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The possession trailer analysis


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The possession trailer analysis

  1. 1. THE POSSESSION Trailer analysis
  2. 2. PLOT the start of the possession trailer we follow a separated couple and how their daughters time is spent with each one of them. We followthe child’s (Em, short for Emily) everyday life. From watching the first 18 seconds of this trailer, we get the perception that the dad likes tobe the favourite parent. He does everything the mother has pacifically told him not to do, for example order pizza. As the trailerprogresses we can see that the dad and Em have a good relationship. 24 seconds into the trailer Em and her dad go to a garage sale andshe buys an old box. When they take it home, weird movements from the box start to happen which intrigues Em, she later then opens itand starts investigating the pieces inside. Em later starts acting reserved and starts to distance herself away from everyone. Her concernedparents then start trying to understand why she is acting this way. Later on when they have dinner, Em starts to get angry stabbing away ather plate and then goes for her dad. Her dad later makes the connection that her actions must have something to do with the box shebrought, so decides to take it to a priest in order to get answers. They warn him that she is slowly being taken over by and evil spirit andthey have to act fast in order to save her. After her actions get out of control and her behaviour starts to worsen and get more aggressivethey decide to seek medical help. After having am x-ray this is when they see that the spirit inside of her. Despite medical help and helpfrom the priest nothing seems to work and the evil spirit inside of her only seems to take her over more. At the end of the trailer we seeher mouth and fingers which look like they are coming out of her throat, this later conforms our suspicion she is being possessed. We arenot given any indication into whether she is saved/dies or carries on being possessed.
  3. 3. WHAT I ANALY SED There are 138 edits in the possession trailer There are 23 separate locations 160 clips Quick pace of editing : About 56 seconds into the trailer we get a quick pace ofediting as Em deteriorates. At 1.14 we get more quick pace of editing as her actions becomemore aggressive. At 1.42 when she is taken to the hospital and the spirit is effecting thecomputers there is a quick pace of editing to show the disturbance and how much powerthis spirit has. At 2.06 there is more quick pace of editing because it is showing how worseshe is getting and all the consequences of her actions. It is also to try and give the audiencesnap shots of what’s to come without giving to much away. Characters: In the possession the main characters are the mum and dad of the girl andthe girl (Em) who is the victim.
  4. 4. OTHER FEATURESAt the end of the trailer it tells who presents the film. For example in this case itsays ‘Sam Raimi presents The Possession’ The title is also shown at the end of the film purposely for effect. This is alsodone so you have to watch the whole trailer to find out what the film is. Also at the end we get the name ‘Lionsgate’ and which other films they havemade. For example in this instance they have also made ‘Ghost House’ Thisinformation is at the end of the trailer because it is not that relevant that it needs tobe at the front, the purpose of this being there is so people are able to relate to this.Also if they liked Ghost House they may like The Possession as they are made by thesame company.
  5. 5. WHAT WE SEE/EXPECT The film The Possession is classed as a ‘supernatural horror film’which was directed by Ole Bornadal. When we think of ‘Supernaturalhorror films’ we expect the to be about ghosts and evil spirits.Normally a church and a priest are featured in them as well. Thisgenre normally targets children as they are more vulnerable and thismakes it more scary.
  6. 6. HORROR CONVENTIONS Child (girl) Evil spirit Blood Wind Darkness Hospitals Church Priest Concerned parents Screams
  7. 7. HOW IT FITS THE GENRE From watching the trailer I can tell that ‘The possession’ fits some of the features weexpect to see in a supernatural horror film. A little girl is possessed by and evil spirit andgoes to see a priest, this fits our expectations that this film will feature a young child, thata priest or a church will be included and that an evil spirit will feature. Also as Emsbehaviour starts to become more intensive there is a quick pace of editing to show us allthe things that are happening to her. This is done to scare us more because it is showingus quickly all the different events that are happening to her, this also fits the expectationsof a horror film. When Em starts to be aggressive towards her mother, the lighting is verydark, this tells us as an audience something bad is going to happen. When we see darknesswe expect something scary to happen and this is how this event also fits our expectations.
  8. 8. MIS-EN-SCENE At the start of the possession trailer the girl Em, that is the victim is dressed incasual clothes, we can tell from this that she expresses her personality through herclothes. When the evil spirit begins possessing her clothes become plain, which isreflecting her effort in life. When Em becomes at her worst she is standing in themiddle of the road in a white nightie, her hair looks wet and straggly, these are alltypical conventions we expect when we think of ‘possession’ The fact that Em isnormally in white signifies her innocence and how she is just a normal girl at heartbut this has spirit inside of her has changed this. She also has a few grey outfits greysignifies coldness.
  9. 9. SOUND At the start of the trailer the music seems almost like what you wouldexpect to hear at the beginning of a fairy-tale, this follows our equilibriumfor the story. Later when Em goes to the garage sale the spooky musicstarts which immediately raises or suspicions which tells us something badis going to happen. When Em opens the box it sounds like a large heartbeating really loudly, this also raises our suspicions that something is goingto happen. We think this because when you heart races fast it canrepresent that you are scared.