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Introduction to our Future Leaders programme


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Introduction to our Future Leaders programme

  2. 2. Foreword by Karl Eddy ........................................................................... 03 About Grant Thornton ............................................................................ 05 Introduction to Government & Infrastructure Advisory ....................... 06 Future Leaders programme .................................................................. 09 Programmeoverview..................................................................................09 Meettheclassof2013..............................................................................12 Meettheclassof2014..............................................................................16 Howtoapply...............................................................................................20 CONTENTS JACK WELCH CHAIRMAN & CEO OF GENERAL ELECTRIC 1981 - 2001 “WHEN YOU BECOME A LEADER, SUCCESS IS ALL ABOUT GROWING OTHERS.”
  3. 3. 0302 As a firm, we offer a breadth of exciting opportunities for talented graduates, and I’m delighted that the Future Leaders programme, now in its second year, sits prominently amongst Grant Thornton’s award- winning programmes. We’re absolutely committed to crafting opportunities that provide the brightest university leavers – who we consider to be tomorrow’s captains of industry and policy shapers – to unlock their own potential. Delivered by the Government Infrastructure Advisory (GIA) team, it’s this ambition that lies at the heart of the Future Leaders programme. It’s important to us that as a Future Leader you are able to make your mark and in so doing help grow our firm. The programme enables you to gain valuable client-facing experience and provides the chance to work with exciting businesses. We’re lucky to be associated with a rich variety of clients across both the private and public spheres; from some of the country’s most dynamic SMEs to government departments, such as the Department of Business Innovation Skills (BIS) and UK Trade Investment (UKTI). As a result, we’re confident you’ll be excited by the opportunities that the Future Leaders programme presents. I hope that you enjoy reading this brochure that tells you about the programme and showcases the exceptional capabilities of our Future Leaders class of 2014. If you feel that you’ve got real leadership potential and want to cultivate your talents and feed your appetite for new experiences, you should consider applying to one of our future intakes. Karl Eddy Partner, Grant Thornton I have the pleasure of introducing you to Grant Thornton’s Future Leaders programme 2014/15. FOREWORD “ We're absolutely committed to crafting opportunities that enable the brightest university leavers to unlock their own potential.” IntroductionGrant Thornton
  4. 4. 05 ABOUT GRANT THORNTON Something as exciting and broad ranging as the Future Leaders programme is the type of thing you would naturally expect from an ambitious, global organisation like Grant Thornton. As an innovative, award winning firm, we provide business and financial advice to clients that demand world-leading solutions. We work with over 40,000 businesses in the UK alone and it’s not just what we do, it is the way we do it that sets us apart. Getting to the core of client needs and meeting them with clarity and insight is at the heart of our business. In today’s competitive market, we work with our clients to solve their challenges in order to add value through a combination of technical expertise, rigorous critical thinking and personal attention. Our clients are pretty exceptional too – dynamic organisations across a broad range of sectors and of all shapes and sizes, and it is within the SME space where you’ll find fast growth companies – the biotech start ups and online ventures – and as a graduate or Future Leader with Grant Thornton you’ll get to work with these businesses at the most exciting stages of their development. Each year, placement students and interns join us in more than 20 of our UK offices. Grant Thornton trainees consistently praise the value of the hands-on experience they gain with us. In contrast to the experience of interns in some other organisations, here you’ll be taking responsibility for assignments across a range of different sectors that last from a few days to a couple of months. Of course, you’ll get the valued professional experience that comes with our first-class training, but our ultimate aim is to grow business people with real world experience, who can take our clients from where they are to where they want to be. Through our international network of member firms you’ll be able to spread your wings and enjoy exciting opportunities across the world. Whether you’re working on international accounts or taking secondments abroad, you – like our clients – will have access to the world-leading knowledge and experience of more than 38,500 partners and employees in more than 125 countries. 04 About Grant ThorntonGrant Thornton
