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Brosnan Risk Consultants LTD - Brochure

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Brosnan Risk Brochure

  1. 1. Brosnan Risk Consultants LTD Corporate Brochure
  2. 2. Company History Brosnan is a risk consultation and management advisory company to a global network of clients. Founded in 1996 by Patrick J. Brosnan, the firm provides services for a clientele of Real Estate developers, construction management companies, financial institutions, law firms, government agencies, and individuals. Brosnan Risk Consultants specializes in the development and analysis of information required by its clients for their decision-making process. Brosnan provides businesses and individuals with information, analysis, training, and advice to mitigate the growing risks associated with fraud, computer sabotage, electronic threats, and corporate protective matters. Headquartered in Manhattan and licensed in ten states, Brosnan is structured to help clients overcome a variety of challenges by offering a wide range of corporate advisory services including litigation consulting, background screening, data recovery, business intelligence, general investigations, and security services. With its multidisciplinary corps of employees, Brosnan offers unique and effective solutions for today’s real-world problems. Brosnan Risk Consultants has been awarded many prestigious assignments since its inception. The Department of Environmental Protection selected Brosnan to assess vulnerabilities of New York City’s water supply systems to terrorist attack. The Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) chose Brosnan to assess New York State’s intercity bus routes’ susceptibility to acts of terrorism. Brosnan provided security for all the Republican National Convention’s main venues in New York City and Executive Protection for the Speaker of the House, four United States Senators, and several Congressmen. In 2009, The Department of Homeland Security selected Brosnan to provide training in terrorism detection, disaster response, and vulnerability awareness to local and state municipal employees in Delaware. In late 2009, Silverstein Properties retained Brosnan to assess security and identify vulnerabilities at tower four at Ground Zero. The selection as the vendor to secure the most vulnerable site in the United States – the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero – represents a powerful acknowledgment of Brosnan Risk Consultants’ capabilities as a security vendor.
  3. 3. <ul><li>Brosnan Risk Consultants has extensive experience in the provision of professional security services in the metropolitan New York area including commercial buildings, residential properties, construction sites, banks, warehouses, retail stores, and schools. Brosnan has provided top-tier security services at over one hundred construction sites and many “trophy buildings” in Manhattan including Carnegie 57, the Diamond Tower, the Stanhope Hotel, Trump Park Avenue, the Apthorp Building, and many other prestigious locations. The scope of security services includes armed law enforcement personnel, unarmed security officers, plainclothes personnel, patrol vehicles, canine units, and loss prevention officers. </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Brosnan’s senior management team has over 200 years in law enforcement and have created a Value Engineering Package that is unrivaled in the industry: </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Added Value </li></ul><ul><li>Supervision is provided by retired NYPD sergeants and lieutenants. </li></ul><ul><li>In-Service Legal Training is provided by a retired NYPD captain and includes instruction in the Penal Law, the Criminal Procedure Law, and NYC’s building codes. </li></ul><ul><li>In-Service FDNY Training is provided by a retired NYFD Deputy Chief and includes instruction in the NYC Administrative codes and related laws. </li></ul><ul><li>OSHA Training is provided by Brosnan in-house. All security personnel must complete the OSHA 10 hour certification for site safety. </li></ul><ul><li>NYS Certifications - all security personnel have completed at least one of the following certifications: F94 (fireguard public assembly); F54 (fireguard office buildings); and F29 (fireguard field construction sites). </li></ul><ul><li>Ten Million Dollar Umbrella Insurance - a $10 million dollar excess liability insurance policy is provided to all clients. </li></ul><ul><li>24 Hour Tip Line - a 24 hour bi-lingual tip hotline with a $1000 reward is offered at all sites for information regarding criminal activity. </li></ul>Value Engineering
