cDataSet primer - Abstracting Excel and Google Spreadsheet data from physical location


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These VBA and Google Apps Script classes abstract data from its location on its underlying worksheet. This means that all procedures that use that data no longer has to worry about ranges or physical data layout, and powerful data manipulation methods can be applied to data sets, such as google docs live import and json conversion. Since the classes are independent of the underlying worksheet structure or classes, code can be written for either VBA or Google Apps Script with only minor syntactical (vba -vs- javascript) differences . These classes have been in use by many people for the last year or so and are available free of charge from Excel Liberation at where you can find many examples of their use.

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cDataSet primer - Abstracting Excel and Google Spreadsheet data from physical location

  1. 1. Worksheet Abstraction cDataSet primer from Excel Liberation
  2. 2. Excel Liberation for details cDataSet model
  3. 3. Excel Liberation for details Accessibility cells are accessed .cell(row,column) where row and column can be a name or a number. Examples - VBA dSet.cell ( 23, “id”).value() dRow.cell(“id”).toString() dSet.value(“mac”,”cost”) dColumn(“mac”).toString() dSet.column(“id”).value(“mac”)
  4. 4. Excel Liberation for details Portability The Google Apps Script version has the same syntax (allowing for minor javaScript/VBA syntactical differences) Examples – Google Apps Script dSet.cell ( 23, “id”).value(); dRow.cell(“id”).toString(); dSet.value(“mac”,”cost”); dColumn(“mac”).toString(); dSet.column(“id”).value(“mac”);
  5. 5. Excel Liberation for details Rollback All manipulation is performed in memory, and only committed, usually in one go, when ready Examples dRow.commit() dSet.bigCommit() Can be used to commit all or some data to a different sheet Examples dSet.bigCommit(wholeSheet(“anotherplace")) dSet.bigCommit(wholeSheet(“anotherplace"), true, Array(“id”,”target”), ”custom”, ”callout”)
  6. 6. Excel Liberation for details Efficiency and maintainability Sheet is only accessed once, to populate cDataSet, and data is read all at once. Examples ds.populateData(wholeSheet(“InputData")) Tables of data can be automatically discovered if separated by blank lines and columns Examples ds.populateData(wholeSheet(“InputData"),,,,,,true)
  7. 7. Excel Liberation for details Extensibility Easy to extend with powerful capabilities Examples Populate a data set with JSON data dSet.populateJSON jobject, Range("json1!$a$1") Read a worksheet into a dset and convert it to JSON dSet.populateData( Range("jSon2!$a$1"), , , , , , True).jObject.stringify() Get the unique values in a column and sort them dSet.column(“custom").uniqueValues(eSortAscending) Get the a sheet directly from Google Docs dSet.populateGoogleWire cb.httpGET(url), Range("Clone!$a$1")
  8. 8. Excel Liberation for details Abstraction and iteration No need to worry about physical location Examples - VBA for each dr in dSet.rows debug.print dr.cell(“id”).value() next dr Examples - GAS dSet.rows().forEach(function(dr) { Logger.log(dr.cell(“id”).value()); }); Each class contains a reference to its address in the underlying sheet if needed Examples – each of these will return a Range object dSet.where dSet.column(“id”).where dSet.row(24).where
  9. 9. Excel Liberation for details Chaining Extend other classes to pass data using cDataSet Examples Execute an SQL query to populate a Worksheet, then pass the resultant dataset to serializer to create a json representation ado.init(Range("testado!a1")) .execute("imdb", , "where tomatometer<50") .dSet .jObject .stringify()
  10. 10. Excel Liberation for details Summary These examples show some of the capabilities of cDataSet abstraction. For more detail, and to download see