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Let 132 fundamentos metodológicos do ensino de inglês (bruna moreno)


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Let 132 fundamentos metodológicos do ensino de inglês (bruna moreno)

  1. 1. LET 132 - Fundamentos Metodológicos do Ensino de InglêsAluna: Bruna Fortes Moreno FernandesRound Table on Oral Presentations – Outline Preparing and Giving Oral Presentations Preparing: Who is your audience? What previous knowledge do they have? What is your goal with this presentation? (Inform, clarify, explain, inspire, etc.) Research about your topic. Create an outline in order to organize the topics you want to mention Be careful with the time you have to present Prepare your visual aids ( If you’re going to use them) Rehearse your presentation Presenting Structure: Introduction (what you’re going to tell about that topic), development (information, data, examples, images, sound, etc) and conclusion (final words) Try to make your introduction interesting, your development relevant and your conclusion outstanding. Develop your thought in a logical order. Speak loud and clear Use short sentences and accessible vocabulary (you want to be understood) Be prepared to answer questions Be prepared for problems (your computer doesn’t work, you forgot your flash drive, the computer doesn’t support your files, etc.) Preparation is the best way to prevent nervousness. Save some time for feedback from your audience.