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Patient centered care rvsd

  1. 1. PatientCentered Care By: Jessica Krohe Christine Smith Lara Blackstock
  2. 2. What is Patient-Centered Care?  Active involvement of the patient and the family where they are in full control of the decision-making towards all of the options for treatment  3 models that form the foundation of patientcentered care:    The Commonwealth Dimensions The Institute of Family-Centered Care The Planetree model
  3. 3. The Commonwealth Dimensions  Respect for the patient’s values, preferences, and expressed needs  Coordination and integration of care  Information, communication and education  Physical comfort  Emotional support  Involvement of family and friends
  4. 4. Family-Centered Care Model  Founded in 1992; reflects these core concepts:     Dignity and respect Information-sharing Participation Collaboration
  5. 5. The Planetree Model  Founded in 1978; main focus is spirituality and having an overall healing environment     Integrates health partnerships Includes nurturing aspects of nutrition Incorporates the arts for healing purposes Incorporates massage and human touch
  6. 6. What do patients want?      To be treated like what they think or believe matters To be a priority to their healthcare providers To be informed and have their providers communicate with them in a way that they understand To be cared for in an effective, timely manner To be treated by competent staff
  7. 7. How can organizations achieve this goal of patient-centered care?  Organizations        must have: Committed and engaged leadership Well-defined and clearly communicated strategic vision Patient and family involvement Supportive work environment Measurement and feedback Quality environment Innovative technology
  8. 8. What does a good environment consist of?       Safe and clean surroundings Patient privacy Engagement of all human senses Experience of the body, mind and spirit Access to arts and entertainment Value of human beings over technology
  9. 9. What difference does patientcentered care make?      Higher overall patient satisfaction scores Lower costs per case Shorter average length of stay Reduction in adverse events and malpractice claims Increased employee satisfaction
  10. 10. How is Patient-Centered Care measured?  Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS)  National Quality Forum (NQF)  National Regulatory Bodies  Hospital-based/facility-based surveys
  11. 11. Patient-Centered Care in Action     CVS Caremark launches a patient care model called “Pharmacy Advisor” that targets medication adherence by giving patients the ability to engage with a pharmacist oneon-one Focuses on patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. Reports from the Pharmacy Advisor for diabetes showed that therapy initiation rates increased by 68% for the patients counseled by pharmacist at retail stores. Medication adherence rates increased by 3.9% after pharmacist consultation.
  12. 12. Conclusion  Patient-Centered Care is the new trend in the healthcare field  Patient/Provider partnerships have shown to help improve the overall patient experience and health.  Patients feel as if their concerns are valid, which leads to better cooperation for therapy.  Questions?
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