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Are You Winning the Talent Wars?


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For decades, RainmakerThinking’s ongoing research has been tracking profound changes in the workforce and the workplace. The nature of work and employment is dramatically changing. The worldwide business environment has become one of fierce competition, high risk, erratic markets, constrained resources, and unpredictable resource needs. Organizations and individuals are forced to adjust to the ‘new normal’ of constant change and uncertainty.

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Are You Winning the Talent Wars?

  2. 2. THERE ARE 6TRENDS SHAPINGTHE TALENTWARS IN 2018 …Is your organization prepared?
  3. 3. BRUCETULGAN CAN HELPYOUR ORGANIZATION • Learn the most effective staffing strategies for today’s labor market realities • Learn the keys to on-boarding and up-to-speed training • How to gain control of turnover (not just reduce it): Increase the retention of high-performers and turnover of low-performers • The miracles of knowledge capture and wisdom transfer • How to identify and develop high-potential talent and make succession planning real • How to build a high-performance culture around the norms of strong leadership
  4. 4. LEARN MORE ■ Click here to LEARN MORE about how BruceTulgan and RainmakerThinking can help you win theTalentWars ■ Read Bruce’s blog: 8 StepsYou CanTake to Retain the Best ■ Download a handout of the 6Trends Shaping theTalent Wars in 2018 ■ Generational Shift is impacting theTalentWars - Read our 2018 white paper ■ Contact Us
  5. 5. LEARN MORE, cont’d. ■ Learn more about all the speaking topics we can offer your organization ■ Read ourClientTestimonials
  6. 6. CONTACT USTODAY We would love to tell you more about what BruceTulgan and RainmakerThinking can do for you and your organization! Contact us at: (203) 772-2002