  4. 4. Patrick J. Brosnan Patrick J. Brosnan is the founder and CEO of Brosnan Risk Consultants. In 1996, when he established Brosnan, he created a boutique investigative, intelligence, and security firm that employed investigators from diverse fields including law enforcement, legal, banking, accounting, and journalism. This unique cross-section of investigators utilizes sophisticated fact-finding techniques, creative intuition, and media contacts to develop timely and accurate data for the client. The effectiveness of this multidisciplinary approach to intelligence gathering and investigations has transformed Brosnan Risk Consultants into a new breed of professional services firm dedicated to mitigating risk. Mr. Brosnan’s investigative skills have been heralded by both the former Mayor and Governor of New York who has referred to him as a “one man war on crime.&quot; He has honed his extensive government experience in fraud detection and prosecution into a unique investigative resource for the private sector. As CEO of Brosnan Risk Consultants, he is one of the leading investigative specialists serving Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, large law firms, and high net-worth individuals. Mr. Brosnan began his law enforcement career in 1983 with the New York City Police Department. There he quickly distinguished himself as a tenacious investigator and was promoted to detective in 1987- one of the fastest promotions in NYPD history. From 1987 to 1995 Mr. Brosnan became a Supreme Court recognized expert in the Fourth Amendment and in courtroom testimony and a videotape of his techniques for effective courtroom testimony is still part of the NYPD Police Academy curriculum. During the course of his career, Mr. Brosnan personally arrested over 1000 criminals, recovered over 300 loaded handguns, and was selected as the New York State Police Officer of the Year in 1991. In 1995, Mr. Brosnan was injured in a line-of-duty shooting and retired shortly after as the highest-decorated Detective in the NYPD. Mr. Brosnan appears regularly on national and cable news programs providing expert analysis on terrorism, security, and investigative matters. He is often quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other business publications. Mr. Brosnan received a BA Degree in English in 1983, an MS degree in Criminal Justice in 1995, and has authored several articles on terrorism and its impact on America. Founder and President
  5. 5. James Burbridge James Burbridge is the Director of Risk Management for Brosnan. Mr. Burbridge is a highly-decorated New York homicide detective who has been with the department for twenty four years. Mr. Burbridge began his career with the NYPD and has also worked as an investigator with the District Attorney’s Organized Crime Task Force. Presently, he is the department’s liaison between the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.   Mr. Burbridge brings an extensive and varied investigative background to the firm. Currently, he is actively involved in many of Brosnan’s corporate investigations and oversees staffing and resource allocation. In 2003, he supervised the investigation of a major burglary ring in New Jersey and New York City. This investigation resulted in the recovery of stolen property, eight arrests, and several indictments. In 2004, Mr. Burbridge implemented and supervised Brosnan’s security program for the Republican National Convention in New York City. Mr. Burbridge’s responsibilities included the personal safety of the speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert, numerous congressman and their respective families, and several US Senators.   In 2005, at the request of the Federal Transportation Security Administration, Mr. Burbridge managed and oversaw a wide-ranging assessment of Adirondack-Trailway Bus company’s vulnerabilities to any threat. The scope of this investigation included a close review of Adirondack-Trailway's hiring policies, passenger screening, bus route vulnerabilities, luggage control, and their Emergency Response Plan. The final report is widely recognized as the benchmark for the intercity bus industry.   Mr. Burbridge has received formal training with the NYPD, the FBI, the United States Secret Service, and the DEA Drug Task Force. He has been awarded fifty medals for valor during his career.   Director of Risk Management
  6. 6. Peter Gjelaj Peter Gjelaj is the Director of Construction Security for Brosnan. Mr. Gjelaj has twenty years experience in the Real Estate field as a developer, manager, and owner in New York City. His business experience is broad and varied and has resulted in his involvement in numerous civic and business organizations.   Mr. Gjelaj’s association with the New York State Shields – the largest fraternal police organization in New York State – and the Fraternal Order of Police has spanned nearly seventeen years. His contacts within law enforcement, particularly in the New York City Police department and the New York State Police, are far-reaching.   In his capacity as the Director of Construction Security, Mr. Gjelaj’s responsibilities are wide ranging. He oversees day-to-day site operations, analyzes site vulnerabilities, identifies at-risk areas, and recommends physical security countermeasures to ensure worker safety and to protect assets and equipment. Mr. Gjelaj’s protective countermeasures include assignment of security officers, digital badging, CCTV cameras, perimeter lighting, and intelligence reports.   Mr. Gjelaj inspects and audits all Lowell construction site operations and provides the client with real-time, actionable intelligence. In addition to the provision of physical security, Mr. Gjelaj oversees all background screening services for the client. Clients are informed whether vendors or employees have criminal records, litigation exposure, financial distress, or business relationships that could cause reputational risk. Mr. Gjelaj employs vigorous screening processes to ensure all vendors meet ethical standards set by the client.     Director of Construction Security
