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Brooks International Speakers Bureau ( ) is your resource for motivational and inspirational speakers who can motivate and inspire your employees. For more info visit .

<p>Brooks International Speakers Bureau is a different kind of speakers bureau. What sets us apart is the attention that we give to each client and the speed with which we are able to respond to our client's needs. We've been doing this since 1984 and have booked talent for every type of event, fundraiser, meeting, party, convention and training seminar that you can imagine and we will give advice on what works - and what doesn't. We have fresh ideas whether you are looking for a celebrity, entertainment, corporate speaker, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, business speaker, sales trainer, sports speaker, author, consultant or inspirational speaker. </p>

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<p>Motivational Business Speakers</p>

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Motivational Business Speakers

  1. 1. Motivational Business Speakers
  2. 2. • Motivational business speakers will help your business become more productive.• Businesses will benefit from hiring a motivational speaker by boosting morale, motivating employees and enhancing team performance.
  3. 3. • Motivation is an intangible asset that all companies must have in order to achieve their objectives, generate profits, overcome challenges and stay competitive.• Motivational business speakers inject essential fuel into the DNA of organizations through their customized speeches and programs.
  4. 4. Motivational speakers can also deliver action-based strategiesthat energize organizations and help them refocus where needed.Reasons to hire a motivational business speaker for your corporate event: To transform a passive corporate culture into proactive, winning culture To create a growing environment To set and achieve goals To increase sales To raise performance standards To instill techniques to build rapid relationships To empower teams to achieve extraordinary results To learn how to manage negative and unstructured situations with ease To create trusting partnerships between customers and employees To create a positive attitude amongst employees
  5. 5. Brooks International Speakers Bureau is your resource for motivationaland inspirational speakers who can motivate and inspire businessleaders.• We have many business speakers that cover a variety of topics such as business motivation, management, business ethics, communication, leadership, teamwork and team building, sales and marketing, corporate culture, customer service and much more.• Our team will match your company with a motivational business speaker that best fits your companys objectives. Here are a few motivational business speakers that we would like to highlight:
  6. 6. 1 Guy Kawasaki1 Key Topics Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Competition, Innovation and more.Business Speaker, Co-Founder, Founding partner atGarage Technology Ventures.
  7. 7. 2 Harvey Mackay2 Key Topics Inspiration, Success and more.Inspirational Business Speaker,Best-Selling Author.
  8. 8. 3 Vince Poscente3 Key Topics Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership, Sports and moreOlympic Gold Medal Skier, Founder ofFull Speed Ahead eBrief (2005) andVince Poscente International (1994),Best-Selling Author.
  9. 9. 4 Scott Halford4 Key Topics Motivation, Presentation Skills, Customer Service, Success and moreEmmy Award Winning Writer andProducer, an engaging presenterand a long-time consultant toFortune 500 executive teams
  10. 10. 5 Jim Murphy5 Key Topics Leadership, Motivation, Change, Strategy and more.Leadership Speaker,Founder and CEO ofAfterburner, Inc.
  11. 11. 6 Joel Weldon6 Key Topics Success, Leadership, Motivation, Sales and moreMotivational Speaker, IdeaConsultant and Sales Trainerto many of the worldsleading organizations andbusinesses.
  12. 12. 7 Bill Rancic7 Key Topics Entrepreneurship, Management, Innovation, Sales and more.Entrepreneur, New YorkTimes Best-Selling Author.
  13. 13. 8 Jeffrey Ma8 Key Topics Business, Social Media, Innovation and more.Corporate Speaker,Co-Founder of CitizenSports.
  14. 14. 9 Jim Rogers9 Key Topics Motivation, Sports, Inspiration and more.Author, FinancialCommentator, Adventurer andSuccessful InternationalInvestor.
  15. 15. 10 Rick Barrera10 Key Topics Branding & Competition, Collaborative Selling, Customer Service, Sales, Future Trends & Innovation and more.Marketing Consultant,Speaker, Author.
  16. 16. There are various types of motivational business speakers who can helpboost your employees inner fire and help them achieve greatness.Contact us to find the best person based on your organizations needs. • Motivational Business Speakers • Motivational Sales Speakers • Diversity Speakers • Motivational Business Ethics Speakers • Corporate Social Responsibility Speakers • Business Humor Speakerss • Celebrity Business Speakers • Business Management Speakers • Leadership Speakers • Business Innovation Speakers • Team Building Speakers • Sports Speakers • Customer Service Speakers • Speakers on Corporate Culture
  17. 17. Call us: 303-825-8700