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2014 gray hair management optimize linked in profile


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LinkedIn for job Search. How to optimize your profile to stand out using keyword strategy, SEO, and keyword density.

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2014 gray hair management optimize linked in profile

  1. 1. Gray Hair Management BRUCE BIXLERTop LinkedIn Secrets, Tactics, and Strategies to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  2. 2. LinkedIn Job Seeker
  3. 3. Optimize Secret “settings”
  4. 4. LinkedIn Settings Optimizations
  5. 5. Video Job Search Social Media Net- working LinkedIn Jargon
  6. 6. Add a Profile Picture Do Not Use The LinkedIn Default setting for your profile picture! LinkedIn: (1) Profile Picture
  7. 7. Show Your “UVP” Unique Value Position Area to differentiate yourself, Your Headline Show your “UVP” Unique Value Position how you solve problems A headline reinforces your professional position. LinkedIn: (2) Profile Headline
  8. 8. LinkedIn: Optimizations • You If your profile is the same as your resume you are being redundant!!! • Your profile has to have different and additional information than your resume • This will give you two opportunities to give an employer information about yourself, don’t waste that second opportunity. • You need a “UVP” (unique value position) to be different and better than your peers or others • You must have a call to action on your profile! Call or contact me now to see how your company can benefit from my experience.
  9. 9. Your Headline should include your Unique Value Proposition using KEYWORDS and your picture. UVP - Most people have a headline that simply states their position. But that doesn’t tell people why they should connect with you. It doesn't tell them how you add value, and it doesn't tell them how you can solve their company's problem. You need to learn how to set yourself apart. You need to prove that you are a thought leader. You need to show that YOU are the expert. Optimize Secret: Complete Your Profile
  10. 10. 1A. Public Relations at ABC Company 1B. B2B Sales at MNO Company 1C. Marketing Manager at XYZ Company 2A. Resourceful Public Relations Expert at ABC Company 2B. Bilingual B2B Sales Professional at MNO Company 2C. Successful Marketing Manager of Brands at XYZ Company 3A. I use every tool in the public relations toolbox to make our clients the heroes in their own stories 3B. Experienced Bilingual B2B Sales Professional Helping French and American Companies expand their International Presence 3C. Internet Marketing Expert | Looking For New Business Partnerships That Need Help With Marketing... Lets Connect! Optimize Secret: Your Profile Headline
  11. 11. Optimize Secret #1: Complete Your Profile Change the default URL for your profile to your name for LinkedIn & Google SEO Download Complete Guide
  12. 12. Optimize Secret #2: Current position “In Transition” (Substitute your job title or keywords for Marketing MGR) Marketing Manager at Marketing Resource Marketing Manager at Marketing Entrepreneur Marketing Manager at Marketing Management Marketing Manager at Additional Marketing Resource Marketing Manager at Marketing Consultant Marketing Manager at Independent Marketing Contractor Marketing Manager & Volunteer at Red Cross Marketing Manager & Group Owner at (Group name) Marketing Mgr & Networking Facilitator at Harper College Marketing Mgr & Group Facilitator at Gray Hair Management Marketing Mgr & Accountability Group Mgr at St. Hubert’s
  13. 13. KEYWORDS Include Keywords in your positions and headline • Never, never use the word “Searching” Or “Opportunity” in your headline. Searching and Opportunity are NOT KEYWORDS!!! Searching is your problem, not their solution. And you want to be their solution. Avoid ALL of the top ten overused buzzwords that LinkedIn has identified. • Extensive experience, Innovative, Motivated, Results-oriented, Dynamic, Proven track record, Team player, Fast-paced, Problem solver, Entrepreneurial • You must focus your keywords on a certain company, industry, geographic region, or on a particular level of professional. Zeroing in on an audience helps them say yes to you when the fit is there! • People like people that seem just like themselves. When you use the same words that they use they feel like you are one of them.
  14. 14. LinkedIn: (10) Summary KEYWORDS • Add descriptions to your LinkedIn Profile Summary Section – Summary should start with your email address and contact Information at the top – Summary paragraph one should be about what you do, your job title, and description and use keywords – Summary paragraph two should show how you have added value to a previous employer tell a story (SAR) Keywords – Summary paragraph three tell how you will solve a companies problems use a story (SAR) Keywords • Add keywords to your LinkedIn Summary Section
  15. 15. Intermediate Tactics: Keyword Enhancements Word Cloud Generators • Use Word cloud searches, compare the clouds and look at the differences between the companies job description and responsibilities and the different words in your resume. • Next run a word cloud analysis of a company website. So now you are going to get a word cloud that your target company is using to describe itself to the world. These are the most important words to this company. • So when you customize your resume or LinkedIn profile you will use the keywords from the job description but you will also use the keywords from the company because no one else will be using those keywords from their company pages. This will give you an advantage over all the other applicants. Here is free access to the best word cloud tools out there.
  17. 17. Optimize Secret #2: Past position (s) Titles
  18. 18. Optimize Secret: Customize your websites • Do this by selecting “other” and rename the link using targeted inbound keywords
  19. 19. Optimize Secret: Customize your websites • Allows you to edit on your profile options • Allows you to direct targeted traffic to your website
  20. 20. Install URL’s SlideShare Share ppt presentations, and video CV’s You can view all of your connections ppt
  21. 21. Social Proof ©Bruce Bixler • Give and get recommendations • Optimum 5 -10 recommendations • Give and get endorsements • The larger your network the more endorsements you will have
  22. 22. Optimize Tactic: Skills & Expertise KEYWORDS • Add KEYWORDS to your LinkedIn Profile Skills and expertise section • June 26 added 8 skills • August 7th added 20 more skills
  23. 23. The Interests section is heavily indexed on all fields. You can add keywords followed by a comma, that shows your professional interests, follow it up by including your “signature block” data or your name (“I’m interested in furthering my engineering career in management roles. John Smith”). Either way, your common name will get a little less common on LinkedIn. Add the same job title (Keywords) in your interests section Keywords: You Are What Others Search!
  24. 24. Questions? Contact Information @BruceBixler49 THANK YOU