OSC Quarterly News Letter for 2010 Q2


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Second news letter for an innovative nonprofit named Our Stewardship Community OSC.

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OSC Quarterly News Letter for 2010 Q2

  1. 1. Our Stewardship Community Quarterly News Letter April 2010 Volume I Number 2 Mission statement Create effective systems for making reproducing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Invitation Join us in the adventure of systematically harnessing communication technologies for the glory of God! Seminary Graduates Please Pray Every year the seminary where I work graduates more The most important way you can support any ministry is than 300 men and women. These people are no longer with prayers. Never underestimate the power of earnest focused on reading books and writing papers. They seek prayers. A little faith in a big God goes a long ways. ministry opportunities. They return to their hometown or Over the decades I have witnessed hundreds of answered move to where they have job prayers in my life and in the life of others. offers. Many relocate overseas to serve in the mission field. Every Monday I send out a few brief prayer requests to e and for the ministry. Here are the archives http:// I have been working at the community.icontact.com/p/oscsmr/newsletters/2009 seminary since 1999 so I know many graduates all over the And here is where you can subscribe http:// world. They understand the importance of learning online osclaunch.webs.com/intercessorsneeded.htm ministry to go along with their offline ministry. During the coming months and years Our Stewardship Please pray especially Community will put various lessons online for them to for the Lord Jesus Christ improve evangelism and discipleship. to continually train me to improve in prayer and These graduates will be included as important members intercession for the rest of the ministry as we collaboratively build the base and of my life. This is a extend the outreach. Their wisdom, insights and critical spiritual experiences will help guide the unfolding ministry. discipline that is infinitely deep and wide. These dear people are often isolated from other seminary graduates. They will face complex challenges and choices Ongoing prayer requests in the coming years. So one of our services will be to work with them to create ways for them to meet other enroll intercessors graduates from other seminaries and work together for work with advisers social and spiritual goals. I have a website to start that favor with donors process http://www.freewebs.com/seminarygraduateshub/ www.osclaunch.org
  2. 2. New Mission This sentence points to the top priority of making Statement disciples from the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). These disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ will reproduce themselves by making more disciples. The brand new mission And Our Stewardship Community offers effective statement is as follows. systems that are online yet relate to offline too. Create effective systems for The mission statement will be reviewed and revised making reproducing disciples of by the board of directors, consultants and others for the Lord Jesus Christ. years to come. And for today this is the best I can do. Our Stewardship Community The name Our Stewardship The name Our Stewardship The name Our Stewardship Community begins with the term Community contains the term Community contains the term ‘our’ on purpose. ‘stewardship’ as a key focus. ‘community’ as a critical part. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 12 It seems that most Christians in the The Bible teaches that the greater that the body of Christ is like the USA do not consider that after this body of Christ is like a large spiritual human body. Each member has need moral life they will give an account to organism. There is unity and diversity of the other members. the Lord Jesus Christ privately. Yet in the millions of members. And He will justly judge and generously Jesus Christ is the Head of His body. The Holy Spirit indwells each rewards good works done in His member. Jesus Christ is the Lord of name by born again believers. The Internet has been used by the each individual and the Head of the business community and the youth in corporate body. The evaluation will be based on amazing ways. Every day millions of stewardship of what God has people are using these tools. One of the names of Jesus is entrusted to them. That means their Emmanuel, God with us. We will time, talents and treasures (things and Our Stewardship Community will trust Him to work through us. money) harness these communication technologies to pioneer ways to foster We will experiment with various People feel pain about their time and healthy communities both online and innovative forms of shared money. Yet the greatest need is to offline. We are serving the next leadership. We will borrow and adapt discover and develop talents in the generation of Christian leaders they from the best methods available. The context of a supportive community. will adapt what we use and add other interactions of the people will And in this Digital Age all kinds of elements needed for their setting. organically create a new kind of new options are available for us to Together we will learn and teach hybrid. But at the core this is ‘our’. use our talents for the glory of God. cross cultural considerations. www.osclaunch.org