  7. 7. Cheryl Cosenza Cheryl Cosenza is General Counsel for Brosnan. Ms. Cosenza performs a variety of legal functions for Brosnan including analysis of forensic accounting and money laundering investigations and review and interpretation of federal privacy laws. Ms. Cosenza is the company spokesperson on risk management and the “Financial Modernization Act.” She has directed symposiums in New York City on securities fraud and has authored publications on anti-fraud provisions and related topics.   Ms. Cosenza has supervised and directed numerous investigations for Brosnan including a recent Russian organized crime case that led from New York City to Prague, Czechoslovakia. She has conducted many counterintelligence operations on both coasts and overseas. Ms. Cosenza recently conducted an investigation into allegations of fraud and grand larceny at Patterson High School in New Jersey which resulted in wide-spread policy changes and several criminal convictions. Ms. Cosenza worked for Citibank’s private bank in their compliance department prior to her employment with Brosnan. Her combination of legal expertise and financial acuity has proven very effective in identifying ‘at risk’ areas for Brosnan clientele.   In her capacity as General Counsel, Ms. Cosenza works closely with senior managers and Human Resource directors from a range of industries including banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, finance, and media.   From a multi-disciplinary perspective, Ms. Cosenza brings an interesting edge to Brosnan as an attorney, an accountant, a part-time actress, and a print model. Ms. Cosenza received an MBA in International Business and Finance from Long Island University and a Juris Doctorate from Fordham Law.    General Counsel
  8. 8. Thomas McCauley   Thomas McCauley is the Director of New York Operations for Brosnan Risk Consultants.   Mr. McCauley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this position.  He retired from the NYPD after twenty years of distinguished service and joined Brosnan initially as a Field Supervisor.  As one of the most active officers in the department, Mr. McCauley quickly rose from Patrol Officer to Field Supervisor of various anti-crime units, and earned him numerous awards and commendations.   Mr. McCauley is a certified EDP Counselor, Certified Peer Counselor, and has extensive training and experience in narcotics intervention and Homeland Security/Anti-Terrorism training and policy.   As the Director of New York Operations, Mr. McCauley supervises and manages a wide spectrum of security details and high level protective assignments for Brosnan Risk Consultants.   He oversees strike crisis details and construction site/residential security in the five boroughs.  He assesses and identifies vulnerabilities at these sites, interfaces with the local police authorities and develops viable security protocols that protect the client, personnel, tenants, and assets.   Mr. McCauley oversees all educational training for security officers including CCTV camera setup and operation, OSHA training, and digital badging procedures for security officers. He also develops and oversees site safety policies.   Mr. McCauley is the founder of a community watch-group – Parents Against Drugs – serves as the school liaison for the D.A.R.E. program, and has been the keynote speaker at many drug – awareness seminars and is a certified OSHA training instructor.   Director of New York Operations
  9. 9. Timothy P. Galvin Timothy P. Galvin is the Director of Training/Compliance for Brosnan. Mr. Galvin brings a wealth of practical and academic experience to this position. His twenty years of distinguished service with the NYPD, where he rose through the ranks to Captain, culminated as the Commanding Officer of the 44th Precinct Narcotics Initiative in the South Bronx.   Mr. Galvin’s academic credentials and law enforcement background resulted in his selection as the coordinator of security planning for the 1996 World Series, the 1992 Democratic Convention, and the fortieth and fiftieth anniversaries of the United Nations. Mr. Galvin’s law enforcement career came to a sudden end when he was shot several times in 1999 during a narcotics raid in the Bronx and was forced to retire due to his injuries. In 1997, the NYC Police Foundation selected him as the “Police Officer of the Year.” Mr. Galvin has received many other awards, including three Medals for Valor.   As the Director of Training/Compliance, Mr. Galvin’s responsibilities are wide-ranging. On a day-to-day level, he oversees training program for wide base of clientele. Mr. Galvin is responsible for the implementation of all compliance policies for his Brosnan staff. He identifies, researches, and prepares staff memorandums on various issues ranging from Homeland Security to changes in procedures and laws as they relate to our industry.   Mr. Galvin received a B.S. degree in Physics in 1978 and an M.S. degree in Criminal Justice in 2002, both from Iona College in New York.     Director of Training / Compliance
