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NASA Science on Drupal: what we do


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NASA Science on Drupal: what we do

  1. 1. NASA Science on Drupal CentralBuilding Community and Collaboration for NASA Earth Science Drupal developers and website admins
  2. 2. NSODC Access Project• New Media Research Institute • Drupal Community of Purpose • Drupal/IDL bridge code development• University of Alabama, Huntsville • Drupal module/feature development
  3. 3. Enabling Community• Learning and Sharing Knowledge• Sharing Code• Building Knowledge Base for Newbs• Having more fun
  4. 4. Sharing Knowledge• Places to share • ESIP/ESDSWG meetings/telecons • Drupal Camps/Cons/Labs •, Commons.ESIPfed• Reasons to share • Getting Credit for sharing
  5. 5. Places for Sharing
  6. 6. Reasons for Sharing• Supporting common interests• Showing skills• Gaining Cred (build facility for this) • Career boost (the future looks Drupal)• Higher purpose: save the planet
  7. 7. Code Sharing• Supporting code reuse is a NASA proirity• Gain access to modules and features that add value to your work • Other people’s code• Give back to open-source community
  8. 8. Flattening the Curve• NASA on the front-end of Drupal work• New Drupalistas need more resources• Learning Center will aggregate resources and meta-resources• Experts to answer questions
  9. 9. so many skills required to make your Drupal effort pay off...NSODC can help!
  10. 10. Get Connected• Bruce Caron:• Google+: +scienceondrupal• Twitter: #scienceondrupal• ESIP: Drupal Working Group••