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Borrow share deck 12 7 (1)

BorrowShare is a multifam residential housing portal and marketplace.

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Borrow share deck 12 7 (1)

  1. 1. Turn your complex into a community!
  2. 2. To make apartment living better for everyone by empowering residents and management to turn their housing complex into a sustainable, thriving community of neighbors. TheMission
  3. 3. Over 50% of multifam residents do not have a resident portal Resident portals can reduce resident turnover by 60% TheProblem
  4. 4. For management: Communicate with residents Collect rent Improves resident retention Improves resident acquisition Provides sense of community Sustainable Opportunity for ancillary income Using a resident portal can reduce resident turnover by 60% Solution
  5. 5. For residents: Easily communicate with management Receive package delivery updates and make maintenance requests Communicate with other residents in a simple, non-invasive manner Buy/sell, rent and provide/request services from their private community Book facility rentals online RSVP to community events Pay rent online Residents have a 25% higher chance of re-signing a lease if they have 1 friend on the property Solution
  6. 6. Create resident portal Fast: Up and running in 5 minutes Free: No friction on the front end Friendly: Easy to use, easy to manage TheProduct
  7. 7. Facebook resale groups Neighborhood social network Already over $10B in total merchandise value 40 million new classified posts per month MarketValidation
  8. 8. $120B TAM $14B SAM $750M BorrowShare Market Size
  9. 9. Business Model $750M Gross value transactions x10% Service fee per transactions $75M Revenue 2017-2020
  10. 10. Beta Launched May 2016 U.S. Military Active on 15 bases is U.S. 12 Ambassadors on ground marketing Conducting paid transactions daily
  11. 11. MultiFam residential housing 38 million residents 43% increase in multiform 2012-2014 34% increase in construction 2015 92% built for rentals Over half have no Property Management System MarketExpansion
  12. 12. Demographics - Building for millennials Millennials largest and most diverse population in history Renting longer than prior generation Drawn to large urban areas-following the jobs 93% want to pay rent on line Prefer to rent, borrow or buy used The number one factor in a resident’s perception of value is the “Sense of Community” WhoisRenting
  13. 13. How will BorrowShare own this market Direct marketing through operators Events Multiple speaking engagements in 2017 Direct sales (Have engaged market lead +2 OS) Social media Partnerships • Consultants • NMHC • California Apartment assoc. Direct coop mailing MarketAdoption
  14. 14. Garage SaleMarket Places Social MediaPMS’s Competitors
  15. 15. Competitive advantage For Management Cost effective Efficient Fast and scalable Integrates with existing systems For Residents Community builder Full service marketplace Private Pay rent, communicate with management
  16. 16. Domenic Merenda First 40 at Google Led teams developing Python (Google search) Several valley start-ups and successful exits Noah Shaw Academy of Arts University Director social media and marketing, Tog and Porter (Fashion Tech) Bruce Yoxsimer Founded GetThere in 1995 First airline ticket ever booked on the web IPO 1999 Acquired by SABRE 2000- $760M The Team
  17. 17. BorrowShare is raising $1M Provides 18 months of runway and achieves: 1000 Apartment Communities Positive Revenue250,000 Users 250K $43M
  18. 18. Contact info BorrowShare 236 Santa Cruz Ave Los Gatos CA 95030 tel. 831 295-4893 email