Trócaire Taxback mailing 2011 - Letter


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Trócaire Taxback mailing 2011 - Letter

  1. 1. Sample Name Sample House Sample Street Sample Town Sample County Trócaire Ref. No <SUPPORTER_ID> 25 March 2011Dear <FORMAL SALUTATION>First of all, let me express my warmest thanks to you for your wonderful generosity. You very kindlydonated IF(NET1>=0,€NET1 in YEAR1,) IF(NET2 >=0, , €NET2 in YEAR2,) IF(NET3>=0, , €NET3in YEAR3,) IF(NET4>=0, , €NET4 in YEAR4) to Trócaire. Its because of your support that we havebeen able to continue our vital work helping the poorest people throughout the developing world.Right now, were working harder than ever to ensure your donation provides a lasting, positive changeto as many lives and communities as we can. By taking one simple action, you can help us to do evenmore. Were not asking you to make another donation - all we need is your signature and your PPS number.Signing up to Trócaires Taxback campaign wont cost you a cent more. It wont impact on your taxstatus. It wont even take you five minutes to complete - but it will make a huge difference to thefamilies and communities we support.Heres how it works: <FORMAL SALUTATION>, you gave <NET_TOT>. If youre a higher-ratePAYE taxpayer (at 41%) and fill in the attached IF(FORMS=1,"form","forms) with your PPS numberwe can claim back <HTAX_TOT> in tax from the Revenue Commissioners, making your donationworth €<GROSS_ HR_TOT> to Trócaire. Similarly, if youre a PAYE taxpayer at the standard rate of20%, your donation of €<NET TOT> is actually worth €<GROSS_SR_TOT> to Trócaire by simplyreturning the tax IF(FORMS=1,"form","forms). By letting us reclaim the tax on your donations, yourehelping us realise the true value of your generosity - at no extra cost to you.As I write, your donation is hard at work in Gedo, Somalia where your generosity has helped to train anddeploy midwives to perform emergency obstetric surgery. In a country with one of the worlds highest maternal death rates, this service provided by Trócaire is literally life-saving for many women. Thanks to the training funded by Trócaire, midwives were able to safely perform a Caesarean section and deliver a healthy baby boy, Ayanle Abdullahi, to his thrilled parents. Saharas husband, Abdullahi Sheikh Duwane, says: "I am very happy about the outcome of my baby and wife and I express a big thank you to Trócaire staff, I will never forget this day." Contd. overleaf/...
  2. 2. In devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti, your donation is making a difference in thelives of people like Sylvie Charles Pierre (10) and her mother, Nicole. In spite ofthe destruction caused by the earthquake last January, Nicole can continue to sendher daughter to the school run by the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny. €160,000donated by generous people like you is supporting the school to carry outrepairs and to give each child a nutritious meal every day.Thanks to your generosity, Sylvie will receive an education for the next year and she - andother children like her - will continue to grow and learn in a safe and caring environment.“I hope Haiti will change,” Sylvie says optimistically. With your help, it will.We believe hope will also triumph over despair in Pakistan. In the aftermath of the floods Irish peopledonated €8.05 million to Trócaire. Your extraordinary response enabled us, and our local partners,to rescue over 20,000 people and distribute food and other items essential for survival to over135,000 people. While our work is still in the relief phase, we have longer term plans to get peopleback to work, ensure they have enough food to eat and to deliver essential sanitation equipment.I guarantee you there will be many more stories of hope like this if you complete the form(s) for ourTaxback programme.This year, we could claim back as much as €3 million worth of tax on donations received. Its a challengebut, with your help we know its achievable. Thanks to you, weve already been able to bring hope,dignity and self-sufficiency to countless lives in developing countries through education, agriculturaland health training.If everyone returns their completed forms can you imagine the difference an extra €3 millionwill make?For Trócaire, our enduring challenge is to help more people help themselves. So I ask you to help usto deliver more for the poorest people. Simply sign and seal the enclosed tax form(s) now and welltake care of everything else.Yours sincerelyJustin KilcullenDirector, Trócaire.PS: The cycle of poverty ends when you empower people - by returning your form(s) by Freepost by 15th of April, youll empower many more. Thank you.