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Land Trust Alliance workshop


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A presentation to the Southeastern Land Trust Alliance Conference on event fundraising

Published in: Technology
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Land Trust Alliance workshop

  1. 1. Smarter Fundraising Events You WORK Hard to Produce Your Fundraising Event Optimize Your Event So That It WORKS For You
  2. 2. The Next 75 Minutes…… - YOU will participate and there will be Prizes!! - Use Twitter @SwellFunds - Find us on Facebook - Rapid Fire Q/A - Event Team Work - A - How do you measure your event? - Event Team Work – B - Steps to Make Your Event Work For You? - Efficiency - Leverage Return
  3. 3. Swell’s application suite includes the following: Online event website  Ticketing  Content  Donation Processing Event Management App  Event Check-in  Onsite Merchant Processing Big Screen Application  Instagram / Twitter Feed  Real-time donation tally  Leaderboards  Sponsor Logos
  4. 4. Reciprocity Social Proof Scarcity Commitmen t/Consistenc y Authority Give Something to Your Guests/Donors Don’t Make Them Attend a Poorly Organized Event Include Social Influencers Leverage Social Media Culture of Giving Limited Tickets Rare Opportunity Fear Of Missing Out Need to Give Again Post Event Communicatio n Solidify Commitment Reward Repeat Guests Duty to People in Powerful Positions Board Event Speaker Organization Thought Leadership
  5. 5. Rapid Fire Q/A Immediate Response – No Thinking Raise Your Hand For a YES Answer
  6. 6. Does your event take too much staff time? Do you raise a 1/3 or more of your unrestricted budget from event fundraising? Did you create a social media hashtag for your event? Do you host events because they….. Raise Awareness? Engage Donors? Attract New Donors?
  7. 7. In the budget, did your org increase the projected revenue from your event? Did your organization make other adjustments to the event budget other than revenue? Is your event FUN? Would your event be considered successful if it generated LESS revenue but from new donors? I LOVE MY EVENT FUNDRAISER I HATE (sort of) MY EVENT FUNDRAISER?
  8. 8. Describe Your Event in 5 Words How Do You Measure the Success of the Event? Name the #1 Benefit of the Event for You Org
  9. 9. Describe Your Event in 5 Words How Do You Measure the Success of the Event? Name the #1 Benefit of the Event for Your Org
  10. 10. Fundraising is the most visible example of the organizational culture Innovative Cutting Edge Unique Modern Multi-Generation
  11. 11. Responsible Smart Eco-Friendly
  12. 12. What Message Does Your Event Send Donors?
  13. 13. Top Line Number (Net Event Revenue) Diversity of Revenue Sources Corporate New Donors Current Donors #SEConserve201 @swellfunds
  14. 14. Cause / Organization Awareness #SEConserve201 @swellfunds
  15. 15. Planned Gifts Major Gifts Annual Fund Gifts First Time Gifts / Event Participants Events operate HERE Retention Number of New Donors? Recapture Acquisition
  16. 16. Where do you spend the most time when organizing/planning your event? What (other than top line revenue) would you like to achieve from your event? @swellfunds
  17. 17. Automate to Gain Efficiency Ticketing Data Collection Communications Donations @swellfunds
  18. 18. Communication Efficiency Ticketing Data Collection Communications Table Host Table Number Guest Email Automated email sent to guests with Table Number and Map Ticketing Sponsor Contact # of Comp Tickets Link to fulfill Tickets Automate Issuance of Complimentary Tickets Donations Name Amount Cause/Event Guest of… Personalized, automated thank you email #SEConserve201
  19. 19. Volunteer Management Find a Free, Low-Cost Software Tools to Facilitate …. Calendly AppointmentCore GoogleDocs Base Camp Volunteer Spot Better Impact #SEConserve201 @swellfunds
  20. 20. Design Tools #SEConserve201 @swellfunds
  21. 21. Can we leverage the event differently? Is it possible to expand our event reach through technology?
  22. 22. Engagement Via the Ticketing Process Learn About Your Cause - Download Research - Subscribe to Your Blog - Visit a Site with Info Connect with Organization - Social Media commit - Email Capture Tell Your Story - Online sharing - Invite friends Can My Guests Do More?#SEConserve201
  23. 23. How? #SEConserve201 @swellfunds Put your event website to work - Add a button to download information - Insert video Use ticket email to send additional information
  24. 24. Friends asking Friends #SEConserve201 @swellfunds
  25. 25. How Powerful is Peer to Peer? 1 out of 4 emails sent peer to peer yields a donation 1 out of 1250 emails sent by the organization yields a donation #SEConserve201
  26. 26. Reach an Online Audience via Live Stream Facebook Live #SEConserve201 @swellfunds
  27. 27. Motivate Social Media with Social Walls @swellfunds#SEConserve201
  28. 28. Cause / Organization Awareness SPONSORS #SEConserve201
  29. 29. Sponsor Support Instagram Photobooth Facebook Images Event Social Media Feed Name of Event Be a Fan / Follower @swellfunds#SEConserve201
  30. 30. Head in sand photo / overwhelmed director #SEConserve201
  31. 31. What specific ideas would you like to apply to your event? @swellfunds#SEConserve201
  32. 32. 1984 2006 “People are naturally nervous about the unknown and quickly default to how things have always been done”
  33. 33. #1: Make it EASY to Donate #2: Make it quick/easy to check in #3: Data Collection #4:Engage guests to share online #5: Automate your current activity #6: Connect