  3. 3. Valuable Resources Previews Links Collections Hub What follows are previews of links Here are some collections of links I that will be on the Valuable already have online. God uses me as an instrument of His Resources Hub described in the grace to sow seeds. These seeds are previous column. Prayer Hub mostly resources in the form of links to useful websites or catalogs. http://prayerhub.blogspot.com/ You can find the hot links to these sites by go to the archives of this Bible Study Hub These practical aids provide a wide Quarterly Newsletter at the bottom of range of options. Then the person is http://biblestudyhub.blogspot.com/ the home page for the ministry empowered to do their own research before investing their time, energy www.ocslaunch.org Evangelism Hub and money. www.freewebs.com/evangelismhub/ Books This is my way to be a doer of the JSO Hub word when Paul said in Ephesians www.jsohub.org Here are some books that I highly 4:12 to equip God’s people to better recommend that you can find in serve and build up the body of Christ. libraries and bookstores. These links Best Online Services go to web pages with special material Here are some of the online services I have been doing this directly and about the book. that I use. Valuable Resources Hub indirectly for many years. I have will include a text and video review. various collections of links to Seven Habits of Highly Effective People websites online now. Those Stephen Covey Comapping collections are scattered and several www.stephencovey.com/7habits/7habits.php www.comapping.com times a month I send an email to a Christian leader with links to those Six Thinking Hats Toodledo blogs or websites that will meet the Edward DeBono www.toodledo.com needs that were revealed in our www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ conversation. Here is one link that Six_Thinking_Hats Slide Share goes to many of those collections www.edwarddebono.com/Default.php http://jsohub.webs.com/blogs.htm www.slideshare.net/BrownBagHub/ presentations Power of Story What I plan to create this summer is a new central website that will offer Jim Loehr Webs www.hpinstitute.com/ most of the best of these at one www.webs.com book_power_of_story.html location. It will be easy to browse because I will include keyword tags. Audio Acrobat E-myth Revisited www.audioacrobat.com This site will include many screencast Michael Gerber www.e-myth.com/pub/htdocs/emr_ch1 videos of 3 to 5 minutes. Smart Sheet Purpose Driven Life www.smartsheet.com This site will be named Valuable Resources Hub. It will be the beta Rick Warren version of one of the five service of http://www.purposedrivenlife.com/en-US/ iContact Our Stewardship Community. AboutUs/AboutTheBook/ www.icontact.com / FirstSevenChapters.htm Namely it will be the initial Networking Hub. Liquid Planner Dream Giver www.liquidplanner.com Please pray for God to guide my Bruce Wilkinson http://www.brucewilkinson.com/Store/tabid/ thoughts, plans and actions related to this project. 295/View961/Detail/TitleID/55/Default.aspx Meet John Go to the new online slide show auto When the seed capital is raised then Experiencing God biography about John S. Oliver the the web developers will take this to Henry Blackaby founder of Our Stewardship the next level with their advanced http://www.blackaby.org/resources/bmistore/ Community www.slideshare.net/ egbooks.asp BrownBagHub/john-s-oliver-an-online- programing and better graphic design. pioneer-2010-04-24 www.osclaunch.org
  4. 4. Game Plan Sequence Pray over these next steps toward launching the ministry. 1. Write a business case for the ministry. This could be 40 to 60 page document with links to more details online. More than half of this is already written in various places online. It needs to come together into one fluid narrative. This is the core story that will be shared with consultants. 2. The consultants will take the business case and work with me to craft the initial business plan and fund raising materials. 3. The business plan and fund raising materials are aimed to use the proven Benevon fund raising model http://www.benevon.com/resources/model The goal at this phase is for me to meet with two prospective donors a week and present to two groups per month. When I get into that habit then sooner than later the needed forty thousand dollars of seed capital will will raised. 4. The business plan will have described how the funds will be used. And of the forty thousands dollars (40K) here is the use 10K Consultants & Life Coaches, 10K Web Development, 10K Hardware & Software and 10K Initial Payroll. 5. The business plan and all this activity is aimed at launching the web based platform that offers five services and has five income streams. The five services are Networking Hub, Wiki, Educational Nucleus, Think Tank, Research & Development Lab. The five income streams are donations retail sales, affiliate commissions, memberships and advertisements. 6. There are more steps after this that involve harnessing communication technologies in innovative ways for pioneering evangelism, discipleship and benevolence. This will involve ministering online, offline and both in harmony. 7. In order for these big plans to become a reality then much prayer needs to be enrolled and focused. Also we need to learn how to adapt the best practices of strategic planning, project management and personal productivity. Fellow Pilgrim Coaching Life Coaching Can be Like Structured Mentoring Every month I meet with several seminary students and graduates. Some of these repeat regularly. Mostly these meetings relate to my helping them think clearly about how they can learn to minister online. I ask them many questions about their background, passions and dreams for the future. I teach them simple summaries of the many lessons I have learned from my hundreds of hours of online research. I might send a link to a slide show that I offered at a Brown Bag Lecture http://www.slideshare.net/BrownBagHub/ presentations And I usually send links to online services I use and sites where they can learn more. This is a kind of life coaching that I have been doing naturally. There are schools that teach how to do this more effectively and earn an income. During the coming months I will be investigating this avenue. And I will be hiring life coaches to help bring better focus, discipline and balance into my life. I need to enroll these people to bring their strengths to help me better navigate and negotiate the challenges that are ahead. So pray for me to receive and offer coaching. www.osclaunch.org