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Why We Should Save the Bees


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Published in: Education
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Why We Should Save the Bees

  1. 1. Why We Should Focus on Saving the Bees Brooke Gollaway
  2. 2. Why the Bees are Dying  Pesticide use  Global warming  In the last 5 years, 30% of the national bee population has died
  3. 3. Colony Collapse Disorder  Is to bees like AIDS is to humans  Randomly occurring phenomenon  Could be caused by global warming  Main reason the bee population is declining
  4. 4. A World Without Bees  No fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds  Humanity wouldn’t last over 4 years without bees  Foods that are produced would be very poor quality
  5. 5. Where are Bees Most Needed?  Bees are most needed in the Midwestern Corn Belt and California’s Central Value  The bee population is decreasing in those two areas the most Blue is higher population of bees, tan is lower.
  6. 6. How We Can Help  Plant bee friendly flowers!  Don’t use chemicals and pesticides in your garden  Buy local, raw, honey  Bees are thirsty! Place some water outside  If you can, become a beekeeper!