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The global e2 start summit 2013 in cambodia


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The global e2 start summit 2013 in cambodia

  1. 1. The Global e2Start Summit is aimed at congregating entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs,technopreneurs and any individuals wanting to be successful or more successful at work or inbusiness and at home.The BOSI entrepreneurial DNA is the ultimate solution to a healthy and successful work-life balance, in other words, the TRUE SUCCESS in life!
  2. 2.  We believe you have to START NOW.  We believe you have ALL it takes to be SUCCESSFUL.  We believe its a SCIENCE.  We believe we can SHOW you HOW.  We believe YOU will SUCCEED.  We believe in YOU!We will show you HOW with our proprietary five (5) key success ICONS:-  Identify your BOSI entrepreneurial DNA  Compose your BOSI team(s)  Optimize your strengths  Network with other BOSI DNAs  Succeed with work-life balance Check out the nearest Global e2Start Summit which is going to be organized in Cambodia and register for the early bird specials and much more. As a registered participant of Global e2Start Summit with at least 70% attendance, you will receive a serialized e2Start certificate of participation from BensGlobal and BOSI APAC PLUS a free annual membership to the Club e2Start worth US$200 that entitles you to participation at exclusive
  3. 3. e2Start Club members workshops and activities plus special membersdiscount to other BensGlobal and BOSI APAC workshops & services.
  4. 4. ProgramDay 1 (7th June 2013, Friday)0700 - 0800 Registration0800 - 0815 Welcome & Greetings0815 - 1000 Identify your BOSI entrepreneurial DNA1000 - 1030 Networking Break1030 - 1200 Compose your BOSI team(s)1200 - 1300 Networking Lunch1300 - 1500 Optimize your strengths1500 - 1530 Networking Break1530 - 1700 Network with other BOSI DNAs1700 End of Day 1Day 2 (8th June 2013, Saturday)0800 - 1000 Succeed with work-life balance I1000 - 1030 Networking Break1030 - 1200 Succeed with work-life balance 21200 - 1300 Networking Lunch1300 - 1500 Succeed with work-life balance 31500 - 1530 Networking Break1530 - 1700 Succeed with work-life balance 41700 End of SummitNote: All participants will receive a BOSI - Global e2Start Summit 2013 (Serialized)"Certificate of Achievement" issued by BOSI APAC (Singapore).Important InformationVenue: Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) Phnom Penh, Cambodia (can be changed)Date: 7th – 8th June, 2013 (Friday & Saturday)Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pmFees: USD 150 (Early Bird Special; register before 30th April, 2013). USD 186 (Special Fee; register before 31st May, 2013). USD 199 (Standard Fee, register after 31st May, 2013).For more information or registration, contact:- Ms Ken Malay, Marketing Manager of PM Leadership, email: or Tell: +855 (0)23 6364 966 or +855 (0) 12 518 422More information please visit: or To sponsor the program and promote your company please send email to Mr.Piseth Kham at
  5. 5. Keynote Speaker Benjamin Goh is the Managing Partner, Asia Pacific, for BOSI Global, a Chicago-based company, a Certified BOSI Advisor and a visionary contributor in Asia Pacific, USA & Europe to senior management discussions on the subject of leadership, market positioning, growth and organizationalexcellence. He started and successfully built profitable multi-million dollarregional businesses from “no-market” or “poor-market” situations.He is the founder and managing partner of BensGlobal, a businessconsultancy company, as well as several business initiatives like edUstarz(Preschool English Enrichment), (Entrepreneur Blog for Start-ups), etc. He sits in the boards of several companies like Keyfields(Warehouse ERP Solutions) and serve as non-Executive Director andCorporate Adviser.He is also executive coach/mentor to key executives in the region.Previously, he held senior management positions in International BusinessSystems, Novell Ltd and IT Solutions Corporation as well as strategicpositions in Maxtor and Singapore Technologies since the 1980s.Benjamin holds tertiary qualifications from the National University ofSingapore and University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He also holds a CorporateMember (MIES) status of the Institute of Engineers, Singapore. Jointly Founded By: and BensGlobal BOSI Asia Pacific (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, (BOSI GLOBAL is headquartered in Chicago, Sweden) USA) Proudly Organized By: