for Website Send notification on every user screens (desktop, mobile, tablet, iWatch) even if the browser is closed (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). In-app Notifications Center Display all the notifications sent inside in app center.
  9. 9. In-App Content @WonderPush Application and Website Cross Promotion Send cross promotion messages only to your concerned users. Rich Content Display dynamic content (picture, video, music, etc.) which can be watched directly inside the in-app message. In-App Banner Use banner to display coupon code or personnalised message.
  10. 10. They trust us 1 Billion of push notifications sent per month Groupe Skyrock 100.000 push notifications sent per second +25% reengagement Vs N-1 Radio France Sources: internes @WonderPush
  11. 11. @WonderPush START NOW
  12. 12. Bruno BOURDMONE Head of Business Development Frédéric MAHÉ CEO @WonderPush