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Linked in inbound master class for profiles


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Optimizing you Perfect LinkedIn Profile for inbound marketing.

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Linked in inbound master class for profiles

  1. 1. “Masterclass InboundMarketing Perfect Profile”BRUCE BIXLER
  2. 2. LinkedIn Advanced Searches &Enhancements
  3. 3. Marketing Tip: Complete your ProfileFirst job position 20%Confirm first job position 5%Describe your current position 5%Industry and postal code 5%Second job position 20%Add 5 Skills 5%Add your education 25%Add a picture 5%Add at least 50 connections 10%
  4. 4. LinkedIn Inbound OptimizationsYour Headline should include your Unique Value Position usingKEYWORDS, it is the most valuable piece of real estate onyour LinkedIn profile.UVP - Most people have a headline that simply states theirposition. But that doesn’t tell people why they shouldconnect with you. It doesnt tell them how you add value,and it doesnt tell them how you can solve their companysproblem.You need to learn how to set yourself apart. You need toprove that you are a thought leader. You need to showthat YOU are the expert.
  5. 5. LinkedIn Inbound OptimizationsYour LinkedIn Headline is arguably the most important piece of real estate within your Profile.Yet, most users remain confused about its true function, and what to use (in place of thedefault, which is your current job title).Within LinkedIn’s search algorithm, your Headline ranks #1, meaning that out of all the otherinformation you’ll add to your Profile, the words here are weighted more heavily assearch terms.In addition, your Headline is the first (and possibly the ONLY) piece of information other userswill see. It’s displayed in a search list, under your name in an Invitation, and in numerousother prominent places on the site.If you’re not using your Headline to strengthen your UVP message with keywords and jobtitles, you’re missing out on potential traffic and employer interest. “Unemployed” ishardly a search term, and it certainly doesn’t speak to your expertise.(It might, however, convey desperation.)Instead of wasting Headline space with it, try sending the same message while specifyingwhat you offer employers, while injecting strong keyword content.As you can see, there’s many ways to capture and express value to an employer with yourHeadline.
  6. 6. Tip: Complete Your Profile SEOChange the default URL for your profileto your name and link to your profilefrom other sites and posts. This willimprove your SEO rankings
  7. 7. LinkedIn Inbound OptimizationsHow do recruiters search on LinkedIn using (inurl:pub OR inurl:in) -intitle:directory “current * ProcessEngineer” “location * Minneapolis” OR "current * Mktg MGR" –inurl:dir( OR"current * CFO OR “Chief Financial Officer" – (inurl:pub OR inurl:in) -intitle:directory“current * Process Engineer” “location * Minneapolis”
  8. 8. Optimization: Current Job TitlesMarketing Manager at Self EmployedMarketing Manager at EntrepreneurMarketing Manager at Additional ResourceMarketing Manager at Marketing ConsultingMarketing Manager at Independent ContractorMarketing Manager at Marketing ResourceMarketing Mgr & Group Owner at (Group Name)Marketing Mgr & Volunteer at Holy FamilyMarketing Mgr & Network Facilitator at Harper CollegeMarketing Mgr & Group Facilitator at Job Search CircleMarketing Mgr & Accountability Leader at St. Hubert’s
  9. 9. LinkedIn Inbound Optimizations• If your profile is the same as your resume you are beingredundant!!! Your LinkedIn profile is a marketing tool.• Your profile has to have different and additionalinformation than your resume• This will give you two opportunities to give the employer orcustomer information about yourself, don’t waste thatsecond opportunity.• You need a “UVP” (unique value position) to be differentand better than your peers or others• You must have a call to action on your profile!Call or contact me now to see how your company canbenefit from my experience.
  10. 10. Inbound Summary Calls to Action
  11. 11. Inbound: Summary/SpecialtiesKEYWORDS• Add descriptions to your LinkedIn Profile SummarySection– Summary should start with your email address at top– Summary paragraph one: should be about what you do yourjob and add keywords– Summary paragraph two: should show how you have addedvalue to a previous employer tell a story (SAR) and addkeywords– Summary paragraph three: how you will solve a companiesproblems use a story (SAR)• Add keywords to your LinkedIn Specialties Section– Specialties is not a conversational section– It is a GOOGLE SEO search term location– All related keywords, separated by a comma
  12. 12. Inbound: Summary/SpecialtiesKEYWORDS Using
  13. 13. Inbound: Summary/SpecialtiesKEYWORDS
  14. 14. LinkedIn Inbound Optimizations• Where keywords are located
  15. 15. LinkedIn Job Listings For Keywords
  16. 16. Past/Current Experience Key words: Job DescriptionExpert in e-commerce, financial modeling, customer analysis, reverse logistics, onlinecustomer experience, logistics and supply chainA thought leader in program management and marketing with ability to define and implementstrategies and processes to support large scale business solutions.Financially and operationally driven to drive metric and financial results.A technologically savvy leader with an ability to provide technical recommendations for userexperience, performance and optimization including: application integration, platform selection,process development, and process improvement.Innovative, dynamic and results-oriented, with positive attitude and solid work ethic.Expert problem-solver adept at finding better ways to merchandise, sell and operate.Is known for identifying critical opportunities and deconstructing vision into simple yet effectivecustomer-centric plans and ability to successfully sell these concepts to internal and externalexecutive management.Effective leader with the ability to coordinate cross-functional teams to accomplish objectivesin a fast-paced, high-growth, high-intensity, constantly evolving, and diverse environment.Extremely driven and highly regarded for broad range of knowledge and experience.Delivers success through building, leading, and inspiring high-performance teams to achievebottom-line results.Supports all Online Business Unit websites including, but not limited to,,,, ManageMyLife,,, and Internationalofferings.
  17. 17. Additional Information : Interests forkeywords and links
  18. 18. Inbound Tactic: Add these websites• Slideshare - projects• Repio – reputation management• YouTube – videos
  19. 19. Inbound Tactics: Add Social Media Websites• Add social media websites• Allows you to direct targeted traffic to your website
  20. 20. LinkedIn Inbound Optimizations• How to use URL’s & New FeaturesIf you have the newly redesigned profile, you may now add examples of your workwith media links to a video, image, document or presentation.The media links may be added to sectionsSummaryEducationExperienceClick Profile at the top of your homepage.Click Edit in the top section of your profile.Scroll down to the section where you want to add content and click the add medialink (it looks like a square with a plus sign).Move your cursor over the link and you will see, “Add a link to a video,image, document, presentation…”.Type or paste the link URL to your content into the Add a link field thatappears.A picture of your content will then display with pre-filled Title and Description fields.Note: It may take several seconds forthis to happen.You can edit the content in these fields if you wish.Click Save.
  21. 21. Install Inbound SlideShare URL’s• SlideShare– Share ppt presentations, and video CV’s– You can view all of your connections ppt
  22. 22. LinkedIn Profile Optimizations• How to use URL’s & New Features
  23. 23. Inbound Strategy: UpdatesPeople search profiles 10X more often when users post updates frequently
  24. 24. Edit LinkedIn Today News
  25. 25. LinkedIn Sharing: Bookmarklet
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. THANK YOUContact InformationBruceBix49@gmail.com Bixler