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Road to Success


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Road to Success

  1. 1. Success. It means so many different things to so many different people. Somesee it as having a highly-paid, secure job. Some see it as owning a business.Some see it as having a fancy car or a nice house. Some see it as having a lastingmarriage, great kids, or living a healthy lifestyle.Unfortunately, our steady diet of success books, videos and courses has created ahunger for instant gratification and immediate results. We get excited when wehear about a pill to lose weight here, a get-rich-quick scheme there; we wantsuccess and we want it NOW!Success doesnt come just because we want it badly enough. Its more likeconstructing a skyscraper. The tallest towers are built on firm foundations drivendeep into the ground. Theyre supported by pillars throught the structure. Thisprocess takes years, backed by a team of engineers and architects. If we apply thequick-fix, rapid-fire model to construction, were looking at imminent collapse. Wedont want this to happen...What we do want is to provide you the resources for your long-term happinessand fulfillment. At the National Achievers Congress weve assembled a fantasticteam of architects and engineers for your life so you can have the success youdream of.
  2. 2. LES BROWNWorlds LeadingMotivational Speaker"Hungry forOpportunity"Les Brown is one of theworld’s most renownedand highly sought aftermotivational speakers, whofor decades has inspiredaudiences all over theworld to step into theirgreatness.His course of amazingachievements fromsanitation worker tobroadcast station managerto state representative inOhio is testament of histenacity. His life speaksthis message - with properguidance and traininganyone achieve the thingsthey desire.Les will stoke your hungerto seek out business dealsand investmentopportunities and inspireyou to take full advantageof them with boldness andconfidence.ROBERT RIOPELWorld Class Trainer andSuccess Coach"Pursuing Success orJust Running inCircles?"Robert Riopel started outas a driver for a pizzabusiness. Hisentrepreneurial spirit sawhim rise through the ranksto store manager, andeventually owner of a chainof stores. But the problemwas he spent money fasterthan he earned it. In 8years, he was over$150,000 in debt.He came across theteachings of T. Harv Eker,applying what he learnedand turned his financial lifearound. Within ninemonths, he was financiallyfree and retired by age 32.Rob wants to help you to,like him, may find yourpassions and be able tolive your life financially free;with purpose, success andjoy.ANDREW BRYANTSelf Leadership Author,Coach and MotivationalSpeaker"Self-leadership as aStrategy for Success"Andrew Bryant comes witha wealth of knowledge andexperience in developingglobal and Asian leadersand leadership teams. He isknown for his constructiverealism, energy and senseof humor.His varied backgrounds inphysiotherapy, neuro-semantics, positivepsychology, hypnosis,organizational behavior,leadership and eventraditional Chinesemedicine gives him aunique insight into whatmakes the difference inperformance.Andrew will apply hiscollective knowledge andexperience to help youdeliver results to yourbottom line whilstincreasing your individualand teams performance.Our speakers are dedicated to laying the groundwork for your future: Find your passion and live your life with purpose, success and joy. Develop the hunger to seek out opportunities with boldness andconfidence. Lead yourself to see tangible results in your business and career.Whether you desire success in your business, wealth, or personal life (orALL of the above), understand that you will only attain it if you take the timeto grow yourself large enough to handle it. Our expert life-planners at theNational Achievers Congress are here to help. But only if you willing to trustthe process here.
  3. 3. To Your Success!P.S. While theres no shortcut to success, you can accelerate it by learning fromthe experiences of others - and weve got the best right here at the NationalAchievers Congress. Sign up here and renew your commitment to your success!