  10. 10. Neil J. McCarthy, B.A., J.D. - Neil J. McCarthy is the founder and Chief Editor of Lawyer Links LLC, a novel information service for corporate and transactional lawyers.  Neil and his partners started  Lawyer Links after a consulting assignment for a Top Five corporate law firm.  Neil was an investment banker at Bear Stearns & Co. Inc. and at Salomon Smith Barney.  He was also an M&A lawyer at Skadden Arps in New York and a business lawyer with Bingham Dana in Boston and London.  He has worked for the US Treasury Department during the S&L crisis from 1991 to 1992.  Neil is a graduate of Harvard Law School, Bowdoin College and Regis High School.   Thomas G. Cascione, B.A., J.D. - Mr. Cascione is a practicing attorney in both New York and Florida and is admitted in several federal district courts. He has been a trial attorney for the past twenty years and is a former Assistant District Attorney of the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Cascione consults with Brosnan on wide-ranging civil and criminal matters.   Paul Amedeo , B.S., C.P.A. - Mr. Amedeo is a partner with Santoro, Amedeo & Company and conducts forensic accounting investigations for Brosnan Risk Consultants.   John Perkins - Mr. Perkins is a Grand Master in combat martial arts and is heralded as “America’s foremost self-protection expert.” Mr. Perkins is the author of ‘ Attack Proof: the Ultimate Guide to Personal Protection’ and is a former crime scene investigator in New York. Mr. Perkins conducts self-defense programs and corporate training on safety for Brosnan Risk Consultants.   Danielle Orsino - Ms. Orsino is an East Coast and New England Karate Champion with two black belts. Ms. Orsino is fluent in three languages and is an undercover and executive protection specialist for Brosnan Risk Consultants.   Ralph Nieves, B.A. - Mr. Nieves is a professional polygraph technician for over twenty years and presently administers all lie detector exams for Brosnan Risk Consultants. Mr. Nieves was a Sex Crime detective in the NYPD for 15 years in the Sex Crimes Squad.   Support Staff
  11. 11. Construction Site Security Brosnan Risk Consultants specializes in the provision of security at construction sites. Brosnan’s threat assessment team analyzes site vulnerabilities, identifies “at-risk” areas, and recommends physical security countermeasures to ensure worker safety and to protect assets and equipment. A custom security program is then created which utilizes security officers, digital badging, CCTV cameras, perimeter lighting, and intelligence reports.   Brosnan provides both armed and unarmed security officers specifically trained for construction site security including general perimeter security, personal property protection, personnel safety, fire safety/fire guard, and CCTV operation. To address the logistical difficulties of controlling personnel and vehicle entry at sites that are continuously in a state of flux with large numbers of workers, Brosnan’s officers are trained in digital badging procedures that prevent unauthorized personnel access to the site. All control points and entry locations, during business hours and after hours, are closely monitored by security officers. Brosnan’s security officers prepare intelligence reports that document all instances of inappropriate and criminal activity at a site. The reports identify individuals, establish time frames, and provide eyewitness corroboration.   Brosnan identifies ‘at-risk’ areas and provides CCTV cameras for continuous surveillance. The cameras identify intruders, deter criminal activity, and assist law enforcement with prosecution. Security lighting is also an integral part of Brosnan’s construction site security program. Brosnan recommends security light placement that both protects the site perimeter and provides adequate illumination for the CCTV system to be most effective.   In addition to physical site security, Brosnan also provides background screening specifically designed for the construction industry. Brosnan’s professional background investigators identify key areas of risk including criminal history, alcohol/drug use, insurance claims, and civil litigation. This comprehensive screening process sets Brosnan Risk Consultants apart from other security firms by insuring that any potential threat is identified prior to a business relationship being established.    
