House of wax trailer analysis


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House of wax trailer analysis

  1. 1. OF WAX Trailer analysis
  2. 2. PLOT The House of Wax starts with a group of teenagers driving to a campsite and thenthey get lost. The place they end up in is not listed on any maps and is unrecognisable onthe sat nav. While they are in this abounded place they enter ‘the house of wax’ which asthe name states, is a house made out of wax. They start exploring around and find somewax figures which look like real life people. Later on in the trailer the teenagers getattacked and try to escape. They soon realise that the people in the wax house looked soreal because they were, this makes them more terrified and they attempt to run away. Wethen later get a clip of the teenagers being chased and then tormented. The final clip is ofa person trapped down on a chair, unable to move. We then see a man start spraying himwith hot wax, this then concludes our suspicion that the man running the house of waxtortures people and then covers them in wax to have in his museum.
  3. 3. WHAT I ANALY SED I analysed that there are roughly 64 edits in the house of wax trailer There are fades which are used to open the trailer, close the trailer and when text is present. Forexample when it says ‘six friends are lost’ a fade opens and closes this bit of text There are 1 different locations featured in the house of wax trailer Quick pace of editing: About 40 seconds into the trailer we get quick fades as the teenagers enterthe room, this tells us as an audience something bad is going to happen and that they shouldn’t be inthere. 1.01 there is more quick pace of editing which is to show that the teenagers are being chased andthe camera follows the trying to get away. From 1.10 until 1.27 there is quick pace of editing to show thetrouble the teenagers are in and what is happening to them. It then starts to slow down as it shows us theman slowly being covered in wax, this is so we focus on what is happening as this is going to be a keyevent. Characters: 6 teenagers
  4. 4. OTHER FEATURES The name of the film is featured at the end of the clip, this is done so the audience has to watch thewhole trailer to find out what film it is. We then also get a clip of someone’s hand in wax after the titlehas been shown, this doesn’t happen a lot in trailers so when it is used it provides a good effect. This isdone to constantly remind the audience that this film is about wax, it also scares them as they think thetrailer has finished and then you get a hand come up. We do not get told who is featuring in this film because there is nobody famous starring in it. ‘Coming soon’ is featured at the end of the clip which is telling us this film is new and will be incinemas shortly. We get given a website as well which is where the audience can find out more information about thefilm, Watch hidden clips and the trailer. We later then get another clip of the film, this is done deliberately so the audience is constantlyreminded about whats happening.
  5. 5. OTHER FEATURESThe house of wax opens with a fade of them driving to aplace we are unsure of at the moment. This is used to show usthe surrounding areas and to make us aware that is night.
  6. 6. WHAT WE SEE/EXPECT The house of wax is an American horror film which was directedby Jaume collett-serra. When we think of ‘American horror films’ wenormally expect an accent and quite middle classed people. We alsoexpect a scare that will make us jump and constantly keeps usthinking ‘what’s going to happen next?’ We normally expect to see agroup of people, age ranging from mid teens to late adults.
  7. 7. HORROR CONVENTIONSThe horror conventions that are included in this trailer are Screams Darkness There’s no people around- isolated Nobody around to help them Quick pace of editing throughout the torture Knife Blood Fire Restriction Villain/victim
  8. 8. HOW IT FITS THE GENRE I think the trailer of ‘The house of wax’ fits the genre becausemost of what we expect is met. We expect to see a group and we havea group of six. We also expect there age range to be from teens to lateadults and the people featured in this are in the middle of this range.
  9. 9. MISE-EN-SCENE During the house of wax trailer the group of teenagers are all in casual clotheswhich connotes that they are relaxed and ready to enjoy themselves. They aredriving at night which is also a big give away that something is about to go wrong.When they enter the village, there is nobody in sight, this ‘abandoned’ feeling withno one to help them is a typical horror convention. As the teenagers begin to getchased and tortured their hair and face are wet which signifies sweat, because theyhave been running. We also get blood down there heads which shows us tha5tsomething based has happened to them, ‘blood’ also fits the horror genre.
  10. 10. SOUND The music at the start of the trailer is up tempo beats, this could represent the suspense we have as anaudience. This music supports the realisation of the film and the normality, as nothing has happened yet. There isno voiceover throughout the whole trailer, which is very unusual, instead they have just put the characters voiceshigh in the sound mix, we also get clips informing us of information which would expect to hear from a voiceover, for example the first clip is ‘Six friends are lost’ 14 minutes into the trailer when we find out they are lost wethen get music which sounds like ticking, this represents the build up to what is about to happen. We also getloud bangs when clips are shown from the ‘villains’ point of view. 40 seconds into the trailer when there are quickcuts of the people inside the house of wax, there is then a heart beat sound which is to represent how scared theymust be while they are in there. 56 minutes into the trailer is the build up of what is about to happen, we hear adoor creak which tells us as an audience that something is coming for the teenagers inside. We then hear the slashof knives and screams from the teenagers. The music then stops and we hear ‘What are you going to do to me’Then a smash of glass, a car engine concession of screams. As we see quick cuts we have up tempo music whichgets louder and quicker and then it stops and we see a clip of a boy sitting in the chair. We hear the sound of themetal tightening on his face and the sprinkler of wax and him quivering.