  5. 5. At Grant Thornton, we understand the beneficial impact of investment in SMEs and infrastructure on economic growth. We also recognise the mutually dependent link between high standards of infrastructure and business development. Our GIA division plays an important role within the Grant Thornton organisation, providing both public and private sector clients with the support, knowledge and vision they need to achieve their objectives. All Future Leaders who join us will spend time as key members of core GIA teams. SMEs represent the engine room of economic growth in most economies globally, and Grant Thornton has been able to build a unique understanding of the challenges encountered by these entrepreneurial businesses. We recognise that SMEs require more than a single service or skill set to develop and through a diverse group of our diverse Business Growth Services (BGS) group, we help to unlock the growth potential of ambitious UK firms. BGS is closely linked with our infrastructure projects, which are essential to ensuring the UK remains competitive in the global economy and that private levels of investment in infrastructure increase. At the same time, private companies need the support infrastructure in order to operate to full potential. SMEs are key beneficiaries of improved transport links designed to bring UK cities and businesses closer together. GIA takes on a wide range of public and private initiatives crucial for future economic and social development. These include implementing mergers and consolidation across the public sector; capital scheme financing and delivery; and improving or creating transport connections. Our offerings cover various sectors and are divided into: Public Sector Advisory, Real Estate Assets, Energy Cleantech Sustainability, Transport International, and Place Analytics. INTRODUCTION TO GOVERNMENT INFRASTRUCTURE ADVISORY (GIA) 0706 Grant Thornton Introduction to GIA
  6. 6. 09Programme overview FUTURE LEADERS PROGRAMME This exciting programme is a six-month internship based in London. We’re looking to nurture a small group of highly talented interns who we believe have the potential to become future captains of industry and the policy- shapers of tomorrow. As an intern you’ll spend time as a key member of core GIA teams, working on a variety of ambitious projects. The Future Leaders programme gives ownership to the individual – by offering a tailor-made, hands-on experience, you are able to develop skills that align with your long-term career ambitions. This internship is designed for dynamic graduates who have already demonstrated strong leadership potential. You’ll be looking to accelerate your skills as part of this exciting programme. You may have chaired influential societies or groups at university, created innovative start-up businesses of your own, or your entrepreneurial and team leadership skills may have been developed as part of previous work experience. Whatever your specific background, you’ll have the enthusiasm to generate great ideas and the drive to see those ideas come to life. The willingness to use your initiative and jump at responsibility and work confidently both independently and as part of a team are attributes greatly valued at Grant Thornton and our Future Leaders will display these qualities in abundance.
  7. 7. 1110 Grant Thornton Realising ambitions Grant Thornton’s reputation and track record means this is an innovative and exciting place to be. As Grant Thornton continues to grow, we want to create opportunities for talented graduates to apply their skills, enthusiasm and passion in a fast-paced and commercial environment. As a Future Leader you’ll take on real responsibilities, be challenged and find yourself in the thick of things right from the start. We want you to develop your skills and gain experience across multiple areas and then begin to carve out a niche. As a result, you’ll build up an impressive breadth of commercial experience and be required to apply yourself in a variety of situations. Your personal ambition will be at the heart of how you’re developed, and we’ll look to stretch you in directions that enhance your skills in surprising ways. After the six-month programme comes to an end we’ll look to convert our most successful interns to full-time associates within the firm. If you develop a passion for a particular area during your internship, you may be able to create a new role for yourself within a specific team. As an associate, you will work on longer term projects tailored to your strengths and areas of interest, having been immersed in a variety of GIA business growth services. Inevitably some of you will make use of the skills gained from the internship to go on to apply these to your own entrepreneurial ventures outside of Grant Thornton. Our ambition is to keep in touch with all our interns in the future to create a network of high performing business leaders, policy makers and captains of industry who are proud to have started their journey with Grant Thornton. Unlocking your potential for growth You’ll build your commercial acumen through a tailored rotational programme, working within a variety of GIA teams, covering areas such as: stakeholder management, place and growth analytics, service operations and business development. Experiences could involve managing relationships with key government departments, assessing international markets to help inform government strategy for business or creating unique strategies to help engage with the SME marketplace. You’ll need to be agile and be able to apply yourself to a number of projects across GIA as they arise, based on business requirements and personal interests. Alongside rotations, you’ll gain valuable advisory experience through a client-facing growth immersion project, designed especially for this programme. Under the guidance and mentorship of senior Grant Thornton leadership, you’ll collaborate as a team in helping a client’s board-level management unlock their growth potential. As well as an opportunity to interact with senior executives, the growth immersion project provides further opportunity to apply the coaching you’ve received in a live commercial setting: really listening to a client’s