Check out the winning design for the tiny new york apartments of tomorrow popular science


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Check out the winning design for the tiny new york apartments of tomorrow popular science

  1. 1. 1/23/13 Check Out The Winning Design For The Tiny New York Apartments Of Tomorrow | Popular Science Check Out The Winning Design For The Tiny New York Apartments Of Tomorrow The winner of a competition to design bite-sized affordable housing in New York has just been announced. To judge by the renderings, it looks pretty roomy! By Colin Lecher Posted 01.22.2013 at 5:00 pm My Micro NY In Winter NYC Mayors Office View Photo Gallery Click to enter the gallery A lot of New Yorkers are accustomed to closet-like living quarters, which sounds awful and uncomfortable, right? Doesnt have to be. This winning design from an NYC architecture competition has some clever ideas for making the most of a bite- sized apartment. At less than 400 feet, the winning design of New Yorks adAPT NYC contest isnt the roomiest spot. But “My Micro NY," as the design is called, still manages to squeeze in some coveted amenities, including 10-foot-high ceilings and Juliet balconies. The judges were impressed enough with the proposal to give the team--made up of Monadnock Development LLC, Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation, and the firm nARCHITECTS--the opportunity to create a building, composed of 55 "micro-units." The micro-units will be between 250 and 370 square feet, and 40 percent of them will be designated for "affordable" housing. Itll even be Manhattans first multi-unit building made with modular construction. The secret to developing units that are both tiny and (relatively) comfortable? Shared, multi-purpose spaces. To compensate for a dearth of space in the units themselves, the architects plan to create communal areas, including a roof garden; lounges; and a ground-floor event space for rehearsals, lectures, and so on. In all, 18 percent of the buildings square footage will be used for shared amenities. It took a little bit of housing-zone fudging to make it all work. Housing codes dont allow for full micro-unit buildings, but since this is a government-sanctioned project, Mayor Bloomberg is waiving size and density requirements. My Micro NY, then, will act as a trial run to see if micro-unit housing is viable in the city. Check out the gallery for a look. [New York Times] Previous Article: 3-D Sonar Map Next Article: How An Elite Nerd Reveals The Remains Of A Sunken Squad Dismantled The Civil War Battleship Unabombers Last Deadly Device 13 COMMENTS esum iw a 01/22/13 at 5:19 1/4
  2. 2. 1/23/13 Check Out The Winning Design For The Tiny New York Apartments Of Tomorrow | Popular Science Well, its obvious to me that the layout is exactly like the slave quarters here in New Orleans with the addition of indoor plumbing and toilet: one small room for families to live in with a stove for cooking in one corner and a pot for a bathroom. So, the slow decline of home ownership is now turned into living in slave- quarter like housing. And why do i keep remembering movies liek 1984 or Metropolis...with the 1% living lavishly above the clouds, and teh rest of us wasting away... How absolutely depressing. Link to this com m ent nkfro 01/22/13 at 5:37 pm Well then, esumiwa, where in the article was it said that this design is optimal for all? Dont like it? Dont buy it. This design would suit me well. I am a tradesman. My time is at a premium and I simply dont care to mow grass. Other designers have been building free-standing units of similar design for years. I can see myself retiring in a unit similar to these. If you absolutely must be depressed by this concept, you have many, far more pressing needs to be addressed. Odds are good youd never find the time to buy a unit anyway. ;) Link to this com m ent Fum m fur 01/22/13 at 6:36 pm nkfro: Before you let your self righteous fingers type out another defense for a POPSCI article and lament someones opinion (as if you have a correct answer that cannot be contested), please take a look at existing building code regulations for new apartments in New York. If you do that you will find that an apartment cannot be zoned by regulation standards if it is <450 sq ft. The rooms will be between 250 and 375 sq ft. Essentially the average size of a hotel room or smaller. Nothing like a significant reduction, 17-50%, in legal regulation size of a dwelling space. Dont be derogetory and tell us how you are a "tradesman" of a craft unknown and "simply dont care to mow grass" as if thats all esumiwa is capable of when he has a valid point on the illegal reduction of living space in NY which is allowing a 17-50% decrease in size for new apartments. This being called a fudge by Bloomberg. Its a smear. Slave quarters were of this size or larger...speaks volumes for someone willing to pay for that as a casket for their old age. Link to this com m ent Trooper Bri 01/22/13 at 6:48 pm Remove the NYC tag and you have what is likely the future for overcrowded cities. I could never live in them, but there are plenty of minimalists that would embrace these types of modular apartments. Asians would probably love these too. Coffin sized living quarters are all the rage right now. Link to this com m ent 01/22/13 at 7:44 pm Looks like building stackable Lego Homes. Legomes! gizm ow iz Link to this com m ent euirqosdifo 01/22/13 at 8:56 pm in order to thank everyone, characteristic, novel style, varieties, low price and good quality, and the low sale price. Thank everyone → → → → │\_╭╭╭╭╭_/│    │         │\|/    │ ●     ● │—☆—    │○ ╰┬┬┬╯ ○│/|\    │   ╰—╯   /    ╰—┬○————┬○╯     ╭│     │╮     ╰┴—————┴╯ dfgerre Link to this com m 2/4
