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  1. 1. SMS text messaging programs are quickly being incorporated within marketing and communication systems at schools and businesses, and even churches. With the skyrocketing rise of texting as the primary communications channel, especially withthose under age 30, organizations are pullingout all the stops to catch up with the new text culture, which has overtaken otherconventional traditional methods of delivering messages and stuff
  2. 2. Considered faster and more reliable, texting is becoming the newstandard for messaging because nearly everyone reads a textmessage as soon as its received and can respond quickly, easilyand discreetly, unlike email which may never be read, or phone callswhich may never be heard There are several reasons why SMS textmessaging is becoming so popular, so fast 1) Text messagingcreates a response because the vast majority of people who receivetext messages actually read them They read texts because they areshort and to the point and can be completed in seconds, contrary toother communication channels
  3. 3. It all boils down to convenience for the recipient The moreconvenient and faster a recipient can retrieve and respond best stuffto a message, the more impact the message has 2) Texting hasgrown more quickly than any other form of communication in historyIt has become ubiquitous with the vast majority of people nowcarrying a cell phone
  4. 4. In fact, in the 1990s people purchased cell phone service to talkToday, cell phones are used more for texting than talking, and withunlimited text plans available, texting can be less expensive becauseusage minutes dont add up as they would for phone conversations(On the other hand, without the add-on of unlimited texting service,each text message could cost 10-20 cents each, which is veryexpensive compared to voice communications ) 3) With the help ofgateway SMS texting service bureaus, businesses and other
  5. 5. organizations are discovering that texting enables them to send outtarget-specific messages to prime audiences of customers or patrons
  6. 6. Texting is also a two-way street, and business can inexpensivelyshare a "short code" that will enable their customers or prospects totext them to obtain coupons, timely information or to sign up toreceive future text messages Unlike regular advertising which isone-way, texting is interactive and organizations can find outinstantly what people are thinking, particularly with features such asSMS voting which have become popular and used by networktelevision reality shows 4) Texting regulations are strict and anyoneusing text to send a commercial message must be able to prove thatthe recipients have opted-in to receive text messages
  7. 7. Moreover, those who receive text messages must have a simpleand easy way to opt-out Those services and techniques are offeredby professional texting providers who have the software to bothcapture and delete cell phone numbers from lists That service hasmade texting much easier and compliant
  8. 8. SMS messaging will continue to grow exponentially and everyonefrom mom and pop stores to large corporate enterprises will be usingtexting to improve "mobile marketing" programs and reach out totarget customers, fans, and supporters New applications will becreated daily and our text culture will take on a life of its own
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