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Brookline Bank FX


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Sophisticated foreign exchange services and advice accessible to all size businesses.

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Brookline Bank FX

  2. 2. AN FX SERVICE THAT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR PROFITABILITY Our secure online platform offers competitive exchange rates and transparency in payments, so your trading risk is reduced. Our user-friendly interface helps you correctly organize and submit foreign currency payments, helping you avoid costly mistakes. How about no fee foreign currency wire transfers? We offer you those! You can hold foreign currency balances for future use, and schedule payments. – Wallet balances not FDIC insured.
  3. 3. AN FX SERVICE THAT’S ALL ABOUT FASTER Brookline Bank-FX is easy to use – login, set up your transactions, authorize and go! The Brookline Bank-FX online platform completes transactions fast – usually less than 2 days. If you’ve got lots of transactions to process you can even upload a spreadsheet – no need to set them up one-by-one. Speed is critical.
  4. 4. AN FX SERVICE THAT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR SECURITY To protect you, Brookline Bank-FX features robust sanctions screening, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Your money is safe on its journey with our word-class security, approved by regulators and banking partners around the world. Regulated and compliant with FATF payment standards and FCA regulations. The Brookline Bank-FX service is ISO 27001 certified.
  5. 5. BROOKLINE BANK-FX – HOW IT WORKS Payments/Collections Payments/Collections You Your overseas customer or vendorSimple set up Quick receipt of funds Frees up working capital Feels local Competitive exchange rates Your Brookline Bank-FX account You pay/receive in your local currency They receive/pay in their local currency
  6. 6. BROOKLINE BANK-FX – BENEFITS AT A GLANCE A secure and user- friendly platform Leverage the benefits of our cutting-edge technology Competitive exchange rates Transparency in payments Personal, hands-on attention Retain personal relationship with Brookline as your trusted advisors Flexibility in services to meet your needs Reduced costs in doing FX business
  7. 7. BROOKLINE BANK FOREIGN EXCHANGE SERVICES Spot Contract Typically two business day delivery in the Foreign Center. CAD & MXN are next business day delivery with same day delivery available (with restrictions). Forward Contract Either a purchase or sale of currency at some future date, or a simultaneous purchase and sale of currencies for different settlement dates. Variable Delivery Forward Contract Similar to a Forward Contract except that settlement can occur over a pre-defined window of dates. Foreign Currency Wallet Our answer to foreign currency accounts without the fees associated with maintaining those accounts. Your pre-purchased currencies are available to you on demand. Using the Currency Wallet can also replace costly Variable Delivery Forward Contracts. Note: Balances are not FDIC insured. No Fee International Wire Transfers Quick, efficient, and transparent movement of funds. FX Drafts Drawn on the Bank's correspondent network denominated in foreign currency. Visit your local Brookline Bank office for more details. FX Banknotes Foreign currency delivered to your nearest Brookline Bank office within 48 hours. Risk Management Advisory The Bank's experienced FX Advisors will provide market commentary and work with you to devise a FX plan to best suit the needs of your company. International Check Collections & Cash Letters Provides for timely settlement of foreign denominated checks presented for payment.
  8. 8. THE BANK YOU KNOW – BUT MORE GLOBAL Darryl Fess, President and CEO of Brookline Bank Your business no longer needs to look to a global bank to get sophisticated foreign exchange (FX) solutions. We can now deliver those services more efficiently for you with personal, hands-on attention. Brookline Bank’s Foreign Exchange Services provide a complete solution for any business that deals with overseas transactions.
  9. 9. Reach out to your Brookline Bank representative. Call 888-808-8220 to speak with a Foreign Exchange Advisor. HOW DO I SIGN UP? Member FDIC