Brooks International Speakers Bureau Helps Secure Famous Celebrity Comedians for Corporate Events


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Brooks International Speakers Bureau connects you with best comedians and speakers in the humor entertainment industry. For more info visit

Brooks International Speakers Bureau is a different kind of speakers bureau. What sets us apart is the attention that we give to each client and the speed with which we are able to respond to our client's needs. We've been doing this since 1984 and have booked talent for every type of event, fundraiser, meeting, party, convention and training seminar that you can imagine and we will give advice on what works - and what doesn't. We have fresh ideas whether you are looking for a celebrity, entertainment, corporate speaker, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, business speaker, sales trainer, sports speaker, author, consultant or inspirational speaker.

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Brooks International Speakers Bureau Helps Secure Famous Celebrity Comedians for Corporate Events

  1. 1. Brooks International Speakers BureauHelps Secure Famous Celebrity Comedians For Corporate Events
  2. 2. Looking to hire a great celebrity comedian toadd a little comic relief to your next event?Brooks International Speakers Bureau canhelp you secure an individual for your eventthat is sure to be a crowd pleaser and haveyour guests laughing in the aisles. Ourexperienced staff can help you with all thearrangements for your humor entertainer,from appearances to meet and greets for theguests.
  3. 3. Brooks International Speakers & Entertainment Bureau recently hiredthe following speakers for our clients events. Celebrity ComediansBJ Novak from The Office and Jay Mohr from Jerry McGuire keptaudiences laughing at two big events in Colorado this October.
  4. 4. 1 Comedian, actor and writer BJ Novak entertained a crowd onOctober 11th that included over 1,500 policy workers, business leadersand economic development gurus. For an annual event which waspreviously more formal and reserved, audience members describedNovak’s comedic performance as “a welcome breath of fresh air”.
  5. 5. Novak is best known for his work on NBC’sEmmy Award winning comedy The Office. Inaddition to starring as Ryan, Novak is a Co-Executive Producer for the series and haswritten many of the show’s most memorableepisodes. Novak has also appeared in motionpictures and as a stand-up comedian, wasnamed one of Variety’s “Ten Comics to Watch”in 2004.
  6. 6. 2 Comedian, actor, radio host and best-selling author JayMohr delivered a hilarious keynote speech at a fundraising gala inDenver on October 26th. The audience convened for this special eventto raise money for an organization whose mission is to empoweradolescent girls and advocate for an equitable society.
  7. 7. Mohr landed his dream job of SaturdayNight Live and starred opposite of TomCruise in Jerry McGuire. He is a best-sellingauthor, regular guest host and contributoron radio shows, has appeared in 25 films,and starred in his own CBS sitcomseries Gary Unmarried.
  8. 8. Brooks International Speakers Bureau can connect you with best individual in the humor entertainment industry for your next event.For more info visit:
  9. 9. Brooks International Speakers Bureau clientscome from many different disciplines • Event Planners • Meeting Planners • Conference Planners • VPs of Marketing and Sales • Offices of C-Level Executives • Human Resources Departments
  10. 10. Brooks International does not exclusively represent any speaker; ratherwe work for the client in order to always find the best fit for eachdifferent event. Our clients are our number one priority and we prideourselves on always finding the best fit for each and every event.
  11. 11. Call us: 303-825-8700