  3. 3. 1/23/13 Check Out The Winning Design For The Tiny New York Apartments Of Tomorrow | Popular Science Link to this com m ent zerox012 01/22/13 at 9:41 pm Im sure the rich will find them "trending", and destroy the whole concept. Link to this com m ent cs4 01/22/13 at 11:29 pm To Fummfur and Trooper Bri You have a problem if you require a coffin that large. Link to this com m ent 01/23/13 at 12:27 am love those 5th element apart style ^^ sign me in --- (Type 0.72) = We are still just cleaver monkeys! vt007 Link to this com m ent nkfro 01/23/13 at 12:29 am fumfurr, your approval for me to express my opinion was not sought, was not required and is completely irrelevant. There is no obligation for me to defend my trade or myself to you, so shut up and listen for a change. You might actually learn something once in a while when you remain silent! You assume far too much. The design is neither legal nor illegal until the permitting phase is undertaken. This was a design exercise, not a notice of intent to build. NYC is NOT the only place in the world with an unsustainable number of people occupying the same square mile. There will soon be 6,000,000,000 occupying the face of this planet and birth control will take a full generation, perhaps even two generations, to even begin to show a sustainable reduction in population. Are we to assume that youll take some of those folks in under your roof? I didnt think so. You had better face facts - once rental and privately owned apartments/condos hit $1000/square foot, ALL hope of a more reasonable price was pretty much lost. You have three options - go smaller, go broke, or get out. Common sense seems to be a weak spot for you, so get out probably isnt an option for you. I own my 1800 square foot house in AZ. Isure as hell dont need all of that space living by myself, but you probably do. My lot is approx. 4000 square feet. A well designed 250 square foot house would be ideal. The additional unused lot space provides for a lot of options not currently available. So you dont agree with my point of view, no big deal. Next time, keep it to yourself and you wont appear to be such an idiot the next time. Link to this com m ent 01/23/13 at 5:34 am nkfro likes the concept, esumiwe hates it. To each his own. The room shown in the first picture is a deceptive construct. I would say it is between 400 and 500 sq ft. I would hate to live in one. Faced with nkfros African Rover options I would rather ship out, but if I was him I would rather live in poverty in his place in AZ than in luxury in a sardine can in NY. nkfros 250 sq. ft. house equals a square of less than 16 ft. Single garages here are normally 10 by 20 ft. I would not even buy one of the units as an investment. The chance of somethings like that becoming a slum is considerable. Link to this com m ent Fum m fur 01/23/13 at 6:47 am Today I learned that nkfro lives in a 1800 sq ft house, approves of censorship and doesnt understand that I know regulations in NY because I live here. "1987 new apartments 400 square feet" <----just google that with NY somewhere in it. I was off by 50ft. Im sorry. 7%-37% reduction in code size. Still its a significant adjustment to standards and is not legal by code. They should have to change the code before construction, not after. But I do have a list of questions for you nkfro (a) Why are you using name calling? (b) If your job means nothing why mention it? (c) If you own a house that big why do you care for the construction of these units and purportedly say "I can see myself retiring in a unit similar to these"? 3/4
  4. 4. 1/23/13 Check Out The Winning Design For The Tiny New York Apartments Of Tomorrow | Popular Science (d) Did you know that the world population is now 6,973,738,433 and that there is still no overcrowding or need for me to house others? (e) Did you know this was a design contest, not a design exercise, to be built on a public lot, not because of demand of living quarters, but a need for affordability? (f) Did you realize I didnt attack your job but pointed out that you used it to objectify the original poster? Its not even that I dont agree with you, you are wrong. This is an erosion of living standards in my state that shouldnt be tolerated just because it is cheap. Most have given up hope of buying a house in this state and losing minimal requirements for apartment square footage is insult to injury for the youth in our state that can barely keep apartments while working in excess of 50 hours a week. I took out my stinger because you attacked a poster for his opinion as if yours was more right despite owning a "1800 square foot house in AZ". Why even have an opinion on what goes on here with policy in NY if youre already that well off? Do you have an investment with this company? I dont understand how you can even tell another its really great to do this when you require that much more property for yourself. I am listening, but you cant call me names and you cant just say Im wrong without a counterpoint. My opinion on this matter is that as a first world country we should be increasing our living standards, not taking them away for affordability. CS4: The whole coffin thing was a joke...because he said hed like to retire in analogy to it being cramped if you will. Link to this com m ent 01/23/13 at 8:04 am Of my travels to Brazil, there is a gigantic shortage of homes. Of course part of the problem is 30% or so of the population has no education or jobs. Still these people are intelligent and do what they can to survive. Robot These people build their homes anywhere and what I saw many homes on hillsides; when it rains the homes tumble down with death and destruction. I like to see a strong, cheap, manufactured homes brought to the poor people of the world. Of course, education and jobs always helps too. Link to this com m ent To comment, please Login. Copyright © 2012 Popular Science A Bonnier Corporation Company. All rights reserved. Reproduction in w hole or in part w ithout permission is 4/4