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Push notifications for websites: how they work? What are the best practices?


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Web push notifications allow you to quickly send a message to your internet users through Safari and Chrome browsers, even if the browser is closed.
Web push notifications allow your website to speak up. It is an easily set up broadcast canal which sends useful information to your users. Exceptionally cheap, it is the most POWERFUL mobile CRM tool to re-engage your users at the right place, at the right time. Use them to increase the use of your website and augment the conversion rate per user.

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Push notifications for websites: how they work? What are the best practices?

  1. 1. Bring your users back to your website Newsletters are gone Web Push is coming
  2. 2. @WonderPush Push notifications for websites: Commonly called "web push" 1. Targeted messages sent to all Chrome, Firefox and Safari users. 2. Similar as iOS and Android applications notifications.
  3. 3. Web Push notifications create unique user experiences They are 140 characters max displayed.CONCISE SWIFT Appear fast as instant messaging. RELEVANT Alert users with real time targeted information. EFFICIENT Reach users on mobile AND desktop. @WonderPush CUSTOMIZED Personalized picture and interactive buttons.
  4. 4. How it works 1. You set up JavaScript small snippet into your web pages 2. You define how your user optin a. Through a switch displayed where you want b. Through a system window which will be displayed after 3 pages view or 2 visits 3. You tag your user navigation 4. You automatize targeted messages from your backend or from WonderPush dashboard regarding: - User fidelity and engagement - Categories visited: products, channel, etc. - Action: purchase, unconfirmed basket, etc. 5. The notification is displayed immediately on the user device (desktop, mobile, tablet) even if the browser is closed (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) @WonderPush
  5. 5. Desktop Mobile 1 Explain the added value of subscribing to web push notifications. @WonderPush
  6. 6. Desktop Mobile Your users opt in to notifications from their desktop or their mobiles' devices.2 @WonderPush
  7. 7. Desktop Mobile Users will receive your targeted message, even when they are not visiting your website.3 @WonderPush
  8. 8. Desktop Mobile Your users instantly come back to your website, directly on the page you chose.4 @WonderPush
  9. 9. Quick Survey Breacking News Coupons Examples to inspire you @WonderPush
  10. 10. @WonderPush With WonderPush, boost your users' engagement
  11. 11. @WonderPush is the first system to allow targeted web push integration in less than 5 minutes.1 runs with any website, HTTP or HTTPS.2 100% rewarding for the user who remains in control through opt-in/opt-out system.3 Already available for 1 billion Safari and Chrome users.4
  12. 12. Sources: internes@WonderPush ● Opt-in rate E- commerce Media Entertainment Real Estate 13% 20% 25% 27% ● Click through rate E- commerce Media Entertainment Real Estate 18% 12% 9% 10% ● Re-engagement rate* E- commerce Media Entertainment Real Estate 27% 40% 50% 37% *Opt-in users who have clicked on notification or came back on the website during the 6 hours after receiving a notification Promising first trends From 10 websites and 24 milions web push (August 2015 - March 2016)
  13. 13. Target Increase engagement and drive loyality. Results ● Opt-in rate: roughly 20%! ● Opened rate: between 9% and 16%. ● Notified users visit website 2 times more than non-notified users. BlackFridayFrance Study case @WonderPush
  14. 14. Don’t delay anymore Switch now to web push Get it for free No credit card needed @WonderPush
  15. 15. Frédéric MAHÉ CEO @WonderPush Bruno BOURDMONE Chief Business Development Officer