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UNICEF Ireland East Africa famine appeal Letter

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UNICEF East Africa Letter

  1. 1. UNICEF Ireland 33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin1 Tel: +353 1 8783000 Web: www.unicef.ie Email: info@unicef.ie Charity No: 5616 Company No: 371124UNICEF Ireland,33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1Tel: +353 1 8783000 AddresseeWeb: www.unicef.ie Job TitleCharity No: 5616 House Name AddressCompany No: 371124 Town CountyDear SalutationThis is Lisa-Nicole from UNICEF Ireland. I am writing to you today to ask for your support forchildren facing starvation and disease right now in East Africa.We are very grateful for your gift of € HIGHEST GIFT SINCE 01/01/10 to APPEAL NAME.UNICEF Ireland relies entirely on voluntary donations and our efforts are only possible thanks to thegenerosity of donors like you. We appreciate that, with the Haiti earthquake, Pakistan floods and otherrecent emergencies, we have had to call upon your generosity a number of times, but the escalatingcatastrophe in East Africa, as a result of the drought and famine, means that we must reach out foryour support again.Enclosed you’ll find some photos of just a few of the children that we have been able to help thanksto your support. I hope this will serve as a reminder that your money is helping save and improvechildren’s lives the world over.How UNICEF is helping the crisis effort in East AfricaAs you may know, large areas of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan are currently enduringtheir worst drought in 60 years. We are doing everything we can to support the children affected bythe crisis; treating the malnourished, and continuing vital health activities such as our immunisationprogramme. On the ground though, the situation continues to worsen. Contd. over/....
  2. 2. MAP OF AFFECTED AREAS • Distributing ready-to-use therapeutic food to over 34,000 severely malnourished children • Providing health services to 117,000 900,000 people • Providing access to water and • Supporting feeding programmes for sanitation for 280,000 people DJIBOUTI 117,000 over 70,000 malnourished children ETHIOPIA DJIBOUTI Djibouti • Providing access to water and ETHIOPIA 3.2 million Djibouti sanitation for 1 million people 3.2 million SOMALIA Addis-Ababa 2.6 million SOMALIA Addis-Ababa 2.6 million • Helping to treat over 12,000 Number of people left malnourished children without food by crisis KENYA Mogadishu 3.2 million KENYA Mogadishu 3.2 million Nairobi NairobiIn Eastern Kenya, the population of the refugee camps at Dadaab, which were planned for a capacityof 90,000, has swelled to over 440,000 people, and thousands more queue outside.Ayesha’s storyNurto Manoor has trekked for days with her husband and five children. Her youngest child, Ayesha,was born during their appalling journey. “Along the way, we were stopped by militia, who tookeverything we had.”Due to Ayesha’s fragile state, they are taken to the head of the line to receive the treatment she sobadly needs. “I have gone through many challenges, but I feel okay now. Thanks to the medicalattention, my baby is fine.”Sadly, there are millions of more children like Ayesha, all in dire need of help. Providing therapeuticmilk at camps like the ones in Dadaab is just one of the ways UNICEF is saving children in EastAfrica. We are on the ground with key experts trying to ensure that disease outbreaks or other healthissues do not make the crisis worse. In the long term, we are ensuring that children and families areprotected from the recurrent drought in the region.There is still so much to do.The crisis has been magnified by escalating food prices and continued conflict. It has left crops andlivestock devastated, and millions of people are facing starvation. The UN has declared a famine inthe region; over 30% of children are malnourished and 250 children are dying every day.You’ve probably heard many distressing stories about the region. But you may not be aware that, ofthe twelve million people worst affected, three million are children under the age of five.
  3. 3. Even a small amount will make a big difference. We had experts and life-saving supplies in action in East Africa early in the crisis. In south and central Somalia, UNICEF workers on the ground are doing everything they can to help these children most in need. However, now that it has developed into a full-blown famine across a vast region, we urgently need more help. You would be amazed by the difference your donation can make. Attached to this letter, you’ll find a form. You can use it to make an urgent one-off donation to our East Africa Children’s Appeal. Even better, you can use the other side of the form to make a monthly gift. Just €10 per month would help us provide families with early-response water kits, ensuring their children have safe water to drink. When this crisis is over, your monthly gift will help us to restore normality to the region, and reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence through the provision and Five day-old Ayesha safeguarding of supplies. Whichever option you choose, your gift will do so much to help us protect the most vulnerable in this crisis. Contd. over/.... Payment Option 1: Start your life-saving monthly donationI want to start a regular donation of €30 €21 €15 My chosen amount: €Please debit my account on the first day of every month until further notice.Instruction to Your Bank to Pay BANK / BUILDING SOCIETY:Direct Debits: MAKE YOUR GIFTS TAX-EFFECTIVE• I instruct you to pay direct debits from my BANK ADDRESS: Donations of €21/month or more are account at the request of UNICEF Ireland worth up to 69% more to UNICEF if• UNICEF may only change the amounts you are a PAYE tax payer due to tax debited after giving me prior written notice rebates at no extra cost to you. If ACCOUNT HOLDER:• I can cancel this instruction in writing at any time you are a business or self-assessed ACCOUNT NUMBER (Must be a Current Account): tax payer, you can claim back tax for• If a direct debit is paid which breaks the terms of this instruction the bank will donations totalling €250+ in any year, refund SORT CODE: e.g. €21/month.Bank notification: Banks may be unable to paydirect debits from some types of accounts. Is your address correct as shown overleaf? If not, please amend.DATE SIGNATUREPlease return completed form in the enclosed envelope to: At least 95% of your monthly donation will go directlyUNICEF, 33 Lower Ormond Quay, FREEPOST, Dublin 1 to UNICEF International’s emergency response inIf you prefer, you can make this instruction by email to: East Africa while it is critical. After that, at least 95%ciara@unicef.ie of your gifts will go where needed most to save andor by calling (01) 878 3000 protect the lives of children.
  4. 4. A gift of € ASK1 will provide ORS QTY sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts. This could bring ORS QTY children back from the brink of death due to chronic dehydration. A gift of € ASK4 will provide PN CHILDREN a supply of vitamin-rich peanut paste specially developed to treat acutely malnourished children. Please remember that all funds raised in an emergency appeal are remitted to UNICEF International for crisis response, with a maximum of 5% retained by UNICEF Ireland to help cover fundraising costs. If you would like any specific information on this situation or indeed any of our work for children, please email me at lisa-nicole@unicef.ie To make an instant donation, please visit www.unicef.ie, call 1850 767 999 or Freepost the form below today. Yours sincerely GUARANTEE At least 95% of your donation will go directly to UNICEF International’s Lisa-Nicole Dunne emergency response in East Africa. Director of Public Fundraising PS: SALUTATION, please don’t underestimate the difference you are making, and thank you for continuing to support the world’s most vulnerable children. Payment Option 2: Make a one-off donation to the East Africa Children’s Appeal Here is my immediate donation of Is your address correct as shown? If not, please amend... .. .. .. My preferred amount of e There is no minimum amount – every euro saves lives. Thank you in advance for your generosity. If you are a PAYE tax payer, a gift of e250+ could be worth up to 69% more due to tax relief - at no extra cost to you. If you are a business or self-assessed tax payer, you can claim back this tax yourself. PAYMENT METHOD I enclose a cheque/postal order/bank draft payable to UNICEF. OR please debit my: Visa Mastercard Amex Laser Card Number (last 3 boxes for Laser only) Security Code (last 3 digits on back of card) Expiry Date Tel Email Signature Date Please do NOT send me a receipt. Tick here if you would like information about leaving a gift to UNICEF in your will.