Linked in social selling training guide services


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Presentation for Social Selling, how to use LinkedIn and its social features to market feature content, and sell to your contacts, connections and target companies.

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Linked in social selling training guide services

  1. 1. BRUCE BIXLER Social Selling for Service Professionals A How To Guide
  2. 2. LinkedIn Social Selling: Social Proof ©Bruce Bixler 1) Strong on-line profile and digital reputation 2) Lead generation 3) Content sharing and nurturing 4) Social sales The modern customer is digitally driven, socially connected, and internet savvy. Today’s buyer is 50% – 70% through the buying process before they engage in salespeople or reps.
  3. 3. LinkedIn Social Selling: Strong On-Line Profile Incomplete profiles are ___times less likely to be viewed in key word searches Profiles w/o pictures are __ times less likely to be viewed by people searching on LinkedIn Keyword searches with 100 connections will result in your profile showing up in ___ % of keyword searches Keyword searches with 500 connections will result in your profile showing up in ___ % of keyword searches Is your profile all about sales or is it optimized towards the buyer. Does it have relevant content that helps that buyer understand the value of the service that you bring to them. ©Bruce Bixler
  4. 4. LinkedIn Social Selling: Sales Tools? Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code Knowledge of LinkedIn’s capabilities is limited. The biggest challenge (stated by 58.0% of the respondents) is that they don’t know how to use the tools that are available from LinkedIn. And, 41.2% of respondents say they lack the time to learn and/or use LinkedIn ©Bruce Bixler
  5. 5. LinkedIn Top Sellers: Research Prospects ©Bruce Bixler
  6. 6. LinkedIn Sales: “LinkedIn Connections” Searching, Lead generation Don't go in with the attitude of "selling" customers. Go in with the attitude of talking to them, find out their needs, their pain points, and their problems, then establish a partnership & have them invest in your service. As an investor in your services, a person is committed to something, they have ownership. ©Bruce Bixler
  7. 7. LinkedIn Sales: Top Sellers Network ©Bruce Bixler
  8. 8. LinkedIn Sales: “LinkedIn Intelligence” • Gathering business Intelligence • YouTube drives FREE traffic to your website 24/7!! • Check company websites • View company LinkedIn pages • Search for business blogs • Are they on other social media. Stop ‘selling’ and focus on ‘serving’ ©Bruce Bixler
  9. 9. LinkedIn Social selling: Company Follow On the company page it will tell you the number of followers that company has. The trick to know is that number is actually a link to the profiles of all the LinkedIn connections following them. ©Bruce Bixler
  10. 10. LinkedIn Sales: “LinkedIn Content” Sharing Content Sharing content is not about pitching, it’s not about selling, ABC sales people, instead sales people should be helping to solve customer problems. The mindset should shift from I’m not here to sell I’m here to serve, provide value and insight. It is not always be closing, it should always be CONNECTING, and curating quality content. CONTENT is the currency of the modern sales person. ©Bruce Bixler
  11. 11. Social Selling: Top Sellers ©Bruce Bixler
  12. 12. LinkedIn Sales: share Content? ©Bruce Bixler
  13. 13. LinkedIn Sales: share Content? ©Bruce Bixler
  14. 14. LinkedIn Sales: Visual Media SlideShare Share ppt presentations, and Video’s You can view all of your connections ppt ©Bruce Bixler
  15. 15. LinkedIn Sales: Groups Groups video ©Bruce Bixler
  16. 16. Social Selling: Top LinkedIn Sellers TOP SELLAR OTHER View LinkedIn as Essential 89.9% 12.8% Using Paid Version 51.4% 20.9% Rate Profile as Well-done 41.3% 15.1% Power Users (6+ hrs./week) 69.8% 11.6% ©Bruce Bixler
  17. 17. LinkedIn for Services Sales ©Bruce Bixler Nurture your customers and connections. Social Selling is staying connected with your prospects and building a relationship with them that goes beyond a vendor, more toward a “trusted advisor.” The key word here is relationship, not selling. Educate your customers. In today's marketplace everyone is selling the same service. The differentiating factor is SERVICE. Solve their problem, add value by giving them service, more service and even MORE service! Under promise and over deliver
  18. 18. THANK YOU Contact Information @BruceBixler49 Bruce Bixler