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Diabetic alert dog


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Diabetic Alert dog
These specially bred and trained dogs are trained to alert someone if a diabetic’s blood sugar is high or low, even before electronic devices will indicate blood sugar being out of range.

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Diabetic alert dog

  1. 1. Meet our DAD (Diabetic Alert Dogs) Diabetic Alert Dogs special is that they can smell a diabetic’sblood sugar dropping or spiking out of range early, so that they can provide their owner with an alert in advance of a crisis.
  2. 2. What Brooks Diabetic Alert Dogs Can Do For YouSleep Through The NightBring Stability & ReliefGain The Comfort Of AConstant Companion
  3. 3. A Diabetic Alert Dog is not meant to replace a medicaldevice like a monitor. Diabetic Alert Dogs are intended to be a living supplement to your well-being and security.
  4. 4. Owning A Brooks Diabetic Alert Dog Only qualified individuals may own one of our DADs… We’reconcerned for the best interest of both the diabetic person and the dog.If you are interested in being screened as a candidate for a Brooks Labradors Diabetic Alert Dog, please fill out our “DAD” QUESTIONNAIRE and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.
  5. 5. Why Brooks Diabetic Alert Dogs Are Special We only produce a few Diabetic Alert Dogs per year!Debby Kay the author of the Labrador Breeders Handbook, and theSuper Sniffer™ Drill Book has been breeding Labradors since 1969
  6. 6. Why Brooks Diabetic Alert Dogs Are Special A certified animal behavior consultant Kathy Marr has had a passion for helping people and their pets since childhood. These two professional breeders, share desire to produce a reliable Diabetic Alert Dog using a conservative yet effective training protocol in this emerging canine training niche.
  7. 7. A Message from The Brooks Family“Each Brooks Diabetic AlertDog™, bred and trained by ourfamily, connects your family toours in a special andmeaningful way… As parentsof six children ourselves, weare passionate about thehealth, safety and freedom ofyour children. It’s a personalthing!”If you are interested in beingscreened as a candidate fora Brooks Labradors DiabeticAlert Dog, fill out our “DAD”QUESTIONNAIRE here. We’llfollow up with you as soon aspossible.
  8. 8. CONTACT US Interested in one of our puppies? CLICK HERE to take our Puppy Quiz. Interested in a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD)? CLICK HERE to fill out our DAD Questionnaire.Follow Us On Contact us :- 6 Hobb Hill Ln, Lucas,TX 75002 (214) 506-