growth ambitions, seeking to understand the key business issues at play, acting on a honed commercial instinct and using Grant Thornton’s resources to take that client to a better place commercially. The Future Leaders programme also provides opportunities for you to develop yourself away from the office environment. An academy ethos is central to the design of the programme, and involves events to help provide wider learning and foster a fantastic team spirit. For example, you may be asked to represent GIA at an awards ceremony with high-achieving businesses or participate in roundtable discussions focused on current business issues. As a firm we also believe in giving something back to the local communities in which we operate. You could find yourself as part of a project team giving advice to budding entrepreneurs in need of direction, helping them to realise their business ambitions. There is also the chance to expand and capitalise on internal networking within Grant Thornton. For example, a Future Leader might express an interest in career opportunities within international development. Their mentor can set up a call with GIA team members in a particular region or contact a relevant partner there through one of our 30 International Business Centres – potentially creating a career-defining relationship. As a Future Leader you will receive a competitive salary while working on live projects with a variety of dynamic clients. There are two Grant Thornton Future Leader intakes each year: starting in late June and mid-January. “ TheFutureLeadersexperienceallowsyoutoprogressina directionthatrespondstoyourpersonalambitions.Iworked withmymentortoexploreparticularGIAinfrastructureprojects andasaresult,IamreturningtoGIAfrommytravelstoSouth Americaasanassociate,focusingondomesticand internationalinfrastructureadvisory.AndIcannotwait!” –Marziyeh,GIAAssociate “I really didn’t feel like an intern during my experience. I was given considerable responsibility for real projects and truly became part of each team. I also regularly collaborated with senior members of the firm that gave me valuable insights. Most of all though, I enjoyed how welcoming every team was and how GIA fosters a fantastic team spirit.” –Mimi, GIAAssociate Programme overview FUTURE LEADERS PROGRAMME (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. 1312 My journeyGrant Thornton My journey with Grant Thornton began in July 2013. I had previously worked in a successful business coaching and people transformation practice and had completed a degree in international relations. Up until this point, I hadn’t explored a career in professional services as my focus had been spent mostly on the creation and growth of start-up businesses. So, as I stepped into the interview room, armed with a swarm of questions about Grant Thornton’s great work and feeling unsure of just how I might be able to carve out a career here, I thought to myself: ‘just see how it goes, you never know, it might be fun!’ From the get-go, I enjoyed ownership of a project to design a new business diagnostic tool for the high-growth SME market, leveraging my commercial experience to do this. I was able to better understand our partnerships with government and see first-hand the sharp end of policy implementation; specifically how private and public sector collaboration can generate growth in the UK SME market. Within only months of joining, I was coordinating events to attract new clients for Business Growth Services; helping to design and take to market new service lines; working closely with partners and directors on bid proposals; analysing potential new markets for clients; and contributing to the strategic growth of the business by spear heading a new internship programme – Future Leaders. It’s exciting to have been so closely involved with Future Leaders and helping to create a legacy that’s contributing to the future growth potential of the firm. And so back to that thought – ‘it might be fun!’ Well, it was and continues to be a great experience. What is it that keeps me interested? For me, it is Grant Thornton’s demonstrable flare for entrepreneurial thinking – that instinct for growth; the opportunity for ambitious people to gain broader commercial experience before creating niche expertise. I enjoy being challenged in a fast-paced business environment and also appreciate being around people that genuinely care about my personal development. “It’s exciting to have been so closely involved with Future Leaders and helping to create a legacy that’s contributing to the future growth potential of the firm.” BRUCE GIA Executive MY JOURNEYTHE FIRST INTAKE FOR THE FUTURE LEADERS PROGRAMME WAS IN 2013. BRUCE JOINED IN 2013 AND IMMEDIATELY SET ABOUT WORKING TO CREATE THE FUTURE LEADERS PROGRAMME As an intern, I most enjoyed my time in the GrowthAccelerator rotation, where I worked closely with the national stakeholder manager. I enjoyed engaging directly with businesses at events such as UK Trade Investment’s Export Week, and talking to organisations about how they can work more closely with GrowthAccelerator. In my new role as a GIA associate, I’ve been able to further explore GrowthAccelerator and the stakeholder management team. Only months into the role, I started working towards my goal of developing new commercial relationships with key stakeholders and engaging with organisations on a more strategic level, which was really satisfying. Collaborating with government- backed stakeholders is a central part of the stakeholder strategy, which I have contributed to through supporting events with organisations such as the Design Council. I’ve learnt so much in terms of designing and managing events