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5 Keys to Impress a Hiring Manager


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Job search and interviewing preparation go hand in hand. This presentation suggests five key areas for your prepare for your next job interview.

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5 Keys to Impress a Hiring Manager

  1. 1. Five Keys to Impress a Hiring Manager brought to you by Bruce A. Bennett Career Coach Corner August 14, 2017
  2. 2. Five Keys 1. Interview Knowledge - Show him/her you know the company, it's products and customers. 2. Self Confidence - Be confident in your own skin / abilities and value. 3. Currency – Keep pace with industry knowledge and developments. 4. Portfolio - Prove you are a problem solver with solid work examples. 5. Closing the Interview - Excitement with desire for the job in your voice & demeanor.
  3. 3. Vision
  4. 4. Interview Knowledge Research the company and position Company website: management team, recent acquisitions, current news, new products, stock price, etc. LinkedIn: Company LinkedIn Page, Profiles of people you are interviewing with, connections who work at the company, and people who left.
  5. 5. Interview Knowledge Have work history and reference details and several copies of your resume. Dress for interview and over dress rather than under dress. Have your answers prepared for these most likely opening interview questions: What can you tell me about our company? Tell Me About Yourself
  6. 6. Interview Knowledge
  7. 7. Self Confidence Self analysis  SWOT and positive thinking Set goals  Measure success in small steps Start Stretching  Increase goals as confidence builds Building Self Confidence (Mind Tools, 2011)
  8. 8. Self Confidence Smile Posture and Body Language Speak confidently – slow it down Goal setting & achievement Do away with a bad habit
  9. 9. Self Confidence Visualize your self in a positive light Prepare mentally for situations Muscle and mind memory Laugh How to be more confident
  10. 10. Currency LinkedIn activity is one way to illustrate staying current in your industry and position. Discuss merits of books, seminars or webinars in your industry. Professional Association Membership events and networking.
  11. 11. Portfolio Resume Examples of your work, e.g. Spreadsheets, Memos, Proposals, Presentations List of accomplishments Letters of recommendation Military service
  12. 12. Portfolio Certificates, Degrees or Licenses Transcripts and/or continuing education classes Volunteer activities Thank you notes from vendors/clients Recognition photos or completed team projects
  13. 13. Closing the Interview Have questions prepared and printed out with Company logo visible. Express interest in the company and working for the hiring manager. Return to the beginning and tell them about yourself and you are a great candidate. Ask about next steps in the candidate selection process. Enthusiastic hand shake at the end.
  14. 14. Closing Announcement Bruce Bixler and I will be conducting two Advanced LinkedIn workshops on Saturday September 30th. Advanced Master Profile Workshop Session Advanced Master Training & Social Selling Workshop Registration for Both Workshops Palatine Public Library, 700 N North Ct, Palatine, IL 60067 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.
  15. 15. Questions? Feel free to connect on LinkedIn Bruce A. Bennett Phone: 815-302-9552 Career Coach Corner