  12. 12. Litigation Support Services Computer Forensics In today’s digital world, attorneys frequently review massive amounts of computerized text and data to locate, analyze, and organize key evidence in preparation for client cases. The recovery of discoverable electronic data and documents can be extremely time-consuming. Brosnan’s technology services team provide a range of time-efficient and cost-effective services that help gather, analyze, organize, and prepare data for review in litigation matters and regulatory proceedings. Brosnan’s specialists are trained to identify where exactly on computer networks key evidence is likely to be found, even if that evidence appears to have been erased or lost. Data Recovery Brosnan uses proprietary and industry-recognized forensic tools to locate, recover, and analyze altered, deleted, or damaged electronic data. Whether working on-site or from a remote location, Brosnan provides real-time data recovery solutions that are fast, convenient, and cost-effective. Brosnan’s technology services team can create a comprehensive chronology of computer usage and determine whether computer evidence was altered, damaged, or removed. Investigative Response Teams Brosnan’s investigative specialists assist law firms and corporate counsel at every stage of litigation, arbitration, and trial preparation. When an immediate response is needed, Brosnan’s specialists can respond quickly and professionally to any location. They can locate and interview witnesses, gather intelligence, interact with local authorities, and recreate the event. The importance of immediate response in criminal and civil matters cannot be overstated: Witnesses vanish, crime scenes are compromised, and all too often the truth becomes hazy. Brosnan can provide the expertise to build a case or mount a solid defense when a client is seeking a civil remedy or defending against a criminal proceeding.    
  13. 13. Business Intelligence Competitive Intelligence The ongoing battle for market share in today’s global economy has placed significant pressure on companies to determine competitive strategies and protect reputations. The traditional concept of security, still enforced by many companies, often overlooks the protection of intellectual property. Brosnan’s business intelligence experts provide clients with actionable intelligence about their competitors, which enables them to develop more effective market strategies. Brosnan identifies competitor initiatives and vulnerabilities and recommends proactive responses. Timely business intelligence can identify market threats and business risk areas and can provide an advantage in competitive bids and auctions.   Corporate Counterintelligence Corporate counterintelligence protects business information. Brosnan has developed a comprehensive response to the growing threat of industrial espionage and information theft. In today’s world, many companies go to great lengths to obtain sensitive and often confidential data about their competitors and the availability of portable information via the internet, laptops, portable PCs, and cellular devices has made the traditional security perimeter an illusion. The areas that are frequently ‘at-risk’ are intellectual property: including trade secrets, formulas and processes, pricing strategies, industry sources, and client information; and confidential information: including infrastructure, personnel records, internet communications, agreements, reports, and research. The conduits that allow this critical information to flow are seemingly mundane: loose lips, disgruntled employees, discarded documents, trade shows, friendships, and opportunists. Brosnan’s counterintelligence program can identify a company’s vulnerabilities, stem the flow of sensitive business data, and recommend policies that will minimize future hostile intrusions.  