that help to establish such organisations as key advocates of the service. One event that I remember fondly is the inaugural GrowthAccelerator awards ceremony, ‘The Brave The Bold’. Along with GrowthAccelerator clients, guests included senior representatives of national stakeholders such as the Intellectual Property Office. I have also independently engaged with a number of businesses, presenting GrowthAccelerator’s commercial supporter proposition and then building and managing those relationships. One particular vision for the Future Leaders programme going forward is the creation of a Business Growth Academy. I am thrilled to have ownership of this part of the programme. The academy’s aim is to organise events and provide aspiring business advisers with an opportunity to engage with dynamic people and companies, to challenge their thinking and give them the confidence to pursue innovative ideas. Gaining exposure to such opportunities outside of the day to day role is key to becoming a game changer in the market and learning new ways to add value to clients. “With the incredibly supportive environment and the number of exciting and challenging opportunities here in GIA that constantly push me out of my comfort zone, I am confident in my ability to realise these ambitions and rapidly develop my professional skills.” MIMI GIA Associate Class of 2013
  9. 9. My journey 1514 Grant Thornton During my internship, I worked with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) at a time when it was evolving its offering to align more closely with the government’s industrial strategy. I found the process of helping to determine the strategic direction of the programme extremely interesting and, when I moved into a permanent position, I was pleased to be able to shape my role to reflect this interest. I am now an integral member of the MAS team, working with the national director on the strategy and future direction of the MAS programme. In this role, no two days are the same. One day I could be in the office conducting research into the feasibility of expanding the programme in a certain direction, and on another I could be at an industry event discussing the role of MAS in the market place. Since joining, I’ve gained an in-depth knowledge of the strengths and challenges of the UK manufacturing base as well as the workings of the policy levers behind the scenes at the Department of Business, Innovation Skills. It’s great to see how policy is applied in the world of business during specific projects. To date, I have worked on the development of ReshoreUK and managed a national events programme aimed at enhancing the financial expertise of manufacturing SMEs. My role in developing the Future Leaders programme involves leading the learning development aspect of the programme. For this, I enjoy the responsibility for developing the Future Leader teams’ professional knowledge and expertise through a journey of workshops that enhance both critical and more technical skills. I’m passionate about leaving a legacy for future interns and associates to build upon. I’m aware of how much I’ve learned myself since joining, and I’m keen to make sure all Future Leaders have the same opportunities for personal growth. “ Working with MAS has given me a platform to develop my skills in programme management. As MAS evolves over the coming weeks and months I will have even more opportunities to help shape the future direction of the programme.” LUCY GIA Associate Class of 2013 While working in the MAS, stakeholder management and analytics teams, I developed a good understanding of GIA’s scope. I particularly enjoyed my rotation with the analytics team where I was able to create insightful sector reports. Following discussions with members of the infrastructure advisory team, I realised there were opportunities within GIA that tied in closely with my interests in international development. The GIA team was very understanding about my desire to spend time in Latin America before starting my career. I spent four months in Colombia before returning to a full-time role as an associate. On returning to GIA, I began working with the infrastructure advisory team and was involved with a number of projects, such as transport developments, sustainability advisory and some very exciting international ventures. Before focusing on a particular area of infrastructure, I want to gain experience across a wide range of projects. I hope to continue to strengthen my analytics skills and learn about financial modelling. In addition, I’m about to start studying towards the CIMA professional qualification, which will stand me in good stead to gain an even deeper understanding of the commercial challenges of businesses and organisations. My connection with the Future Leaders programme is ongoing as I now lead the Growth Immersion Project. This team-based project provides our Future Leaders with an opportunity to leverage the coaching, skills and resources that they unlock during the internship and apply these in supporting ambitious businesses to unlock their growth potential. This year, we have partnered with two companies of high growth potential. These firms are attracted to the idea of engaging with dynamic, aspiring business advisers in a long term business support project. Ownership of this area of the programme is ideal as it fits well with my long- term career ambition to work on development projects. MARZIYEH GIA Associate Class of 2013 “ The opportunities within GIA are limitless and the experience is really helping me to progress in a direction that responds to my own personal ambitions. I am extremely excited about the next few years of my career within GIA.”
