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Kyle cooper interview questions and answers


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Kyle Cooper's interview about a good title sequence.

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Kyle cooper interview questions and answers

  1. 1. What makes a good title Sequence Interview with Kyle Cooper
  2. 2. Kyle Cooper is accredited with… As the man who single handedly revitalised the main title sequence as an art form.
  3. 3. What makes a good title sequence? • According to Kyle Cooper, the following 3 things make a good title sequence: • The fact that it dovetails seamlessly into the film • One that sets an expectations • That it creates a sequence where you want to be in and nowhere else, which creates excitement.
  4. 4. What is important about the font used in Seven? The font is handwritten, because the character is a serial killer that writes and keeps his own journal and he scratches his emotions and developing his own obstacle. This font, therefore helps to add to the films overall tone and the impression the film is aiming to set.
  5. 5. Why is Deadzone a good title sequence? The typography was very simplistic and the music was great and mysterious, and it played out over time. This created an impression on Kyler Cooper, because it became known to him that his interest in films, typography and graphic design could be the source of another location for him.
  6. 6. Why is To Kill a Mocking Bird a good title sequence? It encapsulates some of the the main characters obsessions. It was beautifully photographed; the way that the marbles distort, and the background, creates a focus on the macro objects. The typography was also integrated, rather than being an afterthought .
  7. 7. What is a ‘story based’ title sequence? A ‘story based’ title sequence is a specific back story, and also a metaphor or a poster like pun that has to do specifically with the film is about
  8. 8. Why are titles so important to a film? As it allows the filmmaker to ease the audience into the rhythm of their movie. It also tells a story and creates a content.