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Advancement Branding Endources Bruce McGovert


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Advancement Branding Endources Bruce McGovert

  1. 1. office mailing 2860 bowen loft no.1 po box 425 graton, ca 95444 graton, ca 95444 testimonial August 29, 2016 As a small company, the leaders of our firm must wear may hats. While there can be some crossover amongst Principals, Bruce McGovert was always our ‘go to’ person when it came to helping our clients sort out their brand positioning, communication objectives, and implementation strategy, quite often, when they didn’t even know that they needed it. Following Bruce’s intuitive inquiry as to what was behind a client’s request, a mundane need for signage and graphics often revealed a more fundamental challenge that a veneer wouldn’t solve. On multiple occasions, we had clients who, following their first introduction with Bruce, said that it was during that meeting that, ‘We knew that we had found the right branding partner.’ What made this very exciting for our company, with Bruce as our team lead and as the primary point of client, was that Bruce’s intimate and extensive implementation background always approached any client need with the ‘end-game’ in mind. In this way, our clients never felt that they were being ‘sold to.’ Rather, they knew from the start that Bruce was solely interested in helping them achieve their strategic, design, tactical, and most importantly business objectives, concurrently. It was this type of approach that created client partnerships, not just client jobs. With our bottom line as an important metric, we always knew that Bruce would ‘naturally’ grow the scope of any assignment, as a result of finding targeted solutions that our clients agreed, comprehensively created the optimal solution. Bruce’s never-ending desire to learn, grow, and challenge himself, our team, and his clients, has made him invaluable to Advancement Branding. Jason Michael Jeff Johnson