  10. 10. 1716 Meet the class of 2014Grant Thornton Sannamari has an MSc in International Business Emerging Markets from Edinburgh University. She is currently writing her dissertation on the internationalisation strategies of Finnish SMEs to Indonesia. Outside of academia, she has been working on creating a web interface for Scottish schools that allows easier communication between teachers, parents and students. Sannamari is fluent in Finnish and English. “IwouldliketobetheCEOofmy ownbusinessoneday.Ilikethe ideaofdevelopingsomething, testingmylimitsandpotential.” While at Strathclyde University, Chris won ‘President of the Year in 2013’ largely in recognition of his efforts to lead and build the Bright Futures Society, which helps students find work after graduating. In the future, Chris aims to start a business venture to help influence, motivate and inspire others by providing coaching in a number of areas of professional development. His leadership inspiration is Richard Branson. SANNAMARI MSc International Business Emerging Markets University of Edinburgh CHRIS BA Marketing Management University of Strathclyde MEET THE CLASS OF 2014 “I’ve used my time at university to really stretch myself by taking opportunities in a variety of areas that are completely new to me.” Grant Thornton is proud to introduce the Future Leaders class of 2014. This group of high calibre interns joined the GIA team on 30 June 2014, and will be applying their skills and enthusiasm in a competitive, commercial environment. Our six Future Leaders for 2014 come from a variety of backgrounds, with a blend of skill sets, so are ideally placed to offer fresh perspectives – a vital ingredient when looking to grow successful businesses. Maria graduated from Queen Mary University of London. During her time there she was elected Project Manager of Queen Mary Entrepreneurs. Since graduation, she has run a successful youth empowerment project for unemployed 16-25 year olds in Tower Hamlets, London. Maria is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish. “Goodleadershipistheactivity ofunlockingpeople’spotential, believinginpeople’sabilitiesand relyingonthemtoachieve.” MARIA BSc Economics Politics Queen Mary University of London
  11. 11. 1918 Meet the class of 2014Grant Thornton “My ultimate ambition in life is to encourage people, irrespective of their age, race and background, to make the world a fairer and greater place to live in.” “Goodleadershipistheactivity ofunlockingpeople’spotential, believinginpeople’sabilities andrelyingonthemtoachieve.” Since graduating from Bath University with a BA in French Politics, James has concentrated on setting up a successful investment venture that he now leads. With that established, he is now turning his attention to developing a delivery business in Hong Kong and is in the process of gathering contacts in Egypt to get this off the ground. At secondary school James was selected as part of the government’s ‘Gifted and Talented’ programme. JAMES BA French Politics University of Bath MARIA MSc International Public Policy Queen Mary University of London “Myultimateambitionistoleavea legacy behind me in the form of a company which is both successful and represents my beliefs.” A qualified teacher, Maria studied international Public Policy at Queen Mary University London. While studying for her MSc, she co-founded a political blog platform, Current Affairs, while at the same time working for the Danish Nurses’ Organisation, with which she has been regularly involved. Her ambition is to start a consultancy, helping the government deliver evidence-based policy making in the field of education. Evelina attended UCL, achieving a BA in Economics Business. During her time at the university she was the co-founder and president of the UCLU Women in Finance Society, which has now expanded to include 500 members. She also organised the London School of Economics Baltic States Forum in 2013. Led by the former Prime Minister of Lithuania, the forum focused on energy independence and economic development in the region. EVELINA BA Economics Business University College London “Noticinganopportunityforfemale- orientedsocietiesatUniversity CollegeLondon(UCL),Isought tocreatealonglastingimpactby co-foundingtheUCLUWomenin Financesociety”
  12. 12. 20 Grant Thornton HOW TO APPLY To find out more about the programme, and how to apply, check out We’re passionate about implementing a talent spotting and head hunting approach when it comes to finding talent for the Future Leaders programme. We work with key universities and academic contacts to identify potential applicants. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Future Leader, we’d love to hear from you. More information can be found on our website, with details of our future intakes and recruitment processes. Application You’ll be invited to submit a CV and covering letter which will be reviewed by our GIA team. We may follow this up with a telephone call to further explore specific experiences you’ve had, and answer your questions. Telephone interview You’ll be asked to take part in a short, competency-based phone interview with someone from our GIA team. Here, we’ll understand more about your experiences to date, things you’re most proud of and your motivation for applying to the Future Leaders programme. Insights day The final stage of the process is an insight day held in one of our London offices. You’ll spend time getting to know a wide variety of people from our GIA team. This will include senior leaders as well as current interns and associates. We’ll keep you on your toes throughout the day with a number of different exercises to test your potential for the programme. There will be a focus on our CLEARR values of Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibility as well as on your ability to demonstrate key behaviours such as critical thinking, genuine interest in clients and seizing opportunities. At the end of each stage of the process we’ll give feedback to everyone, highlighting what you did well and what you could have done even better. Whether you’re successful in our process, or not, we want you to go away an advocate of our firm and having learnt something about yourself. STEPHEN COVEY AUTHOR AND BUSINESSMAN “LEADERSHIP IS A CHOICE NOT A POSITION.”
  13. 13. © 2014 Grant Thornton UK LLP. All rights reserved. Grant Thornton UK LLP is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL). GTIL and the member firms are not a worldwide partnership. Services are delivered by the member firms. GTIL and its member firms are not agents of, and do not obligate, one another and are not liable for one another’s acts or omissions. Please see for further details.