  14. 14. Background Screening Services   Background Checks Brosnan’s industry-leading and cutting-edge technology assists organizations all over the world in the detection of potential risks, including resume fraud, criminal convictions, and past terminations. Brosnan can verify the background of potential and existing hires, examine professional and academic claims, research criminal histories, verify true identities, and identify a range of omitted issues that could effect job performance. For more than a decade, Brosnan has researched job candidates on all levels, from Fortune 500 managers and university coaches to mid-level executives and mailroom personnel. From traditional background checks to specialized searches, Brosnan’s screening services meet the needs of any organization.   Vendor Screening Brosnan assists companies, government agencies, unions, schools, and individuals in establishing the ability and integrity of potential and existing vendors. Clients are informed whether vendors have criminal records, litigation exposure, financial distress, or business relationships that could cause reputational risk. Rigorous screening processes are implemented to ensure that all vendors meet ethical standards set by the client. Brosnan’s specialists investigate criminal records, civil cases, liens, bankruptcy records, media coverage, and allegations of illegal activity to determine the business practices, liabilities, and integrity of vendors and their principals.     Substance-Abuse Testing Brosnan helps organizations, institutions, unions, and small businesses reduce the risk associated with employee abuse of drugs and alcohol. Brosnan performs urine substance abuse testing and other related services to detect and deter substance abuse. Brosnan’s procedures meet and exceed the certification requirements mandated by all federal and state regulatory bodies, including those of the industry benchmark certification, the Substance-Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (S.A.M.H.S.A.). Brosnan’s analysis is accurate, rapid, and legally defensible.  
  15. 15. Security Services   Executive Protection Brosnan’s executive armed protection services provide personalized security for corporate officers, dignitaries, and other individuals. Brosnan’s security teams are comprised of former NYPD detectives, United States Secret Service agents, and other security professionals. Brosnan’s client base for personal security includes the former Mayor of New York City, Rudolph W. Giuliani, the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, various celebrities, and other prominent individuals. Brosnan also provides armed security services for various conferences, conventions, and special events.     Unarmed Security Officers Brosnan provides unarmed security officers to a range of clientele, including financial institutions, schools, corporations, nightclubs, union strikes, and private individuals. Brosnan’s security personnel receive in house training in fire safety, emergency education procedures, crime prevention, bomb threat protocols, telecommunications, report writing and communication shells. The supervision of Brosnan’s unarmed security services is provided by retired NYPD or federal agents and ensures the integrity of all written reports and establishes a viable chain of command.      School Security Programs Brosnan offers a unique and highly-effective solution to the complex problems inherent in the provision of a safe school environment. Brosnan’s Safe Schools Program provides a customized, multi-dimensional answer to this problem. Brosnan’s school security team includes a unique blend of retired law enforcement officers with formal police training as D.A.R.E. and school resource officers, community members with extensive coaching backgrounds, and former teachers with professional security training. This combination of police experience, sports supervision, and close familiarity with the inner workings of the educational system has been highly effective. Brosnan’s Safe Schools Program deftly balances the twin goals of deterrence of criminal behavior and awareness of student sensitivities.   
  16. 16. Partial Client List <ul><li>Silverstein Properties Extell Development Corp. CBRE Realty </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>Bovis Lend Lease The LeFrak Organization, Inc. S.L. Greene   </li></ul><ul><li>Orange County Choppers Tishman Construction AT&T   </li></ul><ul><li>Duff & Phelps The Carlyle Group Fenway Partners </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>The Feil Organization Jimmy Choo Shoes Ann Fontaine </li></ul><ul><li>Algin Management Company Toyota of Rockland ABC Primetime </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>First American Title Insurance Turner Construction Company Ross & Associates </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>
  17. 17. Brosnan Risk Consultants LTD (800) 590-2180