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The 3 Step Story Selling Method


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Story selling is a much needed skill in business. Most business people dread selling until they learn to relax enjoy the conversation. Story selling method is a simple yet powerful approach to turn problems into profits.

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The 3 Step Story Selling Method

  1. 1. Story Selling The Surefire way to close more sales Brooklyn Dicent, M.Ed Story Selling Expert Delivering contagious motivational energy coupled with entrepreneurial expertise in sales that gets respected results.
  2. 2. The 3 Step Story Selling Method  The 3 stories  Theirs  Yours  The 3rd story
  3. 3. The 3 Stories  Their Problem Story  Your Experience Story  The Solution Story
  4. 4. The Problem Story  When the customer describes the problem Listen as if they are telling you a story.  Ask curiosity based questions  The customer becomes the narrator of their problem  The questions you ask will give you deeper insights into the problem  Ask transitions questions to move the story along  Key skill: Listening with Curiosity
  5. 5. The Experience Story  The Experience story is:  Your narration of yourexperience with other clients  How you solved similar problems in the past
  6. 6. The Solution Story  The solution story is when:  You help the customer see how YOU will solve THEIR problem  How your product and service will ACTUALLY work  Great opportunity for show and tell  Evoke emotion  Build Trust
  7. 7. Bonus: Own The Stage  As sales person you are a performer!!  Owning the stage is being able to deliver your performance flawlessly  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse the solutions stories you crafted  Write down the various solution stories and practice them out loud just as if you were auditioning for a part in a movie!